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I have worked with the Lost Tribes material for many years, studying and teaching. I have a 32 week course of study that I put together on the subject. [Sorry, this is not being offered at this time] I also did a 26 week radio series on the Lost Tribes. I have had a regular radio show on the local public station for some 10 years.

According to scholars, five-sevenths of the Bible is clarified with the knowledge of the Lost Tribes Teaching

Being a Christian is no bed of roses. Giving it up, and doing it God's way is next to impossible. You can't do it without understanding and psychological certainty. Psychological certainty that there IS a God and therefore able to help, and understanding of how to GET that help. There are many folks who seem to be solid in their belief of God, but who are depending upon their own actions to get them through; who seem not to understand faith.

I have needed to fall back on my psychological certainty more than once when things got tight. When I would look up and ask God if He was really there, the answer would come back "The Lost Tribes."
Dr. Gene Scott pointed me in the right direction toward faithing. Not only did this teaching give me the needed understanding of how to access God, it's the other tool that helped me understand the Bible. Please let me interject a brief word on faithing.

Faith, as used in the Old Testament or New Testament, is a verb.

When I see that word, I know that someone is DOING something. In Gal 2:16, try replacing both the words "faith" with the word action. Read it back to yourself and , even if you don't immediately know WHAT action, see if the verse makes more sense than when we put our usual idea on the word faith. The way it's written, I always want to say, "Oh, and what faith WAS Christ, a Presbyterian, Methodist, what? Doesn't make much sense our being justified by Christs' denominational affiliation. But when it says we're justified by some ACTION that Christ did, I know EXACTLY what that was. Go through the whole New Testament and replace ALL the "faith's" with "action's." The Bible will come alive for you.

The other thing that opens scripture is the Lost Tribes teaching. Nearly ALL the prophecy of the Old Testament to the "House of Israel" is fulfilled, NOT BY THE JEWS, but by England, the countries of northwest Europe and the United States! !

Mostly, folks haven't given this subject enough study to give more than a knee-jerk remark of disbelief.

I have a great amount of valid information in my Lost Tribes pages, but it is not presented in a scholarly way. I am not trying to confirm the content. I treat the material almost as established facts, which are used as a vehicle to show God's movements of history to keep His promises. So I don't research down the four and five levels that exist below my work. Others have done that better than I am capable of.

Please don't take my site as the final word on these subjects. I never meant it to be more than a credible introduction to most of the subjects. There are those who will be touched by the information and will pursue it on their own. My job is done if someone's interest is aroused and they go on to further study. I call myself a surface-level researcher.

Hold on to your hat. If you can trace your ancestors to the British Isles or those other countries, you are descended from the people in the Bible! ! ! ! The whole book of Hosea is a history of what will (and did) happen to England/US/etc. He throws in a couple of references to the House of Judah just so we won't confuse the two.

It all started in Genesis 49 when Jacob divided the birthright. Judah(the ONLY tribe to be called Jews) only got the right to rule and make the laws. Joseph got EVERYTHING else, including all the prophecies and promises to Abraham. Joseph's descendents were the nobility of the 12-tribed nation. If you'll look at Ezekiel 23, you'll see that the pre-eminent sister in God's eyes was Ahola, "the elder". God immediately clarifies by telling us that Ahola is Samaria, the symbol of the northern kingdom, called the House of Israel. When the whole nation of Israel, which included the soon-to-be-called-Jews of the tribe of Judah, split soon after Solomon's death, it was like Judah seceded from the twelve-tribed union and took Benjamin with them. Israel really stayed pretty much the same, with the Ephraimites in charge. Every time you read House of Israel, or Joseph, Ephraim, Isaac, Samaria and other names it refers to the ten tribes of the northern kingdom(the Nation of Israel)

That's enough for now. But after you read Hosea, go to Jeremiah 31. This chapter is about those Lost Tribes. The "isles afar off" are the British isles (that Isaiah mentions so often).
I guess I HAVE to include that Isaiah contains a detailed history of God's dealings with the House of Israel. The prophesies are fairly well spread until near the fortieth chapter, but one will soon see how Isaiah is outlining the advent of the Messiah in relation to the House of Isreal. This is detailed out on my Book of Israel page. Can you see the connection to Jesus' saying, "I am not sent but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel?" Immediately after the Messiah suffers in chapter fifty-three, the "barren"(divorced) wife is told to sing. The death of the Husband, you see, had allowed the divorced wife to re-marry. Jesus' death was the way God could get back in touch with us and still not break His law of divorce, where one had to die before the other could marry again. The Messiah came for the House of Israel.


Satan enters in to ALL God's Truth to turn us aside. Some fearful ones have succumbed to the Tempter and taken this information to it's worst possible end; White Supremacy. They become The Elite Chosen People of God. Rubbish! ! ! Beware. The Lost Tribes teaching is supposed to end in glorifying GOD, not man.

It's the most wonderful demonstration of God's ability and faithfulness to be found after Jesus; in some respects more so because there is so much more physical/historical evidence available.


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