Well, God's done it again. He's brought Himself out from behind the curtain into plain sight. This proof is as recent as the forming of present day English.

God has always encoded the language of His oracles, those who would testify to His reality to the other people of the earth. That testimony started with Hebrew and Abraham, continued with Greek and the Celtic nations until the language of the "end times," now.

What's the language that has been the vehicle of the Testifiers of today? English. English has become the World Language. And just as Hebrew and Greek, English is also encoded to show a supernatural design behind the letters and words.

English Gematria!!

God has done many things to show Himself in every age. The Great Pyramid and the Bible Code could not be understood until our age. The same goes for English Gematria.

Before I go on, I have to tell you that two years ago I was sure that there was no such thing as English gematria. Unlike Hebrew and Greek, English letters don't have numbers assigned. Well, if God hadn't personally assigned numbers, then it wasn't a "true" gematria. Boy, was I wrong! I forgot that God would have a way to show Himself through any world wide language.

Let me share a bit from the Monthly Notes of the British-Israel World Federation, March, 2000.

Is the development of English divinely controlled? Certainly God in His foreknowledge would know the language His People would speak during the various stages of their existence, but does our language develop according to certain principles like the rest of Creation? Is there an underlying numeric pattern?

It has been accepted for many years that Hebrew and Greek, the languages of the Old and New Testaments, have an in built code. The use of the numerical values of Hebrew, Greek and Latin letters to change words into numbers is an ancient science. Is it likely that the main language used by God to communicate His Word to the world for the last almost 400 years would not also be divinely patterned, especially when it seems probable that this will be the language of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ when He returns to rule from David’s Throne as the Prince of Peace?

Sir Ambrose Fleming, D.Sc. (1849-1945), called ‘The Grand Old Man of English Science’. Proposed in a short article last century that English might have a numeric basis. He suggested that our alphabet enshrined the simple, straightforward, logical code running from 1 to 26; the letter A having the value of 1, B=2, C=3 down to Z=26.

Others who have made a study of English gematria have concluded that the English language gives evidence of being part of a gigantic numeric pattern, unplanned by human minds, and being perfected over the course of centuries.

Some years ago Mr. J.P.L. Hughes compiled a leaflet in which he showed that words which were greatly allied in thought, were similarly allied, or aligned, by numbers.

For example:

Later on we'll get into much more detail on the “pairing” of words, but here are four main rules that Mr. Hughes found to exist for English gematria. He didn't make these up. They became apparent as he worked the words and numbers.

1-The word total is the same; (as above)
2-The word total is consecutive: human 57, beings 56; stock 68, exchange 67; sun 54, shine 55.
3-Word totals have 100 between: inch 34, measurement 134; Bible 30, Holy Writ 130;
4-Word totals are reversed: son 48, daughter 84; spark 65 plug 56;
Note: TRADE 48, buy 48, sell 48, but profit=84

Les and Nella Harrison formerly of Texas, USA, had also been studying the implications of English gematria. Unfortunately, we can no longer call on Les for mentoring. I have included three other pages of Les' study, but this is part of what they have this to say:

“The English language is living, breathing entity, always growing and expanding. Have you ever wondered how the language of a small island off the coast of Europe became the language of the planet? Consider that the same cultural soil that produced the English language also nourished the great principles of freedom and the rights of man.

When the Romans invaded Britain, there was no such thing as the English language. Celtic, Breton and Gaelic were the major dialects. When in 1066 William the Conqueror crossed the English channel speaking French the aristocracy spoke French, the Church spoke Latin and the tongues of the common people were amalgamated into what was called Middle English. But, the French language was soon swallowed up by English. Henry VIII broke with the Pope and Latin was eradicated. Elizabeth I ascended the throne and the expansion of empire began carrying the English language to the four corners of the earth. Shakespeare, Chaucer and others took the language to dizzying heights.

May we suggest that He who sits upon the circle of the earth and governs the universe with His proscribed cycles within cycles and wheels within wheels, He who gave to Adam the first language has brought this language full circle? Linguists have long had a theory that our Mother tongue originated in the valleys of Indo-Europe. And the tribes scattered north, south, east and west, using different tribal names, speaking different dialects, there remained a residual imprint of the Mother tongue in the brain cells of these sons of Adam. This language that emerged from the Garden of Eden has been retained in bits and fragments in all languages of the earth. Now comes the English language borrowing words from other languages.”

Les Harrison, instead of pairing words, has worked English gematria like Hebrew and Greek. Mostly in those other languages the word values are totaled up and compared to numbers already seen to exist in names, places and even physical measurements of our reality, like the diameter of the moon.

Unlike most of my experience with Hebrew and Greek gematria, which deal mostly with single words, English gematria abounds with three or more word phrases. We'll get into a bit more of Les’ work later, but here’s what is included in the B-I notes.

“We know that the number 153 is related to the Gospel Age in that the 153 great fishes of John 21:11 typified the multitudinousness seed through the Messiah, as promised to Jacob, “…in thee (physical seed) shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” (Gen 28:14) Les and Nella have listed a number of English phrases relative to the Gospel Age whose gematria totals 153. They have put some of these phrases into a narrative.

"The Gospel Age preached The Kingdom of God(153) and saw the completion and preservation of The Oracles of God 153), The Holy Word (153). At its commencement the promised Seed of the Woman 153) came as The Revealed Son (153), The Branch – Jesus (153), and The True Light (153) of the world, making available The Water of Life (153) to The Christians (153) who became The Children of God (153) by belief in Him and His Sacrifice on their behalf. During this period also The House of Israel (153) and The Great People (153) Of Joseph s’ Line (153) have been a Hidden Witness (153) to the faithfulness of almighty God in keeping His promises to their fathers. In the final outcome The House of Jacob (153) is to become A Purified Israel (153) and the British Language (153) possibly The Last Language (153) of the Age.”

I do have to call your attention to what I feel is the most important 153. The over riding concept of the whole Bible is something that God has been doing for at least 6000 years. It is the reason for the earth's and eventually man's creation. Some would like to think that God's purpose for the earth and man is the salvation of man. If that were true, then the Bible would talk a lot about salvation. Did you ever notice how little Jesus talked about salvation? Follow Jesus' life and preaching and you'll find almost nothing about salvation, but that he went "casting out demons and preaching THE KINGDOM OF GOD." God has been getting the earth and mankind ready for His Kingdom.

God's main purpose, for the creation we know, is to get ready for His Kingdom. And we see this confirmed in the very first 153 in Les' paragraph above. "The Kingdom Of God" has an English gematria value of 153. He really knows how to fill in the details, huh?

Like I said, English Gematria is really new to me, but for the last 5 years the tag on my email has said, “Faith is a Verb. Many have responded positively to that. Les took it a step farther. He did EG on, “The Faith is a Verb.” This is probably the second most important concept of Christianity, the resurrection being the first. It is the basic message to the Church, and for the Church to disseminate. The only way that we can help God with His Kingdom is by becoming God-beings, "immortal, incorruptible". The EG for “The Faith is a Verb” is 153! ! ! You want to explain that through some natural process?

Les had put together a 153 list of over 1700.


When the end of the world comes, it'll come in English. Jesus’ 1000 year rule of The Golden Age will be lived in English. Do you suppose that happened by chance? What if there IS a God? Do you think the God described in the Bible wouldn't be in control of something that affected His whole creation? If you were God, and wanted to give some message to people, wouldn't you use ALL the parts of your creation, but especially the way people communicate? We know English is the world tongue. If there’s a God, we'll find His tracks in the world language. So by discovering supernatural design in English, we confirm God’s reality.

In this next section we're going to look at some more of Les’ work, and another email friend, Paul Remlinger. He has added a couple of very interesting facets to the study. He’s brought in time and measurement; minutes, hours, feet, inches. Here’s a little taste of Paul’s work. Then I'll explain his way of lining things up.

In effect, he shows that 153=63=36=360=151, and 1=34=360=43=77. Confused?

Starting with the word “divine”, which equals 63, Paul uses the words “sixty-three” to get 153. “Sixty-three is the “reflective wording” (Jesus is the Reflection of the Father) of “three sixty”---->(points to) “360”, which, of course, is the number of degrees in a circle which is like God in that it has no beginning and no end. Note “36: in “360”;…36 is the “reflection” of “63;…the 36th sequential prime number is “151”; “Jesus Christ”=151; “Holy spirit”=151; “The Holy Father”=151; “Jesus is Lord”=151; Christ the King”=151.

Now the next set of equalities:
“The Bible tells us that God is ONE. “ONE”=34; note that 3_4 is like 3_60, as “four”=”60”. I have discovered a great deal of information which supports that Jesus Died on “4/3” …note “43” is the “reflection of “34”. You see 34+43=”77”; “Christ”=”77” (note the “Reflection” numbers); it is also very interesting to note the value for “Power”=77; “Glory”=77.”

The main thing to notice in these exercises is that the numbers always seem to get back around to God, Jesus and the Gospel. Time after time we wind up with 151, 153, 74, 77 or combinations of these numbers. Does that happen by chance?

As you can see, Paul uses some apparent processes that seem to underlie the word values. Some of these processes, like connecting two numbers that are reversed, will be seen in the next section on pairing numbers. Paul changes numbers into their words. He reverses numbers. He combines a number and a number word. He even brings in prime numbers. He also notices when numbers made up of the same digits pop up,like 293 and 329, terming them as the same number “scrambled.” One last property that Paul noticed was the canceling of 9’s.

This next paragraph contains all these features and you may have to reread it several times to sort it all out, but it shows some startling relationships. It establishes the connection of 93, 293, and 279 to Christ.

“The earth is positioned “93” million miles from the sun; our orbit takes us “93” on each side of the sun; so, our solar diameter is “2_93’s” (=186, which --> the speed of light, at 186,000 miles a second). Jesus represents Pisces; Jesus is The “Son” of God; so, the sign is like The “Son”; with “93” on each side of Pisces we would have “93” on each side of The “Son” in the same way that we have “93” on each side of the “sun” ….(sign symmetry) all we have to do is examine our bodies to determine the symmetry in God’s handiwork; “age symmetry”=”151”; realize “two 93”=”151; “mirror imaging”=”151”. “God”=26; but recall “G_O_D”= “7_15_4” --> “7154”. Now note 186 divided by 26 =7.1538461….I would say that’s “pretty close” to '7154.'”

Paul has worked out 9/29 as Jesus’ birth date. I agree. It has long been postulated that Jesus was born on Rosh Hashanah, which is at the end of our month of September.

“ By canceling the 9’s from 9/29, we're left with “2”. Jesus is “2”….i.e. “the Second”(=93) Divine Person In God; with Jesus being born on 9/29, realize that “9/30”, was “the second” (93) day of His life. Counting 9/30 as day 1, there are “93” days left in the year; then, there are “93” days to “4/3”….the day of Jesus’ Death; I believe Jesus was Conceived on 12/25; measuring from 12/25, counting 12/25 as day 1, then 9/29 is the 279th day; realize that 279 is “3_93’s”; note the value for “two seven nine”=”165”; “Resurrection”=”165; Jesus is The Resurrection; Birth is like resurrection; …2_79 can point at “2_79;s”; realize “Virgin”-79 and “Mother”=79. Here we have “2_79’s”. So, note that “Virgin_Mother -->79_79-->”7_7=”77” after canceling the 9’s; recall “Christ”=”77”!!!!

Realize the zodiac exists about “8” degrees above and below the ecliptic; “8” is a number for Resurrection; so, the zodiac itself points at “2 Resurrections”(=186)..!!! also, “eight”=49; “forty 9” =93; so, “8_8” --> “49_49”--> “93_93” -->”2_93’s” --> 293; also note, 93_93-->”33” after canceling the “9’s”; Jesus died at “33”; again “thirty three”=156; [here’s where Paul uses measurement and time] 15’-6” =186”;….15:06=3:06 p.m.; 3hours 6 minutes=186 minutes.

Realize that there are “151” minutes left in the day at “9:29: p.m.; recall “The Holy Father”=151; “Jesus Christ”-151; “Holy spirit”=151; “Jesus is Lord”=151 “Christ the King”=151.”

I want to include some of Paul's 293's.

That pretty well locks down 93 and 293. Let’s move on to some more 279’s.

“I also wanted to tell you a little more regarding “Virgin_Birth-->79_79-->2_79’s-->”279” I believe that “279” is the number of days in the perfect gestation period. Recall how I was telling you that 9/29 is the 279th day measuring from 12/25. The Perfect Christ would have a perfect gestation period. Recall 79_79-->”7_7” --> “77”, and “Christ”=”77”; and Christ was Born on the “7th” day of the “7th” sign; and that “seventh”=93.

“Virgin Mother”=158; realize that 158th prime number=”929”!!!! 1_58 is like 1-2 as “two”=”58”, 1-2--> 12,. Jesus is “2”…i.e. “The Second” (=93) Divine Person in God; realize “fifty 8”=74; “Jesus”=74!!! Recall that it was a “star” (=58) which lead the 3 wise men to Jesus. “A_star”-->”1_58”-->”158”!!!!” That's Paul Remlinger. Neat stuff, huh?

Isn't it amazing how the different facets of Jesus keep coming back around to numbers about Him?

To finish out this section, I want to share a few 279’s that Les Harrison included on a list of 194 phrases he sent me. These just absolutely amaze me. When we get up as high as 279 there’s room for a lot more than a couple or three words. Some of these are complete sentences, but more than that, they are direct, relevant quotes out of Scripture. The direct quotes are marked.

Well, is God in the modern English language or not? You know, 200 years ago many words were spelled differently. It is present day English that makes these connections. God didn't come out of English until it was the language of the world.

Now just so the cynics wouldn't be able to blame religious fervor or fever on English gematria, God left his stamp on the secular side of English, too. That’s in the next section.

I've got a lot of words to speak in this section. I'll be doing that in the language that God set up for this time in history. How do I know God set up English? Because of a number design built into English. A number design that no number of humans could get together and create. Common words that connect by context or similarity, also have connecting number values. The simple assignment of the numbers 1 to 26 to the letters of the English alphabet results in some startling relationships. No matter what you label the box, many of the basic words in that box will have number values that connect. It's English gematria.

We'll be looking at many different “boxes” of words in this section, but the main focus should be on the historical timing of the development of English. Most of the words we have here were spelled differently or even non-existent 300 years ago. Well, then how can all these relationships occur?

A guy named John P. Hughes wrote a small book sometime after WWII called “ABC-Arithmetic-Gematria. I have my friend Les Harrison to thank for making me a copy. I hope you can find this writing somewhere. It'll be worth the search.

On page three, Hughes defines gematria in a way that I hadn't heard of, even though I've been studying Greek and Hebrew gematria for years. Instead of comparing the number values of words to existing numbers, Hughes looks at how words pair, connect, match or reflect otherwords. Here's the definition.

GEMATRIA—A cryptograph in the form of a word, the letters of which have the numerical value of the word taken as the hidden meaning – also – the cabalistic method of explaining the Hebrew Scriptures by means of the cryptographic significance of the words.

In other words, when we add the assigned number values of the letters in a word, we get a word value. This word value may relate to some known number, real or symbolic. For a better understanding of gematria, I invite you to look at some of my other pages in the Numbers section of my site.

As mentioned above, Hughes found certain consistent relationships of words and numbers. He has stated these as Rules, but don't mistake this for something he has made up. These relationships occur regardless of Mr. Hughes' work.

1-The word total is the same; Ocean (15+3+5+1+14)=38…..tide (20+9+4+5)=38
Tides=57……moon=57 Germs=62…..disease=62…..plague=62
2-The word total is consecutive: human 57, beings 56; stock 68, exchange 67; sun 54, shine 55.
3-Word totals have 100 between: inch 34, measurement 134; Bible 30, Holy Writ 130;
4-Word totals are reversed: son 48, daughter 84; spark 65 plug 56;
Note: TRADE 48, buy 48, sell 48, but profit=84

Hughes goes on to give us some other indications of how words pair.

“Taking into consideration the thousands of words in our language and the complexity of the design needed to incorporate them all into a numeric pattern--words pair with remarkable frequency in accord with their closest affinity. The main categories being GREATNESS, EXCLUSIVITY and MULTIPLICITY."

The greatest Stock Exchange in the world is Wall Street. Already mentioned is Stock=68, Exchange 67. But here’s a part of this study that departs radically from Hebrew and Greek gematria I've studied; the words can “build up.” Watch this.

"Stock Exchange = 135 (68+67). This matches Wall Street, which is also on 135. We can even throw in what they do on Wall Street. Speculation is on 135.

Moving on to Exclusivity we find the words “akimbo”, “Tally Ho”, and “Homing”. These words are used almost exclusively with the words “arms”, “hunting” and “pigeon.” Before leaving the word “arms,” let’s notice the connection to “Mars” 51, “Arms” 51 and “Canals” 50.

Now Multiplicity. Associated by largeness of number.
In all probability “Wheels, Money and Balls” would be the things mostly “Round” in the “World,” which itself is, broadly speaking, “Round”. Round, wheels, money and world are all on 72, while ball is on the reverse, 27.

The word “ball” (27) which pairs in reverse with “round” (72), pairs on its own number with “dance” (27)

The next way that words pair up in context is by being Alternate or Similar. Alternative and Similar words of close affinity provide an abundance of pairing such as:
72 quiet, 72 still; 52 create, 52 form; 86 sibilant, 85 hissing; 62 pause, 62 rest; 50 open, 50 frank.

In our English language we speak of Might and Main, of Neck and Crop, to Join and Quit. These, and many others, all line up.
57 Might, 56 and Main; 52 Neck and, 52 Crop; 67 Join and, 67 quit.

Then we say:
74 Eye for, 74 Beauty; 62 Right, 62 as Rain; 54 Fall in, 54 Love.

See how our general usage of words all fits into numeric harmony:
86 Token of, 86 Respect; 68 Passage, 68 of Time; 83 Margin of, 84 Profit; 77 Arts and, 77 Sciences; 85 Silver, 86 Tongued, 87 Orator.

Before we get into the next part about word pairings building up to form a little story, I want to present a little quiz. The object of this quiz is not to test you knowledge, but to emphasize the fact that historical events, scientific discoveries and the development of English are not historically linear. Some things have happened before they were “supposed” to.

You certainly aren't expected to give precise answers to these questions, just have a vague understanding of when in history they fall.

Now for some answers in the form of word parings. We'll see that some of these things are “out of time.” Notice how the whole buildup tells the story of Greenwich and the hour time zone.
Fifteen=65, Degrees=63; 128 Fifteen Degrees, 128 of(21)Longitude(107);
145 East(45) or(33) West(67), 144 From(52) Greenwich(92).

The parings of Degrees, Longitude and Greenwich which the reader may guess as being indicative of world time zones, fifteen degrees of longitude to one hour of time, calculated from Greenwich, was predestined as the zero longitude point for the setting of the world’s clocks. Quite a story can be built up on the Greenwich theme. Longitude is found aligned with Time Zone on 107! ! !

Now let’s relate this to our quiz. Modern longitude is only some two hundred years old. The Royal Navy offered 20,000 Pounds to the person first able to accurately determine Longitude. This was done by inventing a spring driven clock accurate enough to tell time from the point of origin. Greenwich was adopted as Time Zero after the establishment of the modern longitude system. Greenwich was established before its assignment as Time Zero. The English alphabet we use today came into existence 350 years ago, when the letter “J” became a permanent part of the alphabet!!!! Some of these words were able to pair up before they even existed!!!How could that possibly be?


One more anomaly before we go on. How long have witches been riding broomsticks?
Why do we find Witch paired with Broom on 63, with Stick on 62 and Riding on 61?---which adds up to this alignment:
124 Witch Riding, 124 Broom Stick
Because at some past time the idea, which is numerically paired, was projected into the mind of man!
Then in the plural or possessive form this quartette is found:
87 Witches, 87 Seething, 88 Cauldron, 88 Decoction.


Now let’s take the time anomaly back to Biblical times, before there was even an inkling of English. In Genesis, God promises Abraham certain things regarding his son-to-be-born Isaac. Isaac would be the father of a multitude of seed, and they would "possess the gate(s) of them that hate him." Later on, Abraham is stopped in the act of sacrificing Isaac and a ram is substituted. Gate, Isaac and Seed are all on 33, while Ram is on 32.

As a plan MUST PRECEDE a finished object, English words must have been planned thousands of years ago. God knew that Isaac, Seed and Gate would pair in 20th Century English and used wording in the original Bible text that would evolve to bear witness today.

In the Box labeled “Jacob” we find 31 Jacob with his father-in-law 30 Laban. Jacob had a Name(33) change. 64 Jacob Name, 64 Israel. His family became the 64 Chosen people.

Now on to Moses. 71 Moses, 72 River, 73 Egypt. 135 The Laws of God, 135 Mount Sinai, 134 2 Stone Tables, 134 Commandments; 73 Decalogue, 173 Ten Commandments.

Whilst the object of this narrative is to present numeric proof of the main features of God’s dealings with man, do not assume that this covers ALL the Bible gematria. It appears everywhere. To quote a few at random:
Marah 41, Bitter Water 141 (Ex 15:23); the greatest biblical Haircut 80 was that of Samson 81; in a consecutive run of four numbers comes inference regarding the fall of the Walls of Jericho (Josh 6:4-5); The people were to march around Jericho Seven Times then the walls were to fall. They did!
65 Seven, 66 Times, 67 Walls, 68 Jericho.

Here’s three for Solomon:
104 The Temple, 104 Jerusalem, 103 Solomon.

The prophet Elijah has many pairings.
52 Carmel, 52 Altar; 68 Trench, 67 Water; 76 Bullock, 76 Evening; 145 Fire from Heaven, 45 Elijah; 143 Translation, 143 Prophet Elijah.

There’s a whole bunch of pairings around Jesus’ birth. I'll only give you a few.
167 the Forerunner, 167 John the Baptist, 167 Elisabeth Zacharias; 135 Annunciation, 136 Virgin Mary; 51 Great, 50 Joy, 122 Good Tidings, 122 of Great Joy; 49 Lord, 49 Born, 49 Sing, 49 Carol; 78 Little, 78 Bethlehem, 77 Ephratah (another name for Bethlehem); 79 Virgin, 79 Mother, 158 Virgin Mother, 57 Mary, 215 Virgin Mother Mary, 214 foster Father Joseph. There’s’ more.
57 Mary, 57 Birth; 56 three, 56 Wise; 91 The Star, 91 3 Wise Men; 120 Gold Myrrh, 119 Frankincense. And lastly, 239 the Gifts of the 3 Wise Men, 239 Gold Frankincense Myrrh.

Greatness or Exclusive Use have been stressed as means of pairing words. Nowhere could this apply better than in words that mean so much to a Christian.
The Anointed One, Christ, The savior of the World, Deliverer---
all are embodied in this word.

Divine Gematria does not fail in aligning this word—see how it totals up together with The Undoubted Claimant to the title: M13, E5, S19, S19 I9, A1, H8=74 paired with J10, E5, S19, U21, S19=74
JESUS is the MESSIAH, He was crucified on a CROSS, gave us His GOSPEL, spoke in PARABLES, He is to be RULER. Second Person of the Trinity, He is the SON OF GOD. See how 74 aligns all of these essential points regarding JESUS the MESSIAH.
74 JESUS, 74 Messiah, 74 Son God, 74 Cross, 74 Parables, 74 Ruler.
Look at the connections in 74 Gospel 74 According 74 To St. 47 John.

Many of the doings and sayings of Jesus align perfectly as if in accord with numeric planning, here are a typical few:
84 Sermon, 83 Mount; 56 Yoke, 56 Light; 63 Abraham’s, 64 Bosom; 69 Serve, 69 Mammon.

The betrayal and crucifixion of Christ has many pairings also.
94 Betrayer, 94 Iscariot; 177 Governor of Judaea, 177 Pontius Pilate; 77 Christ, 78 Crucified;
Blood money of, Judas Iscariot(149) bought the, Potter’s Field(149). Jesus Christ(151) was The Sacrificial Lamb(151). He gave His Self(42), to Pay(42), for Sin(42).

Going forward in time, Luther of Germany protested against Roman Church indulgences and pardons, claiming that justification by faith alone was the right of every sinner. The scriptures were his guide.
84 Luther, 83 Germany: 148 Protestant, 148 Scriptures.

John Wesley 89 is always associated with 89 Revival.

With the advent of the machine age, human knowledge, static for thousands of years suddenly launches out---even into space. Gematria gives many clues that God has raised up men through whom He would impart knowledge. Apart from this task they no doubt will be assessed on their normal private lives, together with all humans.

From the many hidden in our language, let us examine a few.
--James Watt 112, perfected the Steam Engine 112
--George Stephenson 192, is reverse to Locomotive 129, which aligns with Railway Line 129.
--The law of Constant 108 Volumes 107 was propounded by Frenchman Gay Lussac 108, born at St. Leonard 108, France.
--Newton 91, is with Gravitation Laws 191.
--Caxton 77, Print 77 and Press 77 all line up.
--Joseph Lister is rightly with Absorbent Gauze 156
--John 47 Logie 48, build up to John Logie Baird 129, to pair with Television 130.
--Law 36 goes with Scotland Yard 136. We also see 136 fingerprint, 137 Impression, and 138 Identification.
--The Brother 86 of Wilbur 85 Wright 85 was the first Aviator 86 to fly a power-driven Aeroplane 87. Aeroplane 87 even reverses to his name, Orville Wright 178. Wright and Ktty both make 85, Hawk and Fly are both 43 – so the bare facts emerge:
Wright Fly 128, Kittyhawk 128. The first flight was made at Kittyhawk, USA.



God must have taught the art of speech to Adam. In common with all divine creations, this language no doubt was based on numbers.

The one world language continued until the building of the Tower of Babel. About this time two important things occurred—Language was confounded (Gen 11:7), and Earth was divided (Gen 10:25). Was the land mass pushed apart?—and is that why peoples far apart geographically have many words much the same? Such as Daughter in English being Dottir in Iceland, Doche in Russia, and Dukhtar in Persia.

Is it possible that in Modern English, human speech has arrived back at its starting point? Maybe we have the OLD SOUNDS and NUMBER VALUES but with NEWLY SHAPED LETTERS. English is commonly thought of as a mixture of many languages. Can it be that all the correct words are flowing back into one language again… Modern English? This could well explain the Arithmetic in our words.

The Etymology (meaning the origin of words) of English comes via the West Germanic branch of the great Indo European language group as we see prophesied by gematria. By what chance in a thousand do we find these three paired words?
137 Etymology, 137 Indo European, 137 West Germanic.

Holy Writ prophesies a time of Restoration of all things. Zephaniah 3:9 speaks of a Pure Language being given to the people, closely associated with the time of Judgment of the Nations.

English has a 26 Letter Alphabet. See how the mark of God is put on this number by His Name in simplest form.

G7, O15, D4=26

By the spelling out of this number, amazing pairings appear.

Adding the definite article “the”(33) we get TheTwenty-six Holy Letters, 33+159+159=351.
This number provides the seal of inspiration for there we get the ALPHABET TOTAL. This is the sum of all the letters of the alphabet being added consecutively;1+2+3+4+5+6+7, etc.
351 The Twenty-six Holy Letters, 351 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.

English is now spoken by over 2 billion people A greater number than any other language

Over 15 years and 30 some radio shows, I've demonstrated that Britain, the USA and northwest Europe are the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel, beyond even unreasonable doubt. It took lots of Bible and History study to prove it. All along, the confirmation was right there in the English words that appear in the box labeled “Lost Tribes.” The leaders of the Lost Tribes are Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh.

While the identity of Israel becomes lost to the world, Old Testament prophets, particularly Isaiah, give pages of prophecy regarding the future of God’s ancient people. It is strange to find Israel addressed in this way: “Listen O ISLES unto Me." (Is 49:1)

Regarding the promise of God to gather ‘scattered’ Israel as a shepherd does his sheep—‘declare it in the ISLES afar off’ is also part of Jeremiah 31:10. Again in Isaiah 41:1 “Keep silence before Me, O ISLANDS and let the people renew their strength.”

Is it not likely that the continual use of the words ISLES or ISLANDS acts as a clue to lost Israel’s whereabouts? Could the ISLES be the BRITISH Isles? I'll not go into the history here. My Lost Tribes pages are the place to go for that, but here are a few parings.
64 Israel, 64 Isles; 85 Of Israel, 85 British.

Israel, is the divorced, desolate wife of Jehovah.
124 Desolate Wife, 124 Great Britain.

British Israel is the term usually applied to the teaching that the Anglo Saxon Race in the British Isles, are the modern descendants of the 10 Lost Tribes. All of these points find their alignment of 149!!! To which may be added, USA is Manasseh and Correct Teaching.
149 British Israel, 149 Anglo Saxon Race, 149 British Isles, 149 10 Lost Tribes, 149 USA is Manasseh, 149 Correct Teaching. This does not exhaust the list.

But this divorced, desolate wife has children. In Isaiah 49:20 comes mention of the elder child who broke away from the parent nation: “The children which thou shalt have after thou has LOST THE OTHER….”

A separate destiny was prophesied for the elder of Joseph’s two sons. Jacob foretold that Manasseh would become a Great People, whilst Ephraim would became a Multitude of Nations. Earlier, God had promised Jacob that he would be the father of a Nation and a Company of Nations. The wording of Ephraim’s and Manasseh’s respective destinies which were not fulfilled in Palestinian days, become vividly fulfilled if we can recognize that Manasseh today is the Great People of the USA and Ephraim is the British Commonwealth of Nations.

The British and American peoples are fulfilling a role in the world which could well be one of divine planning. There were 13 tribes in all Israel. Only twelve had territory. Levi was the exception, providing all the priests and civil servants for Israel. Manasseh became the 13th Tribe. By Jacob’s action the name of Joseph does not appear in Tribal leadership, but he receives a Double portion by his sons each becoming tribal leaders. Probably for reason of eventual prophetic recognition Manasseh is displaced from 12th position which his age would give him and is made 13th (see the story in Genesis 48:8-22).

Let ABC Arithmetic tell the story. Lost and Other both make the same total, 66, so whichever we attach to the word Child, the total will be 102
102 Other Child, 102 Lost Child.

There were 102 people on the Mayflower. 74 men and 28 women. Men 32 + Women 70 =102. "The People" totals 102. 102 crops up everywhere. Mixing words and numbers we have, The 102 People=204, 74 men 28 women=204.

Puritans, Atlantic Ocean and Mayflower all make 118 and are joined by Manasseh(80)+Boat(38).
118 Puritans, 118 Atlantic Ocean, 118 Mayflower, 118 Manasseh Boat.

Word placing usually suggests which word is to be used for any particular story, and in reference to the breakaway of Manasseh from the homeland come the word Secession on 108, making a reverse pairing with Manasseh 80. Added, the words make 188, significantly next to a man so greatly involved in the establishment of the "Manasseh" nation.
188 The Tribe of Manasseh, 188 Secession Manasseh, 187 George Washington.

The full significance of the making of Manasseh the 13th tribe of Israel is revealed when we see the theme of THIRTEEN breakaway states being carried through the 13 stripes and original 13 stars on the flag, and 13 used so many times on the official Great Seal of the USA.

No matter how great the gentile intake—the God-given inheritance must still stand—if God gave the land to the tribe of Manasseh, so it remains.

13 attaches to the USA many ways. 13th 41 pairs with USA 41. American 64 and Israel 64 (128), matches The 13th Tribe (128).

One thing that makes English gematria so astounding is that modern English didn't exist 200 years ago. Out of the million words in the English language, 100’s of 1,000’s were only added since this country began. And what about the most basic element of the English language? Our language is built on an alphabet that only came into existence around 1650 AD. The letter "J" didn't officially exist as a singular letter until 350 years ago At that stage, our language became a vehicle of God’s Truth.

I'm imagining the scene where they made up the alphabet. I can see the scholars discussing the letters of the other languages, adapting the shapes to their own liking, maybe assigning different positions to some letters.

The one thing I can't imagine is those men giving each letter a number value. I was never told that the English letters were also numbers. We had separate numbers. I've seen Roman numerals. I've know about them since early grammar school. If English letters are also numbers, why hadn't I heard about if for the last 60 years? English letters just don't have numbers.

But for a minute let’s pretend they do. For simplicity, we'll just make the value of each letter the same as its position in the alphabet. 1 for A, 2 for B, and up to 26 for Z. To find out the value for the word God, I can add 7 for G, to 15 for O and 4 for D, and get a value of 26 for the word God. But that would only be true for the last 350 years. Even though “God” was around before that, 350 years ago the values of the letter “O” wasn't 15. At that time “O” was only the 14th letter of the alphabet, and “God” would have had a value of 25. Any word that had any letters after “I” would have changed values after “J” was invented by God.

God had to invent the “J” so that in our modern science-oriented age we'd have confirmation of supernatural manipulation of our alphabet and language. By introducing the "J", thousands upon thousands of words now connect by virtue of not only their affinity to each other by meaning or contextual association, but also by their number values.

“Man” and “Eden” (you see that relationship, right?) had different values before the "J". Today they pair up on 28. “Bible” on 29 didn't get near “Holy Writ” on 124. Remember, it’s OK to have values 100 apart. And “Messiah” on 74 couldn't match “Jesus” on 74. “Jesus” couldn't exist.

Now I couldn't lay down English gematria without trying it out for myself. Just at the bare beginning of matching words I discovered some interesting stuff. I urge you to try it. It’s fun. Just pick a topic and start listing all the words that come to mind. Then go back and figure out their values. Don't forget that it’s OK to stick in a “the” or “and’ or “of”, or take them out. In a couple cases I even used Mr., Mister, President and Pres. Play around with it.

I started with the subject “War", but that was too broad. Too many large sub-contexts, like WWII, but here’s a few examples:
Battle60 Bull47 Run53. . . =160
Battle60 of21 the33 Bulge47=161
Civil55 War42=97
Lincoln . . .=79
Jeff Davis=82
South . . =83
Pork Chop Hill=143
Hamburger Hill=134
Betsy71, Ross71
Remember the Alamo=168
Texas . . . . . . .=69

Now “War” lead to “Atom Bomb."
Pres58 Harry70 Truman87 . . =215
The33 Atomic61 Bomb22 . . . =116
Japan42 signs68 surrender122=232(116x2)

White65 Sands57 bomb22 test64=208
Los Alamos . . . . . . . . . =107
University142 of21 Chicago46=209

Nuclear74 fission91=165; Nuclear radiation=165
Atomic Bomb test=147; a radiation burn=147

Politics, though as broad as War, still yielded some unexpected matches/
John47 Fitzgerald108 Kennedy78..=233
President110 Abraham44 Lincoln79=233
Presidential132 assissin101.....=233
Lincoln=79; Kennedy=78
JFK=33, John Fitzgerald Kennedy=233, The33 Bay28 of21 Pigs51=133.
The Bay of Pigs, Cuba=160, Pres. Jack Kennedy=161
President Kennedy=188
Nikita Khrushchev =187

I also went to some basic living. The kitchen brought out bread making.
Bread30 pan31; Bread top=81, crust=81; Heat=34, hot=43; Yeast=70 rises=70.
Knead35 dough55=90; Heat oven=90; Oven rack=89; Baking mold=88.
And lastly, the directions for making bread.
130 How to bake bread
130 Baking a loaf of bread
131x2 water67, salt52, flour73, yeast70=262
131 Rising dough
131 Bake in the oven.
130 A golden brown

This all started when the astronauts were refitting the Hubble Telescope a few months ago. Space is the name of this Box. Here's an example of the setup.
One=34 small=57 step=69

And here's the fun of matching!
Space Shuttle=149
Hubble Telescope=150

The Moon Landing=151
“One small step.” =151
Low gravity =152

I did four radio shows on this subject and just barely got started. Four hours on a coincidence, an accident? 1000’s of matchings by chance? I don’t think so.

If you’ve listened to any of my Archived shows, you know that I close each show with this tag,

God is Real, and He keeps His Word.


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