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I have a little 1932 booklet , "Who Are The Japanese? "An address given by Prof. E. Odlum, M.A., B.Sc., in the Oak Room, Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, B.C., on March 28th, 1932."

The guy lived, studied and traveled for many years in Japan. Here's one of his foundation points.

" Last century in the Crimea many Hebrew epitaphs were found in the cemeteries north of the Black Sea, south of Russia, which was ancient Scythia. Israel, in their exile, in part, lived in the Crimea, occupied the whole of it under three different names, held it, lived and died there, were buried, and had epitphs on their tombs. Let me give you the contents of one of them. It tells how many years had passed after they had gone into Assyrian captivity. It shows that this man belonged to the Tribe of Reuben; that that territory had been occupied by Gad, Reuben and the half Tribe of Manasseh.

"This is told on his tombstane in the Hebrew language, and has been translated into English by a converted Jew. That epitaph states that a portion of Gad, Reuben and half Tribe of Manasseh had MOVED AWAY EASTWARD "AS FAR EAST AS CHINA." GOD SAID THAT HE WOULD MOVE THEM EASTWARD AS WELL AS WESTWARD, and Japan is eastward from Palestine."

He brings many pieces of evidence to bear. Very convincing. And then at the end he opens up many areas of study by saying, " God said He would send Israel to all nations of the earth. They are out in the eastern part of Asia, as well as in all lands. If I had time I would show you that they are in Afghanistan, in the north mountainous regions of the Himalayas, in the far eastern region of the Altai Mountains, Manchuria and Korea, and then I could take you elsewhere and show you Israel in the other parts of the world." Korea! ! ! Does the fact that Korea became so Christian that one church over there has a million members, tie in to them being of Israel?

Prof. Odlum is sure that we understand and remember that Manasseh, in the absense of Ephraim, was the ruling Tribe of any group (with a Judahite king, if that was possible). When these three tribes (not ALL of the three tribes, of course) migrated east to Japan, etc. they were ruled by Manasseh-ites. The second thing to remember and understand is that Ephraim and Manasseh were half Egyptian. This explains why the Japanese eyes AND skin tone is so different than their close neighbors, the Chinese.

Here's one I like a lot. The capitol city of Israel was Samaria. Samaria is located in the territory of Manasseh. Undoubtedly warriors of Manasseh were heavily involved in the three year siege of Samaria before it fell in 712 BC. I'm sure that these Samarian warriors of Manasseh were haughty and proud of their performance even in defeat. They held out for three years!!! I bet they even had a cry like the Texans have for their Alamo. Those warriors probably went around shouting, "Samaria, Samaria," as a rallying cry in their battle against the Medes, Urartians, and Assyrians during their stay by the Black and Caspian Seas (depending on who they were fighting against at the moment).

Well, when some of these ruling, half-Egyptian, Manasseh-ites got over there to Japan, the warriors of Samaria became the Samurai. Isn't that just the neatest connection? I love it. And the common Japanese name, Sakai, is very close to what the Persians called the Israelites; Sakka, for the sons of Isaac. What about Saki? Prof. Odlum brings out many more parallels between the Israelites and the Japanese.

I even had one person theorize that the Samurai were the reason why the Chinese built the Great Wall. It was to keep those pesky sons of Manasseh out of their country.

I have scanned Prof. Odlum's booklet and will email it on request.
Or you can write to: The Association of the Covenant People, P.O.Box 1478, Ferndale, WA 98248 for a catalogue. They've got lots of pertinent books. And they aren't expensive.



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