Groups of the Tribe of Dan, some of whom joined with their cousins from Tyre and Sidon, becoming the Phoenicians, started exploring and setting up trade all over the Mediterranean and out into the Atlantic ocean. This may have even started before Jacob and the family went to Egypt in the 1800's BC and surely after the family moved there. Their "footprints can be found in South and North America and down around the Cape of Good Hope into the Indian ocean. This is easily seen by the study of the world map because every where Dan went he changed the name of the place to include his own name. See a few examples below. They were laying the ground work for the later journeys of the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel. They may have even been the source of the Los Lunas Decalogue in New Mexico, which is dated at 1000 BC; the Ten Commandments, almost verbatim, in ancient Hebrew. Also the trading post near Moneta, Wyoming, which is dated at the time of Christ.

Dan's Names. . . . . . . . . . . . LTV13
How did all the major rivers of Europe come to contain some form of Dan's name? Danube, Eridan, Rhodan, Don, Dnieper, Dniester, Danapris. How about the Dardanelles, or Sardinia or Denmark or Scandinavia, or Danzig(Gdansk) in Poland. The tribe of Dan, as the Phoenicians sailed the whole world establishing trade. And everywhere they went, they changed the name to some form of Dan.

Dan Settles Greece. . . . . . . .LTV14
Why do most historians say that the earliest settlers in Greece were Egyptians? Those people from the Aegean area don't look anything like Egyptians. The reason is that they can trace all those people back to Egypt. They just don't' go back to origin of those "Egyptians." The Tribe of Dan settled Greece and Troy and Argos. Alexander was a Danite!!

Dan In Scythia. . . . . . . . . .LTV15
Small groups of Danites settled many different places and as a result are found in the history books under different names. But they are all Danites. Danes, Dannans, Annans, Goths, Gauthae, Scythians, Scots are just a few. Jason and his Argonauts were Danites. The Danites constructed tumuli all across the north Med; fulfilling the command to "set up waymarks". If you see water, you'll see Dan's signature nearby.

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