As an adjunct to the Lost Tribes teaching, Barry Fell's books, Saga America, America BC, Bronze Age America are astounding. He's dealing mostly with north America and more specifically with the US, but his research has uncovered mountains of evidence regarding the Indians on this continent. Now, I don't understand why he doesn't go a couple steps farther and identify the migrant Indians as Israelites, unless he didn't want his work to become embroiled in the Lost Tribes controversy and thereby be swept under the rug. I have reason to believe that he is aware of the fact. I don't know.

The back cover of America BC has a map that shows the migrations of the Micmac, Algonquin, Iroquois, Zuni, and Pima Indians.

The following is from the note accompanying a picture of a rock face in New Mexico:
"The Las Lunas Decalogue is an example of early Hebrew script resembling Phoenician writing(cir. 1000 BC) under Greek consists of nine lines, reading from right to left. It is a summary of the Ten Commandments from Exodus 20:2-17."

We note the name YAHWEH for God appears three times in the inscription, and in line two both YAHWEH and ELOHIM (Gods) appear. A comparison of the archaic Tetragrammaton revealed in column 10 of the 100 BC Habbakuk Commentary from Qumran Cave I with the Las Lunas inscription vouches for the authenticity and age of the latter."

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The thing that makes this so Bible-confirming is it ties in exactly with the Pryamid's date for the Exodus. The Pyramid says the Exodus happened 1453 BC.(Velikovsky comes to this same time period thru other research). Push that date back by the 430 years the Israelites were in Egypt; 1883 BC. Joseph ruled until 72 years after that; 1811 BC. After Joseph dies, the rulership reverts to Jacob's giving of the birthright in GEN 49. Judah got the right to rule. Zarah was the firstborn of Judah. The line of Zarah ruled from then to the overthrow by the Egyptians. Moses didn't come along until 1533 BC. I remember learning that the bondage period was only about 150 years or less total, making the date for the overthrow of the Israelite rule 1600 BC.

Put that all together and we find that the Israelites ruled Egypt for over 250 years. It was during this time that the tribe of Dan and others went sailing around virtually the whole world. It was during this time that the younger princes of the House of Zarah who had no chance to ascend to the throne) migrated across the Med. sea to found Troy, Athens and other city states (to which the ruling class of Zarahites fled when the Egyptians rose up against them).

Now let's tie the inscription in with this. According to these (approximated) dates, the ten commandments were "written" by God in the latter part of the year 1453. They went out of Egypt in the spring (Passover) and got to Sinai three months later.

Having already received the Ten Commandments, the tribe of Dan, the pioneers of Israel, continued their shipping ways when they got to the Holy land. They never really settled down in their given plot. They knew about the sailing routes around the world from their ancestors, and just took up where they left off; being sailors and merchants, opening up new trade, etc. Only now when they got to a place, they did more than change the name to include some form of the word Dan(their marks are all over the rivers of Europe and the British Isles), they had a sacred set of Commandments.

Within 100 years of getting the Ten Commandments, it would be reasonable to find them inscribed
on places . If given 400 years, can there be any doubt that the Israelites were here in north America? The Ten Commandments, in 1000 BC! ! ! ! ! !

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Perhaps your ancestry also goes back to those Indian migrations.

In another place on this site I mention that early Welch-speaking pioneers in this country could understand the Indians. Here's part of any email I recently received:

Hello! I just returned to my favorite subject ( King Beli) on the web and found your page. I too have compiled and researched some years ago my family roots and prepared a similiar report. One of my Scottish (5th)great uncle ancestor (James Adair) published a book about 1750 in England on the very subject that dealt with his missionary service of 40 years living with the American Indians and as a Scotsman/ Welch knew the Hebrew language and without effort could understand the Indian language as it was purely old Hebrew.


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