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For some time now I've been on the trail of a prophecy to David. In Psalm 89 Nathan's Davidic Covenant is sung to us by a son of Zarah. This covenant includes David having a descendent perpetually on the throne of Israel. There are no less than five other mentions of this promise to David. It was first given to David in II Samuel 7:16. "And thine house and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever. I Kings 8:25 confirms with, "....There shall not fail thee a man in my sight to sit on the throne of Israel;..." Also, I Chronicles 17:12. "He shall build me an house, and I will stablish his throne for ever." Again in II Chronicles 13:5 we find, "Ought ye not to know that the LORD God of Israel gave the kingdom over Israel to David for ever, even to him and to his sons by a covenant of salt?" Finally Jeremiah states in chapter 33, verse 17, "For thus saith the LORD; David shall never want a man to sit upon the throne of the house of Israel;"

And it's interesting that Jeremiah specifies the "house" of Israel. This term always refers to the northern ten tribed kingdom, to whom Jesus said he sent, and sent his disciples.

There is overwhelming evidence that the monarchs of the British Isles and northwest Europe are all descended from the marriage of the Zarah-Judah-Milesian high king of Ireland and his bride the Pharez-Judah daughter of king Zedekiah, Tea Tephi. A more detailed account is on my Royalty and Jeremiah and Tea Tephi pages. For a better understanding of the whole subject area, I invite you to see all the Lost Tribes pages.

I always wondered if that same promise to David would hold true for other large groups of Israelites even though they weren't ruled by a monarch. If this was the case, then our US presidents should be found to be tied to the royalty of the Old World.

I came across some very tentative evidence. I found this to be true for a couple our presidents, but hadn't done any real research into the matter. I found that George Washington was of royal blood. I'd read that John F. Kennedy was tied to the Kings of Ireland, and even Ronald Reagan.

I asked about this on one of my mail lists and got a few additional bits of confirmation. But just the other day I found an amazing post in my In box. It seems that there is a group called Burke's Peerage - researchers of royal bloodlines since 1826. The whole thrust of the article in the post was concerning the predicted outcome of our 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. They picked Bush. Burke's Peerage hasn't guessed wrong for almost two centuries!

Just for perspective, I'm including several emails that occurred during the past year.

Don't miss the large Presidents genealogy chart at the bottom of the page.


June 03, 2000:
Does anyone have any good theories about the image of the beast of Rev:13:14 that the people of the earth are to make and worship? Yes, I do.

He's already here, he's in the White House, and already bidding for the top job in the U.N; secretary-general.

08/01/2000, you wrote:
NOT! Duh - how stupid do you think we Jews are - no Jew will believe Clinton is the Messiah. [It appears that this person was confused and used Messiah instead of Anti-Christ. Regardless, the fact stays the same. Clinton is of the tribe of Judah] The most basic of information the Word provides us about the Messiah is that he is from the tribe of Judah - a son of David. Clinton is about as Jewish as Yassar Arafat (who he supports way too much to get any Jewish popular vote!) Get rid of your replacement theology mindset before you try to interpret the Word of HaSehm please.

11-15-2000 (this post is from me to the group)
On the other hand, I know of at least two US presidents who could trace their lineage back to English or Irish royalty. Both of these lines are of Judah.

We know with certainty that a bloodline descendent of King David has and will rule over some portion of the Israelites. This is being fulfilled by Queen Elizabeth today in England (Ephraim). But what about America? I have always theorized that if proper genealogical studies were done on all the US presidents that we would find Judah in their background.

Oh, and beside Washington and Kennedy, I remember that Reagan also had royal ties back to Ireland.

Clinton may not practice Judaism, but he may very well be a "generic" Jew; a descendent of Judah.

Interesting, huh? Jack

Aug 2000
Dear Jack,
There is a President who has Irish connections. In fact there is a Cottage in Cullybackey, Co. Antrim, Ulster which belonged to his family. His name was Chester Arthur, 21st President of the USA. If you want to look at the Family History I can give you an URL.

Aug 2000
When mentioning the names of former US presidents who are listed on the "Kane Ancestral Map" as being of Milesian descent, I neglected to mention that the name Ford also appears. If the research is accurate, it indicates former President Ford is also of Zarah/Judahite lineage. This is a good day to remember him in prayer as he struggles to recover from two strokes suffered earlier.

Aug 2000
The name "Clinton" appears on a list of 750 ancient Gaelic surnames which are descendants of the Milesian kings of Spain invaded and settled Ireland hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. The list also contains the names of many U.S. presidents. The Milesian kings were Zarah Judahites who originated in Egypt and left prior to the Exodus in ships owned by the Tuatha de Danaan (Tribe of Dan). This would indicate the blood of Judah does indeed flow through the veins of President Clinton!

This really should not come as a surprise to us. After all, did God not promise to make the descendants of the early patriarchs "kings and a nation of kings"? My parents surnames are also of this sacred genealogy. God has indeed scattered the seed of Abraham over the face of the earth. Praise His name!!!

Now we have more reason than ever to pray for President Clinton. He is not in office by accident or the manipulation of any "secret society". He is in power by the will and purpose of God, the fulfillment of the patriarchal promise. Many of his predecessors, the ancient kings of Judah and Israel, also brought disgrace to their kingdoms. There is nothing new under the sun or should I say there is nothing new under the SON.

Aug 2000
Hi Tommy, I was unaware that King is the birth name of President Ford. King is a typical Irish name, particularily common in the west of Ireland around Connemara, Co. Galway which is primarily a Gaelic speaking region. The name King does appear on The Kane Ancestral Map of Ireland. How interesting that both of President Ford's names are of the same origin. I am glad you pointed this out to me. Ford happens to be my mother's maiden name also.

Feb 1999 Subject: Clinton's Family Tree

Clinton's Family Tree William F. Dankenbring

In a recent issue of "Prophecy in the News" magazine, author J. R. Church informs us of a most striking genealogy. He writes:

"In an Associated Press article published in The Daily Oklahoman, October 28, 1996, Harold Brooks-Baker, director of Burke's Peerage, a London-based publishing house that traces the lineage of royal and noble families, said that Bill Clinton and Bob Dole have more in common than wanting to be president. They are distant cousins! However, Clinton has bluer blood, giving him an election edge.

"Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe, but took his stepfather's name as a teenager. Clinton's ancestry can be traced back, on his mother's side, to King Henry III who ruled England from 1227 to 1272. He is descended from King Robert I of France.

"Furthermore, he is related to every Scottish monarch to the current British royal family. Clinton's royal roots include several medieval monarchs and Simon de Montford, a statesman and soldier under King Henry III. Through de Montford, Clinton is related to every ancient aristocratic family in Britain today."

J. R. Church continues the incredible story:

"Over the past six years, efforts to uncover Clinton's personal history have been nigh unto impossible to confirm. The President had all records of his family history, school records, medical history, etc. sealed.

"In 1992, we called Burke's Peerage and asked if they had done any research into Clinton's lineage. We were told that they had not done a genealogical search on his ancestry. It seemed strange to us at the time that they denied knowing anything about Clinton. Shortly afterward, we came across an AP story that linked Clinton to a Gypsy king--citing Burke's Peerage as a source. We again called Burke's Peerage and repeated our request. Again, they told us that no work had been done. That's when we read the article to the person on the phone, naming Harold Brooks-Baker as a source. She then admitted that they had done some work on the genealogy. She said that we should talk with Harold Brooks-Baker, himself. She requested that we fax a letter and request a reply.

"We did as she asked. Two days later, having received no reply, we called again. This time, we were able to get Mr. Harold Brooks-Baker on the phone. He asked why we wanted the information, and said he would have to clear our request with Washington. He said, 'It's a very touchy subject.' He talked like there might be something to hide."

Indeed! What might that closely-guarded secret be? J. R. Church continues his riveting story:

"Bill Clinton's family goes back to William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison, making him related to Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. His kinship to Ford makes him 'near kin' to Richard Nixon and George Bush. Small world, isn't it?

"Royal Boy Chosen"

"There is no official documentation for what I am about to relate. I talked with a man in the summer of 1996 who claimed to be a descendant of the Rothschild banking family. He informed me that Bill Clinton used to attend their family functions as a boy.

"This man grew up in the same town with Clinton. They attended the same schools. He would see Bill at family get-togethers wearing a Jewish skullcap. According to him, Bill Clinton is a descendant of the Rothschild family.

"He said the rabbis would kiss his hand and refer to him as the Segulah Yeled Eklatosh--the 'royal-boy-chosen.' He said that according to private family records, the original Meyer Amschel (Bauer) Rothschild claimed to have had a heavenly visitor in 1773, who informed him that Jesus was not the Messiah. He told Meyer Amschel that the family from which he descended would produce the Messiah in the last half of the twentieth century.

"A few weeks later I read in 'The Jewish Festivals' by Hayyim Schauss (published in 1938) that the Roman Emperor Nero had faked his death, escaped and married a Jewish woman. The famous thirteenth century Rabbi Meir (also spelled Meyer) of Rothenberg, Germany, claimed direct descent from Nero. I called my Rothschild family friend and asked if there was a family connection. Two days later he called me back, and said 'Yes! The Rothschilds are descended from Nero!'..." ("Roots of the Presidents," by J. R. Church, Prophecy in the News, July 1998, pages 18-19).

[This article goes on to describe Nero's character and ends by saying Nero's Aramaic name (Nron Ksr) equals 666. They also show William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton as both adding up to 666 but the numbers are off as published.]

Prophecy Flash! Jan-Feb 1999 Triumph Prophetic Ministries


And now for the last straw that has cemented this subject for me. This is Burke's Peerage writing for itself on the subject of the Bush-Gore election.

Dear Brother Jack,
I was sent this and reading your article thought you might be interested, your brother in Yah.

L O N D O N, October 25, 2000
Political Blue Blood - Bush and Gore's Bloodline Battle

Do presidential candidates Al Gore and George W. Bush have royal connections? Buckingham Palace politely declined to comment.

When it comes to picking the winner in the American presidential race, Britain's leading chroniclers of royal ancestors say they've never been wrong - not once in almost 200 years. Based on facts gleaned from the old scrolls and dusty archives of Burke's Peerage - researchers of royal bloodlines since 1826 - the Brits wager it will be Texas Gov. George W. Bush. "The presidential candidate with the most royal genes and chromosomes has, up to now, always won the White House," say the researchers at Burke's Peerage. They say Bush's blue blood runs thicker than Vice President Al Gore's. In fact it trumps the royal ties of every other President to date, including his father's. It seems George W. has inherited his mother's deep blue blood-line.

His Royal Highness, King Dubya

Burke's publishing director, Harold Brooks-Baker says Bush's royal connections are startling. "[Bush] is closely related to every European Monarch both on and off the throne," says Brooks-Baker. Some of the governor's royal kin include Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother, Duchess Sarah "Fergy" Ferguson and even the late Princess Diana. His most prominent ancestor may be England's King Charles II, who shared the governor's vision of a strong military. Going back nearly 1000 years, Brooks-Baker points out both the Bush and Pierce families [Barbara Bush's maiden name is Pierce] were high society. "Not one member of his family was working class, middle class, or even middle, middle class," he notes.

Al's Family Hardly Peasants

Gore's family members weren't exactly peasants. The vice president's family tree includes Charlemagne and three Holy Roman emperors. And a good fight wouldn't frighten the vice president's most famous ancestor, England's Edward I - best known today as the king who defeated, then executed Braveheart. Edward was also said to be very popular with the ladies. His descendent, Al Gore certainly won the hearts of many American ladies with "that kiss" he publicly planted on wife Tipper. Although Gore is running a bit behind Bush in the European royal count, his blood-line runs close to some American home-grown nobility, including Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Boone, and "Buffalo Bill" Cody.

Trump Card

Buckingham Palace politely declined to comment on the recorded royal connections of either candidate. "This sort of thing happens every time there's an American Presidential Election," scoffed one palace official. But if the Burke's Peerage prediction has its doubters, the company doesn't hesitate to defend its crowning legacy. "You can't just write off 200 years of accurate predictions," says Brooks-Baker pointing out Mike Dukakis learned about the "royal factor" the hard way. The 1988 Democratic nominee and son of Greek immigrants had no connections to any European thrones, and he lost in a landslide.

October Surprise?

Although Bush maintains a clear royal advantage, Burke's Peerage claims to know why the race is so close. "Never in the history of the United States have two presidential candidates been as well endowed with royal alliances." However the royal researchers are hedging their bets saying their dig through the documents continues. Brooks-Baker says Gore still has a chance to prove he's "royal enough" for the top job. "Like Jimmy Carter, it is possible that he is the product of several royal love children of the past," Brooks-Baker says. "Those connections are harder to trace." Thus Burke's Peerage leaves open the possibility for an October surprise - and either a Bush, or a Gore, coronation Nov. 7.

If They Were Alive Today

Bush's most famous relative, England's King Charles II built a strong military, but at record spending levels. His health care plan proved to be a disaster during his reign - as 70,000 perished from the plague in London alone. If Charles were alive today, he might have been useful to Bush with his strong Catholic ties, and a proven victory in New York. (Charles walloped what was then the Dutch colony "New Amsterdam.") Gore's most famous relative fought back considerable uprisings from Scotland's William Wallace and the Welsh. But England's King Edward also faced public scrutiny for his (military) campaign fundraising. Though generally regarded as a successful lawmaker and administrator, record tax increases he imposed to fight Scotland and Wales made the king highly unpopular with his key

The following is a genealogy chart that appears in "Bloodlines of the Illuminati", by Fritz Springmeier. At least 25 American Presidents are related to each other. Please pay particular attention to the prominence of the Cheney family. If this is the Cheney that we know, then he and GW Bush are relatives. And the antiquity of the Cheney line explains why they pulled Dick out of retirement to help Dubya run things.
Who says the Elite don't run this country, and have run this country from the beginning?



Now, tell me that God isn't three things: Real, In Control and Faithful to His word of Promise.

Just amazing, Lord!


I love mail.

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