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Heraldry is a very interesting subject, but when applied to the Lost tribes material it can be amazing. Most of the symbols used by the tribes of Jacob's descendents are derived from the blessings and prophecies that were given to his sons in Genesis 49. For instance, the Wolf is the primary symbol of the tribe of Benjamin (verse 27, "Benjamin shall raven,["eat voraciously"] as a wolf). Reuben's two symbols are a Man and Water. Judah's symbols are a single Lion and three Lions respectively. These may be resting or rampant. Although Joseph's two sons Ephraim and Manasseh are not listed, we know from other sources that Ephraim and Manasseh each had two symbols. Ephraim used the Ox primarily and the Unicorn was his secondary symbol. Manasseh's primary symbol is an Olive Branch, while his second symbol is a Bundle of Arrows. It must be remembered the Manasseh is the thirteenth tribe. Ephraim moved into Joseph's place and Manasseh was added to the twelve. If one gives the briefest look at the arms of England, it will be seen to contain a shield with a rampant Lion on the left and a Unicorn on the right. Other symbols such as David's Harp are included within the shield.
The United States, being founded as a permanent home by the Pilgrim's (of the tribe of Manasseh), should reflect the emblems of that tribe. It will be found that the Great Seal of the United States contains ten features of thirteen. And given that some sixteen drafts, over a time period of 159 years through which the seal was constructed, it makes coincidence impossible as an explanation for those 13's. I know that the easy answer to the fact of all these thirteens is that there were thirteen original colonies, but this surface explanation doesn't fit all the evidence. When the facts of the United States and the Great Seal are viewed in the context of the whole Lost Tribes teaching, it obviously fits like it belonged. The "coincidence" of there being thirteen colonies doesn't add a whit to the total picture unless it is taken to be part of the LT material. Finally in 1935 the final die was cut for the seal that we see on the one dollar bill today.
The obverse, or front, side of the Seal as proposed by Thomas Jefferson was to show the Israelites being led by the Pillar of Cloud and of Fire. Benjamin Franklin suggested the event of Pharaoh's drowning in the Red Sea. The Harp of David was included in three early designs, while the number of olives and leaves did not settle to thirteen each until late in the nineteenth century.
Although Congress had appropriated the funds (1884) for the "obverse and reverse of the seal of the United States", the Reverse Seal was not cut. Five times the "acts of Congress" relating to the Reverse Seal were ignored; 1782, 1789, 1833, 1884, and 1902. It took 153 years for the complete process!
E. Raymond Capt, in his booklet, "Our Great Seal" says: The Great Seal given to our country, after years of laborious heraldic and symbolic study, reveals our true national origin and destiny. The Obverse face is Israel in the Old Testament; The Reverse face is our race under the New Covenant. Each face is a masterly harmony of all that is potent in symbolism and prophecy. It was originated and adopted by men who recognized the overshadowing presence of the Great Architect of the Universe and submission to His will as revealed in the Scriptures and the Laws of Nature. They planned a government in conformity to His great Plan. They recognized that America's greatest task was to go toward the goal of the Plan -- the eventual establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth.
Their hands were guided by another, for seemingly they did not fully know themselves to be of the Tribe of Manasseh. ("Blindness in part is happened to Israel" - - Romans 11:25). Yet, wittingly or unwittingly, they used all the national emblems of ancient Israel as America's emblems also. Our Obverse Seal sums up the whole of the Old World history of Israel, whose boundaries were set at the very beginning according to the number of the sons of Jacob, and the Lord as an "Eagle" was his express guardian and "Shield." Unsealed "Truth," borne by the Eagle's beak illuminated the way of the "people saved by the Lord." The blessings and the curses were plainly set before them in the "Olive-Branch" and the "Bundle of Arrows." The Constellation of Stars, signifies perpetual endurance. The Almight God himself swore by them as such. (Daniel 12:3)
Isn't it interesting that there is a most definite connection between God's People and the Great Pyramid of Giza?



  1. 13 stars in the crest
  2. 13 stripes in the shield
  3. 13 olive leaves
  4. 13 olives
  5. 13 arrows (some like to include the 13 feathers of the arrows)
  6. 13 letters in Annuit Coeptis
  7. 13 letters in E Pluribus Unum
  8. 13 cources of stone in the Pyramid
  9. 13 X 9 dots in the divisions around the crest.

Get out a fairly fresh dollar bill and a powerful magnifying glass and see Israel in Our Great Seal. I'll have some graphics to look at soon.

Now here's a short pictorial history of the Great Seal. These graphics were taken from E. Raymond Capt's, "Our Great Seal."

Jefferson Obverse Hopkins first obverse

Lossing Drawing--1856

Notice Moses and the Israelites watching Pharoah's army drowning in the Red Sea.

Hopkinson Revised Obverse and First Reverse

Hokinson revised Reverse Barton's First

Barton's Second Device

Thomson--1782 Throop Die of   1841

Present Seal
Manasseh Primary and Secondary


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