Recently I received a question about the seeming lack of one, hard evidence for the Lost Tribes concept, and two, the seeming ignorance of the Lost Tribes information among the mainstream church, particularly TV preachers.

Although the evidence is nearly two hundred years old, that makes up only 8% of the total years from the fall of Samaria in 721 BC. With the publishing of the 29th chapter of Acts in 1800, the first clue that I've seen was manifest. It tells how Paul heard that Israelites were living in Britain, and determined to go there. This ties in with Jesus' admonition to go first to the "lost sheep of (not Israel, not the House of Judah) the House of Israel; the ten tribes. If you trace the Celts and Scythians, you'll find that those are the ones Paul went to; after the Spirit refused to let him go to Asia.

Another facet: The 7 times punishment period decreed by God in Leviticus 26:18, "if ye shall NOT keep my statutes," ran out for Ephraim(England) 2520 years after the fall of Samaria, 721 BC. Research shows one time to be a "year of years." A 360 day year. 360 X 7 =2520. No other time period applied to the term "time" will yield a satisfactory period for the promise to be fulfilled. And the book of Hosea is a virtual History of what happened to the Celts/Scythians.

As a little exercise, you could assume that the Celts/Scythians are the House of Israel, then trace an over view of their history; to the present. They end up just like Hosea says, being "known as sons of the living God." These people, with NO knowledge of their heritage, turn out to be the only other people on earth besides the Jews who are connected to the Bible and It's God. You'd think, on the surface, that the Arabs (being from Abraham) would be more likely to be the same. They aren't though.

So God carefully concealed the evidence spoken of above 'till His punishment period had run. Then notice in the mid-eighteen hundreds how archeology exploded. Layard dug up Ninevah, to uncover the Royal Library of Ashurbanipal. Those tablets give us a lock on the NEW names to look for when searching out the Israelites. Likewise, Rawlinson, at roughly the same time, disciphered Behistun Rock, and the Assyrian tablets were confirmed. Darius II also left confirmation of the Israelites new names two places in his tomb.

You see, we have only one hurdle to cross when considering the Lost Tribes: find that transition time in history. The Lost Tribes have a historical Pivot Point. This is the point at which the Israelites become the Gamir(variously spelled) and the Sakka. We have sure record of the Israelites before this point in time, and we have sure record of the Gamir and Sakka after this time. So once we establish the link between the Isrelites, the Gamir(Celts), and the Sakka(Scythians), we've got mountains of the evidence you'd like to see.

One other small point: you know how slow science/history/archeology is. It's only a little over 150 years since Layard and Rawlinson. Just look at the Dead Sea Scrolls. It's over forty years and the public still doesn't have it all.

Evidence, evidence. I understand evidence very well. I know that we do almost nothing in our lives without evidence to back it up. Admittedly, some of us choose faulty or bad evidence, but we DO have evidence. I always use the example of buying a house. A lot of Christians gather more evidence when buying a house than they do to confirm God's reality or workings. Of course I wouldn't call them Christians, but the churches are full of folks like that. They can't answer two serious questions about their belief system.

Now, the responsibilities accompanying the Christian walk demand that any thinking person continue to gather evidence, and re-affirm his "faith." It's like an onion, right? Layer on layer. And until we get as good as Jesus, we've got work/study to do. How else will we stand up to the ever increasing difficulty of God's training? The harder it gets, the more courage it takes. The more courage it takes, the more confirmation we MUST have to feed our confidence that it's going to be OK.

And you know, there doesn't seem to be an end to the evidence that touches on the Lost Tribes. Look at my index page. Except for a few topics, the pages all connect to this teaching. the Zodiac, the Pyramid, Stonehenge, Endtimes, and more. A guy named Barry Fell has written three volumes on the archeology of north america, particularly the US. He proves, without a shadow of a doubt that Israelites were here as early as 1000 BC! ! ! There's a four foot square rock face in New Mexico, that contains the ten commandments almost verbatim! ! From the time of Christ, just outside Moneta(money), Wyoming, there is a rock face inscribed for trading, with the name of the bank included. It says in effect, "1st Iberian bank, no usury." Does "no usury" sound familiar? Doesn't sound like much 'till one knows that Iberia was settled by the descendents of Eber, the Hebrews (not Jews, now). The words Iberia and Hebrew are cognates. Same goes for Hibernia (Ireland). Amazingly, the only reference to Israel in the whole three volumes of Barry Fell, is a reference to Cotton Mather's conviction that the american Indians were people from the Lost Tribes of Israel.

I hope this sheds some light on why this information hasn't been around very long. God was sending Israel, as Isaiah says, to the "isles afar off" to "renew their strength" in order to take the Gospel to the world; which was their job from the beginning.


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