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The Christian's Mission
We've heard that each person in the Body has a unique and irreplaceable function. We know from Ephesians 4 that this function is the building up of the Body, edification. This must mean that we are to focus our efforts on believers. What will reach believers? The Gospel of salvation? They've already heard and accepted that.

God's Objective: The Kingdom
It's All About The Kingdom. All a Believer's time, energy and money that is pointed at God, must go for the edification of the Body of Christ. Twenty-five percent of a Believer's life is to be spent in pursuit of God's Objective. God's Objective has always been to set up a Kingdom here on earth. The angels that fell were part of that process. God is using a certain 7000 years of history to fill the void left by those fallen angels.

Have mecy on your ego
It's true so often, I could say that 100% of our stress is ego related. I can't find anything else that continually causes us to make bad decisions. It's those bad decisions that result in stress. Still, we'd be in a lot of trouble if we didn't have an ego. It's our main source of protection.

Evangelism: Tool of the Devil
Is there a Believer alive who hasn't heard someone say, "I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior?" Is that really what happened? The common "formula" for being saved is to confess one's sins/sinfulness, and ask Jesus or God to forgive them. I've never heard anyone say that they were sitting around at coffee and Jesus showed up and asked if he could be their savior. Do the people who parrot this sentence ever realize how it sounds to the listener? What a grand statement of ego. And I've certainly heard it said when it meant, "I'm better than you."

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