God is a spirit.
The devil is a spirit.
The Angels are spirits.
And You are a spirit.

If You are a spirit, what is your body?
Let’s stay down on the physical level for just a moment. What we usually call ourselves does not include the separate parts of our body. One could hardly say, “My arm is me.” What is your arm? A thing that hangs off your body. Your arm is not you. And when we move up to the spiritual level, your body isn’t You. You are a spirit.

You take up no space. You have no volume. You have no mass. You are a consciousness contained in a bit of energy. Science has long known that the world, all matter, from rocks to human beings is just energy.

Spirit is just energy.
God is just energy.
The devil is just energy.
An Angel is just energy.

All spirits have the ability to manipulate physical energy. God created angel-Spirits with the ability to take human form. Angels can do this at will. Although most human beings don’t realize it, they manipulate individually and in concert the energy of the physical universe, thereby maintaining physical forms.

Your Self, your spirit, You, manipulates energy to form a tool that allows You to experience the physical reality. That tool is your physical body. Your physical body is not You.

Your physical body is no more than some little earring that hangs beside Your “head”. Your body is to your Self, as your arm is to what we usually think of as ourselves.

This idea is nothing new. It’s been taught since there were people. The point is not that your body, your brain, your mind is not You. The point is why we have bodies at all. Extending outward, the point is, why is there a physical reality?

Spirit energy cannot experience the physical reality. It can’t taste a juicy steak. It can’t smell a rose. It can’t smile. Our spirits have constructed physical bodies as tools to experience the physical reality. If the Self found itself in a different reality, it would have to construct a different tool to experience that reality.

Spirits need to and want to have a physical form.

At this point, we need to make a distinction. The distinction is between angels and demons. As above, God created spirits that we call angels with the ability to manifest human form.

And let me remind you here that any fallen angel running loose can take on the form of any human, and interact with another human, without the other realizing that there’s anything beyond what he sees and hears. The devil isn’t limited to whispering in your ear. He can walk up to you and start a conversation. That’s pretty much what he did with Eve. He used the serpent’s body to talk to her.

Demons, although spirits, do not have the ability to manifest in human form. And yet, they still desire to experience physical reality. So, they inhabit/possess living organisms. Of course the most efficient living organism with which to experience the physical reality is a human body. But human or not, demons want a body.

This is very obvious in the Biblical story of Jesus casting out demons that are possessing a young man. Because demon spirits take up no room, have no mass, thousands of demons were inside the young man. These demons not only feared Jesus and his power, but they begged him to let them inhabit a herd of pigs. If they didn’t care so much about inhabiting a physical form, why not just communally float around and see what goes on in the world? They wanted bodies, even if it had to be a pig. Spirits are energy and cannot experience the physical reality without physical form.

Possession can be a very dark word. But think about it. We are all possessed. Our bodies, that we usually think of as ourselves, are possessed by our real Selves.

OK. There are all these spirit Selves floating around making the human bodies to experience the world. WHY? Sure, we need physical bodies to experience the physical reality, but why do we need to experience the physical reality?

This gets back to the main point again. Not that we are all spirits, but that we as spirits manifest physical bodies for some reason. Can that reason only be to experience physical reality? Why do that? There must be something very important about this physical reality, this earth, this universe we live in. There is. Unfortunately, we can only discern the secondary reason. It’s right there in Genesis 1:1. “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.”

The only word that might call out some speculation is the word “heaven.” Some may want to argue that it only names the immediate vicinity of earth. I choose to believe it means what we call the universe. God created all that stuff, everything we see.

That begs the question, “what did He use for material?” There was nothing there before he created the universe. The only thing that there was, was His Self. The physical universe was formed out of God. What is God? Spirit. What is spirit? Conscious energy. The universe was formed and is sustained by God’s energy. And we’re told in the Bible how that happened.

God split off a little part of himself. We’re told that part is called the Word. That bit of God-spirit became the spirit Self that manipulated the universal energy into a physical form that we know as Jesus.

After the split, God communicated to the Word the blueprint for the universe. The Word “spoke “, and a certain amount of God’s spirit/energy became the universe. It’s really speculation as to when Angels were created, but I believe it was not before the creation of the physical reality. It seems clear from the Bible, that Angels, at least certain Angels, were given the task of enhancing and maintaining the earth.

This must have been important to God because he created a super angel to be in charge of the earth. This angel was called the “crowning cherub.” As far as I know, he is second only to one other created being. That would be the archangel Michael. We must be reminded at this point that Jesus was NOT created.

God’s initial manifestation of a physical universe didn’t include human beings. The universe was created and other creations were put in charge. If Lucifer had not rebelled, Adam(human being) wouldn’t have been necessary. Man wasn’t created before the cataclysm that wiped out the earth. To God, all time is simultaneous. But that’s the way we have to express it. So it really all happened at once.

Again, we may not know the first level reason that God created the earth, but He’s done it twice already and has promised to do it again. After the first creation, Lucifer decided that he wanted to be God. And such was the energy expended by God against Lucifer, that the destruction spread beyond the solar system. Being the epicenter, this cataclysm wiped out everything on earth. It is the reason why Mars is a desert wasteland. I can’t believe that God created Mars in the condition in which it exists today. I think Mars was pretty neat place.

With Satan’s fall, God gave the job of “tending” the earth to Adam. Compared to humans today Adam would be thought of as a Superman. He could levitate, “fly.” He could cast small lightning bolts. He could communicate telepathically. He could read the cosmic energy of the stars; God’s cosmic library. Adam was everything a human could be. I mean, God couldn’t expect me to tend the earth. I couldn’t handle the job. I’m not like Adam.

But there was Adam, with just as much free will as Lucifer had had.. He figured for a minute that he could be like God, too. When he fell, Adam no longer had the power to “tend” the earth. So, control reverted back to Satan. He’s still in control of the earth. One Bible verse calls him the Prince of the power of the air. But he’s not working for God anymore. He’s working for himself, that means against God.

When Satan fell, God didn’t abandon the universe project. In Genesis 1:2, God began the recreation process. Try number two. Plan B. The Adam backup plan. That spirit that hovered over the “face of the deep” was the Word. That light that got commanded “to be“ was the aura of the Word. The Sun wasn’t created ‘till day four. God is determined to have a physical reality. He promises us in the book of Revelation, that after the millennium He’ll create a new heaven and earth.

Let me take little side road here. God is like the CIA. Think back to all those Black Op and bank heist stories that take months, and sometimes years, to carry out. Planning for every little detail, every possible glitch that can happen is drawn up, timed out, and rehearsed until the participants can act it out in their sleep. That’s what makes those stories so interesting, all those little twists and turns. Just when it looks like the plan is going to fail, you find that they planned for being interrupted by the night watchman, or whatever. That’s the way it is with God.

It needs to be said again here that God is outside of time. God invented time, so to speak. We need it to function within the physical reality. However, all the time to God is simultaneous. The creation happened all at once, not one thing after another. When God formed the original plan for the creation of the universe, he covered all the bases, just like the CIA. He gave the Angels freewill. He knew that opened the door to the possibility for rebellion. So he covered that base with the Adam Backup plan. Because Adam also had free will, God knew that Adam, too, could rebel. So God covered that possibility with the Jesus Backup plan.

First off, he knew Jesus wouldn’t rebel, even though, as a man, he had free will. This is a very interesting part. Consider. One can’t rebel against one’s Self. This idea takes a little investigation. We must remember that there is a definite difference between You and what you commonly think of as you. Your Self is directing and maintaining Its physical body-tool. The mind of the body-tool makes decisions for action based on the suggestions of the Self and what it “knows’ about the physical environment. In a sense, it makes agreements with the Self, then acts in accordance with those agreements. In that light, it can be seen that the body-tool, not the Self, carries out any rebellion. What about the times when the Body-tool gets too focused on, or fearful of its physical context? At those times my body thinks/acts like it is its Self.

Let’s carry that a bit further. When you decide to take a drink of cranberry juice, your arm and hand have absolutely no power to rebel against that decision. Your arm and hand are not your mind. Indeed, have NO mind of their own. They have no separate Self of their own. Likewise, your body-tool is not your Self. It can rebel against you Self. But your Self can’t rebel against your Self. One might say there is nothing to rebel against. It seems to me that rebellion is like the Tango. It takes two. It takes one to determine the direction and another to rebel against the direction.

I hear the thought that “We rebel against ourselves all the time. “Why, I refused to do something I said I’d do just yesterday. We go against our decisions all the time.” Boy! I’ve got my hand up! Well, let me ask you a question. Do you think God would murder someone? A lot of people get murdered every day. Do you think that one of those murderers would not have killed if he had had the strength to follow that small voice that tried to make them see their error? We always hear from our Selves what the Right thing is. A lot of times we don’t listen to the point of fixing all the bad parts. Our Minds are the Switchboard from which our bodily actions are directed. If the mind says “Run!” We run. Our minds have enough of a separate consciousness to rebel against what You or I tell it. Your body-tool can’t rebel against itself, and You can’t rebel against your Self. Kinda deep, huh?

This idea was the reason for the Jesus Backup plan. Just in case the first plan, the Angel Plan, failed, and the Adam Backup plan failed, the Jesus Backup plan would be a foolproof way to accomplish God’s objective. The Angels failed because of freewill. Adam failed because of free will. Most of these creations had the opportunity to rebel against a higher directive. Neither angels nor humans were God.

God is Himself. And while I’m here, notice that the earth is like that little earring hanging off God’s head, just like your body is some small decorative lapel pin on your Self’s dinner jacket. I’m remembering the movie “Men in Black”. Remember how a whole galaxy was contained in a little marble that was hanging from the collar of a cat?

The ultimate backup plan of God was to end up with beings made up of Himself. This was basically what Jesus was. Although he was a human being, his Self was not the same as your Self or my Self. His Self was God.

You see, our Self-energy is God-energy. God is the energy that makes up the Self. But the amount of God-consciousness in my Self can’t even conceive of the Whole God-consciousness. If we ever even got a glimpse, we’d blow up. Jesus” Self had full God-consciousness. That’s why he could be all man and all God at the same time.

“Well,” you might say, ”that’s pretty good for Jesus, but what about me?” Well, you and I are the other part of that backup plan. My real Self can assimilate, for want of the better word, other spiritual energy. Maybe, bond to it, would be better, but still not what I’m feeing. This “melding” can ultimately result in the complete transformation of the Self.

The documentary evidence available on demon possession is readily available and substantiated. Some folks act in a way that allows total takeover of Self. In the case of demon possession, a person can easily exhibit superhuman, supernatural power. One might say they become a devil.

This is the principle at work in God’s fail-safe Jesus Backup plan. God has provided a way for us to assimilate little bits of Himself. The Bible calls it, “the indwelling of the spirit.” God set it up so that our Self can become a God Self. As a God-Self, you and I will, to some extent, have God-like creating power. The Angels had some of that, but the Bible says that we will be better than Angels. In another place the Bible describes our final condition by saying, “ye are gods.” As gods, it will be impossible for us to rebel against Ourselves. This brings us full circle back to God’s initial plan to create a beautiful physical universe.

I believe that when the book of Revelation tells of a “new heaven and new earth,” it refers to our new jobs as creators. Remember that God never does things Himself. I haven’t seen any place in the Bible where some purpose was directly accomplished by God. God always delegates. It’s one of the ways He gets us to trust Him. God didn’t sling that stone at Goliath. He just tuned up David’s senses to the point that he could have knocked a fly off Goliath’s helmet without leaving a scratch. For just a minute or two, David became a “perfect” human being, with all the abilities that Adam must have had; except flying.

When God conceived his plan for the physical universe, it included the participation of a certain number of Angels. They were created specifically to participate in “creating“ the earth. HW Armstrong called it “putting the icing on the cake.” One-third of those angels walked off the job. Two-thirds of the created angels were faithful to God.

The slight hiccup of Lucifer, and Adam is now being overcome as God recruits the replacements for those who went out on strike. God is recruiting a new workforce. A workforce that has no rebellion in it. A workforce that will be “better than the angels “.

Whoa! We’ll have angels working for us!

Right after Revelation 21, we get to help God create worlds and stuff. Neat. It says in verse 5, the number of Grace, that we “reign forever and ever.” But just about that time Forever will cease to be. Yeah. Revelation 10:6 kicks in somewhere about that time. Looking ahead to the “new earth” period, an Angel declares the end on time.

Here’s the whole verse with Strong’s numbers:
……. lifted up142 his848 hand5495 to1519 heaven,3772
Rev 10:6 And2532 swore3660 by1722 him that liveth2198 forever and ever,1519, 165, 165 who3739 created2936 heaven,3772 and2532 the things3588 that therein1722, 846 are, and2532 the3588 earth,1093 and2532 the things3588 that therein1722, 846 are, and2532 the3588 sea,2281 and2532 the things3588 which are therein,1722, 846 that3754 there should be2071 time5550 no3756 longer:2089

Then we won’t be able to say, “No time like the present.” There won’t be any time in the present. But thinking about it, that’s really true today, too, isn’t it?

You can start your transformation into a god today. Just find a promise of God that helps you live His way and act on it. It’s called faithing. Trust that the obstacle that seems to stand in your way will be overcome by God. It’s how that Bit of God-Self gets inside us. God wrote a whole Book about it.

And if you have trouble pinning that down, here’s how to understand the process in a practical way:

Listen. To your Self.

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