It's All About The Kingdom.

All a Believer's time, energy and money that is pointed at God, must go for the edification of the Body of Christ. Twenty-five percent of a Believer's life is to be spent in pursuit of God's Objective.

God's Objective has always been to set up a Kingdom here on earth. The angels that fell were part of that process. God is using a certain 7000 years of history to fill the void left by those fallen angels.

Everything God does has this overall thrust toward the Kingdom. But we must not forget that God tells people what He's going to do, so they can prepare. He's giving us 7000 years to get ready.

When the angels fell, God created humans, with the idea that over many thousands of years He could mold them into little beings just like Him. They would be God-Beings, with full God Consciousness, just like Jesus.

God didn't create humans in order to save them. He created them to start getting the word out about God's Kingdom to come later on. He gave us that 7000 years to finally give everyone ever born the chance to join in and put their 25% to work for God.

He has laid out in detail what He expects us to do with our money. He even broke it down into three separate categories, to help us understand. Out of the three tithes, only a small bit is not given to the Priesthood and Levite.

I dislike doing this, but it's necessary. Don't get hot and want to argue that the tithe was done away with. Forget that idea, and either read on or don't. I'm not here to argue, but edify. Treat me with your God-given authority to take it or leave it. If you think about it you may discover that argument is an ego trip. It only edifies the speaker.

God set us up with the tithing system for what? For the furtherance of His Objective. All that money is to go to those who edify other Believers. The Priesthood and the Levites did just that. They studied scriptures, passed on their knowledge to the people. They were the depository of God's word, like the Ten Commandments and the Torah.

In every era God has given those people enough evidence of Himself to help them choose to participate in His Objective. The Kingdom.

That's what the money does, whether directly or indirectly by individual effort. Time and Energy over lap a bit, but let's take time. Out of the possible 30 hours a week of "free" time, the Believer will using 7-8 hours in God pursuits; bible study, web page posting, essay writing, bloging. Going to church on Sunday doesn't count. That's just putting yourself in a position of a receiver, not a transmitter.

What do we mean by "energy?" Reading the Bible isn't using very much energy. Eye movement and page turning use very few calories. Energy means output. Energy works. Energy produces. This is a place where the other two tithes touch energy.

Some of your Time will be spent composing, putting up web pages, walking around the neighborhood posting Bible study, or Presentation bulletins. We are expected to produce things that will help edify the Body, in order to get the word of God's Kingdom out to other Believers.

We are NOT to even consider unbelievers. God's Objective doesn't include unbelievers. God is not in the business to saving the world, even though He has made salvation available to the world. He's in the business of setting up His Kingdom.

He wants us Believers to work edifying other Believers so he set up the Holy Spirit with the task of "drawing" certain ones at certain time, to information about God that would have an effect on them, giving them the chance to get closer to God or back away. Remember Jesus saying, "No man can come to me, except the Father, which has sent me, draw him." John repeats this saying in chapter six, verses forty-four and sixty-five.

A lot of people have thought through the centuries that because they were good to the poor or the drunks on skid row that they were making points with God. They weren't edifying Believers. They were trying to put scalps on their belts.

Evangelism, as the first priority of the Church is a satanic construct. Paul tells us very clearly what the Believers are to be doing. He says in Ephesians four that the "work of the ministry" is the edification of the Body of Christ, so that at some future time that Body will be transformed into the exact type of "body" that Jesus now has.

The first job of the Church is to pursue objectives that will further God's Objective. And you know, that tear jerking sermon on the starving, HIV positive, Ebola victims in Africa? Did that make you a little more like Christ? Did that tell you a little more about God? Did it spark your curiosity to open your Bible? Or did it possibly get you to give a bunch of money, out of which "administrative costs" would be deducted before being sent to Africa, or Where ever.

Every Believer has to ask, "Am I being taught the real meanings of the Bible, and not just what some few verses talk about. Is my "teacher" pulling apart the word and connecting it up with other parts, showing that the connectedness points to the Objective?

I'm a firm believer that for one to actually do the Walk, one has to have a very firm belief in God. You belief in God is directly proportional to the amount of risk you are willing to take in edifying other Believers. Are you ready to start taking out 25% of your paycheck and using it for God? That's the real test of how much one believes in God. Paul even tells the Corinthians that, and I paraphrase, "you prove the Holy Spirit by the way you give." Paul tells his people in every letter but one that they are to pay the teacher.

God is setting up a Kingdom here on earth in just a few short years. You want to get in on that? It's gonna cost ya! It's going to cost you 25% of your present life. But believe me, if you ever get close to that 25%, you'll wake up one day and find that you're actually, in for another 10-15% and didn't realize it.

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