Is there anyone out there that hasn't heard that numbers are considered the Language of the Universe? I remember number Messages being sent with space probes because the scientists were sure they could communicate with any possible extra-terrestrials by using numbers.

There's' one thing that numbers have over words, they CAN'T be misinterpreted. A person may describe three dogs in Greek. A dog in Greek might turn out to be a whole different animal by the time it's translated into another language. The listener might get confused as to the type of animal, but he will know there are three of them. A three is always going to be a three.

God is pretty Smart. He knew that we'd have a multitude of languages to confuse ourselves with. He also knew that there would be certain folks who would deliberately try to distort what He says. I guess that's why He talks in words and numbers at the same time. And I might mention here that even with words that are names He sends the same message.

God "talks" in numbers in ALL facets of His Creation. His numbers are behind, words, worlds, the Great Pyramid, the Zodiac, Stonehenge and even the specifics of nature, like the total atomic weight of the first 12 elements.

But God isn't satisfied with just using numbers in parallel with His words. He's made up elaborate schemes of number patterns, as can be seen on my God Counts page. The features of the number seven that occur in Genesis 1:1 are sixteen! ! ! Seven means completion. In the beginning, the Creation was complete.

Ivan Panin worked forty years with just the number designs found in the Bible. He didn't focus on the symbolism as much as the details of the text; how many words, how many vowels, how many names, how many verbs, first, middle and last words, and on and on.

But God still isn't satisfied to stop there. He's also gone to great lengths to give us His message in Gematria. The voluminous and mysterious Cabala is a direct outgrowth of gematria. The numbers that come out of the words through gematria are of a wholly different kind. With each letter having a number value, words also have a number value. After finding out the value of a word or phrase, one can find relationships to God and His Creation.

The phrase, "Lord Jesus Christ" in Greek has a value of 3168. You may remember that the Lord Jesus Christ was the One who actually did the speaking for God when the universe was created. His number, 3168, should be found all over the Creation. It is. The diameter of the solar system is 3168, with lots of zeroes behind it. Put the moon on top of the earth and draw a circle around the two and the same 3168 comes up, 31680 miles. If you've got the right map, you'll find Bethlehem lying on latitude 31.68 degrees north. You can find some more by going to my Gematria page.

And how about the Bible Code? And Theomatics?

The Arithmetic of God

Thank you, Don Kistler

Don Kistler is the author, he says, "Penned by", of "The Arithmetic of God", printed in 1976.

Don Kistler is up just a level above Ivan Panin. Mr. Kistler uses the numbers that appear in the text in relation with other known numbers. After the number table below, I've included the last study found in "The Arithmetic of God." Just by using the numbers connected to the circumcision of Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael, many connections are made with Abraham's immediate family.

Although this number study looks like the other number table on this site, it carries the symbolic numbers to a different place. In most cases the meanings of the numbers will be the same or similar to those on my other Number Table. But there is an added dimension to this study.

The numbers found in the Bible always have symbolic meaning. If you don't know what the meaning is of a particular number, you can go to scripture, find the number, and see how it relates to the plain text. It might be related to war, or division, or departure. The context will tell you.

But please note that numbers are often related to more than one concept. The number Seventeen is said to stand for Victory. The number Three is related to Resurrection. Now, certainly, Jesus' resurrection on the 17th day of the month was a Victory, but the number seventeen can surely be connected to the idea of resurrection, just like the number three.

Just to give you a feel for finding the meaning of a number, let's look up war. Exodus 14:7 has Pharaoh's army coming after the Israelites. "600 chariots." Judges 18:7-11 tells about an armed force from the tribe of Dan going to conquer Laish. "600 soldiers." How many Benjamite soldiers escaped death in Judges 20:46-47? "600." How heavy was Goliath's spear head in shekels of iron? "600." What number symbolizes war?, 600. Did I remember correctly that it was the 600 Light Brigadiers that charged into the valley of death? And that's not even in the Bible! BACK

When using Don Kistler's study, we also have to bring in a few other aspects, besides a number's symbolic meaning. We have to consider how many letters are in any certain word or passage. We have to consider how many words are contained in a passage. We can also look at how many times a word is used in a passage OR in a book OR from Genesis 1:1 to the place we're reading.

Regarding the numbers themselves, we can use many different processes on them. We can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, of course, but we can also add up from one to our number and get a total. For instance, all the numbers from one to 13 (sin) add up to 91 (casting out). The same can be done with multiplication. The total in that case would be 6,227,020,800. I don't know if any of these Biblical numbers and combinations go as far as square roots or logarithms. I'm plenty satisfied with simple addition.


While preparing this material for my radio show, I changed my mind. I had decided not to include the whole text of Rev. 17:9-14, but just to give it good mention. When I realized had I'd decided it would be better if you heard the reference, I stopped timing my reading. I made the appropriate notes at the proper spots on the paper, got open my Bible to Rev 17, and got the page number to put on the paper (so I'd have easy reference later). Now I drew a divider after "Rev 17:9-14" out to the margin. I wanted a place to note the time the insertion started and ended. The stopwatch said 17 minutes, 9 seconds, and 23 hundredths.

I dutifully went to the divider in the margin and noted on top 17:09. I then decided to double-check the spot in the chapter to start reading. In glancing from the 9 to the chapter heading, 17, I was reminded of the symbolic meaning of 17. Victory. I thought it would be OK to take a minute out of my prep to check the text to see if it related to "Victory." Sure enough, verse 14 ends with the victory of the Lamb over the Anti-Christ. That was neat. Small, but neat.

I took another moment to put the 9 and the 14 together. If you look on the number table, you'll see that 23 is the number of death. And that works easily two ways. 17victory, over 23death (at Jesus coming) or 17victory, results in 23death of the AC. This was all very interesting and provocative to further study, but I had to get back to the timing. So with 17, 9-14 and 23 fresh in my mind, I went to the stopwatch to continue. AND GOT STOPPED COLD! ! ! There it was again.

17 minutes, 9 seconds, and 23 hundredths. 17;(9+14) 23. Revelation 17th chapter, 9th verse, 23 passage sum.

I just looked at the watch again, for the 8th time. It still says, 17:0923.

One last detail. As a result of our 17, we'll get 9-fruit of the Spirit AND 14-salvation/deliverance. But there's more confirmation in adding these two numbers consecutively. Adding all the numbers from one to nine equals 45-inheritance. That's another thing that comes out of this 17victory. Adding 14 consecutively totals 105-calling on the name of the Lord, which is how we get 14salvation.

Let me remind you of 600war. Even though 6 and 600 are buried in the passage, they don't cross the line and show up in the figuring we just did. This is not random. The message here is not the details about the AC's ascendancy or actions. It's a message of deliverance, salvation, victory over evil and death, when we call on God. He gives us an inheritance. It's not about war, or idol worship in Egypt or how big to make the ark.

How many coincidences make a fact? How did it happen that not only did all the symbolism of the chapter and verse numbers confirm and enhance the plain text, and even more enhancement was found by adding the numbers more than one way, but that these exact same numbers showed up on my stopwatch; which deals in 100ths of a second! ! !??? It didn't say 17:0915, or 17:0925, or 17:0938. It said, and still does, (I just looked again. That's 12 times now) 17:0923.

Don't try to figure the odds of my stopwatch not stopping even a second and a half earlier or later. That would have been easy to put down to coincidence. "Oh look. The 17's match." The neat confirmation of the text would still be valid, but they show me God in the Bible. They don't show me God in MY life. Paul saw a lot of God in his study of the Torah. Then God gave him something a little more personal. I can't imagine Paul putting his vision, blindness and healing down to coincidence. Neither will I count my stopwatch freezing those numbers on the screen as a coincidence. It was God. It IS God. If you liked that story, there' are two more at Jack Edward And The Night Visitor, and A Jesus Christ New Year.

Now let's see if I can get back on track with Rev 17:9-14

This study is a bit more convoluted. It will help a lot if we find and read Rev 17:9-14 first. As we go through the passage, be aware of the numbers that go by and that one, for the woman, one for the other, and 600, for "war", are two numbers that are implied.

17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven head are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

17:10 And there are seven kings; five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

17:12 And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

17:13 These have I mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

17:14 These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen and faithful.

Mr. Kistler comments, "Now let's find out about the numbers; seven heads, seven mountains, one woman, seven kings and five that are fallen, one is and one is not yet come, and eight the beast that was and is not and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. Ten horns, ten kings, one hour, and hath one mind and give their power to the beast, 600, (substituted for the word) "war" with the Lamb. That totals 666, the number of the BEAST.

7,7,1,7,5,1,1,8,7,10, 10,1,1,600. These numbers add to 666!

"Notice the numbers five, eight and ten. These numbers correspond in the order in which they are found in the list. There are 14 numbers in the list which I just gave you and they all add up to 666. The fifth one is five, the eighth one is eight, and the tenth one is ten. These three numbers -- five, eight and ten -- add up to 23, which has been found to be the number for DEATH.

"The 14th time the BEAST is mentioned, in Rev 13:15, corresponds with the numbers in the list which add up to 666. The numbers that correspond with themselves -- five, eight, and ten -- add up to 23, the number for death, the penalty in verse 15 for not worshipping the image of the beast."

Rev 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Fourteen mention of "beast", fourteen numbers in Rev 17 list, "23death" connected to both passages. Now we can move on to the table. In the References section, many of the references in Kistler's book had to be left out. I wanted to give you more than one reference when possible, and some of the references take a few lines to get all the way through. This is because the numbers relate to many different verses at the same time. You'll see that kind of thing in the end study of Abraham's family. So please know that the references that don't quite satisfy are only the best ones for fit, and that there are lists of verses and passages that could have been mentioned.

I also need to remind you that some of the connections are made by how many letters, words, or times a word or name is used. I hope it won't be confusing for you.

1UNITYJohn 17:20-22; Act 4:32;
2DIVISION or SEPARATIONGen 10:25; Luke 15:11; IKin 3:16-27
3RESURRECTION John 2:19; John 11:43; Mat12:40
4THE FIRST CREATION & FLESHICor15:49; Rom1:23; Rev5:13
5GRACERom11:5-6; Gen6:8; Isa9:6
6SATAN-HIS INFLUENCEDan5:4; Luk17:28; Jam2:19
8NEW BIRTHGal4:28; Ipet3:20; Eze36:26
9FRUIT OF THE SPIRITGal5:22-3; Icor12:8-11; Mat5:3-11
10LAWEx20:3-17; Ex12:3; Ruth4:1-11
11JUDGMENTEx6:6; Ex14:28; Jer52:1; Eze26:1
12DIVINE POWER, RULE or AUTHORITY12: Apostles,Signs,months,hours
13SIN, REBELLION, DEPRAVITYMk7:21-23; Gen14:4; Est3:12-13
14SALVATION OR DELIVERANCELev23:5; Act27:33; Mk14:1-2
15RESTEst9:18; Lev23:5-7; Gal1:13-14
16 LOVEIcor13:4-8; Rom5:5;J oh10:17
17VICTORY (RESURRECTION)Rom8:35-39; Col2:15; 17th Day
18BONDAGE OR BINDINGLuk13:4; Jud3:14; Rev20:2
19FAITHHeb 11; Gal 3:25-26(19 Gk words)
20REDEMPTIONEx26:20; Ruth=Boaz 20 times
21EXCEEDING SINFULNESS OF SINIITim3:1-5; Rom7:13, ext sin=21ltrs
22LIGHT/MAKING MANIFESTEx25:31-34; IJoh3:21+Eph5:13
23DEATHRom1:28-32; Rev11:7,13/23words
24PRIESTHOODIChrn24:1-9; Rev4:4
25 FORGIVENESS OF SINSJer52:31; Mk2:7,who can..-25ltrs
27PROCLAMATION OF GOSPEL or PROPHECYAct20:28 & Gal2:1,2=27 words
28ETERNAL LIFERom6:23..gift…28 letters
29 DEPARTUREJoh11:43; Joh44-29 words, go is 29th
30BLOODMat27:3-4; Rev5:9…30 words
31OFFSPRING or SEEDGen1:9, 20:17, 8:14=31st name
32COVENANTGen9:8-9…32nd Noah
33 PROMISEGal4:23b…33 letters-8 words
34ENDURANCEIsaac's sacrifice is cited.
35 HOPE ICor13:13-faith19=love16=35
36 ENEMY Rev36beasts;ISam17:50-36thDavid
37EXALTATIONJer52:31-2,37,25-forgive,12 Divine power
39TRUTHJoh1:17 grace and.....39 letters
40TRIBULATION or TRIAL40:day tempt:yrs in desert.
41DECEPTIONIICor11:13-15 has 41 Greek words
42SECOND COMING of JESUS42m ministry;42m beasts end.
46SECOND DEATHTwice 23, the first death
48TABERNACLE or DWELLING PLACEEx26:15-25-boards of Tab;Jos21:41-48 cities
49THE WRATH OF GODRev15:6,7-49words
50SPIRIT, HOLY GHOST, ISRAEL'S JUBILEEAct2-Pentacost=50;Lev25:8-10
54THE SECURITY OF THE BELIEVEREx27:18-54pillars;Joh10:27-29
60PRIDEDan3:1-60cubit image:(Dan5:20)
66IMAGE or IDOL WORSHIPDan3:1-60c+6c=66cubits
70x7ISRAEL'S COMPLETE, FINAL RESTORATION( Dan9:24=complete restoration;proves "gap"
91CASTING OUTGal4:30-91ltrs;1 + to 13=91
99SEALGen17:24;Rom4:11-paul sealed
100THE ELECTGen21:5;Rom9:11
105CALLING ON THE NAME OF THE LORDGen4:26;Rom10:13;1+ to 14(salv)=105
666NUMBER OF THE BEASTRev13:18; small study

Combination of Numeral Pattern of
Abraham's Family

I played God for this web page. I cooked up a bunch of numbers that I wanted to show had been designed and not random. I needed to put together an example of how Don Kistler works with numbers.

Of course Kistler's numbers aren't made up, except by God. Kistler uses the numbers that appear in the plain text of the Bible. They can't be controlled or made up. They've been locked into the scripture for two thousand or more years.

What are the events of our lives that get numbered? "I got my first car when I was 17." "My Mom died when I was 51. She was 80." "I got married when I was 26, my wife was 25. It was 3 years after we moved to Toledo." "On October 7, when I was 43, I got my promotion to Vice-President. I'd been with the company 11 years. [These are totally fictitious numbers and events]

Just from the numbers listed, many more numbers can be arrived at. Here's the way I went about working these numbers:

Just taking those numbers, I was able to work nine different combinations whose totals
reflected other major events in my life.

I can add the ages of my Wife and I when we were married. 26+25=51. That was my age when my Mom died. There are at least four more simple addition combinations that are pertinent. But here's a convoluted one.

Add consecutively from one to three, the Toledo number. Then add consecutively from one to 17, my first Car. Add the month of my promotion, 10, the day of my promotion, 7, and the number of years I was with the company, 11. 6+153+10+7+11=187. If you divide 187 by my age when I got my first Car, 17, the answer is the 11, number of years I was with the company. Makes your head spin, huh? And by the way, 3 (years after Toledo) times 51, (the combined ages of my Wife and I at marriage), totals 153, which is 1 to 17Car added consecutively.

Did you notice that I was promoted on the number (10+7)=17. 17 is the number for victory.

Here is the list of those nine combinations of the above numbers. There are more.

I know, I know. It's fraught with fabrication. But don't let the obvious selection and manipulation of the numbers keep you from recognizing that once the numbers were down, they weren't changed. Those set numbers provided all the combinations that were relative to other life-events in my family. God did that same thing that I did; only He worked it out in the Real world.

It took me about 2 ½ hours to figure all this out with just a pencil, paper and my imagination. How much do you think it took for God to work out the Real life events of Abraham's immediate family, making sure that some were born at certain times, moved at certain times and died at certain times? Don Kistler has compiled seventeen combinations of just the three numbers associated with the circumcision of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael.

This is the last section in "The Arithmetic of God."

"I want to close out this work in this book with a combination of the numeral pattern of Abraham's family. I am going to finish this book with combinations.

The numeral pattern that is interwoven into Abraham's family is enough to convince the most hardened skeptic of the Bible of the truth of Divine Inspiration and Interpretation. The three numbers connected with the circumcision at the time when circumcision was performed can be used to show all the numbers connected with the lives and deaths of the members of Abraham's family.

Let's take the First number connected with circumcision. In Genesis 17:24, we find that Abraham was 99 years old when he was circumcised. Since he was 75 when he came to Canaan (see Genesis 12:4, 5), he was circumcised 24 years after coming to Canaan.
In Genesis 17:25, it is stated that his son Ishmael was 13 years old when circumcised and in Genesis 17:26, it says that this was the same day that Abraham was circumcised. In Genesis 21:4, it is stated that Abraham circumcised his son Isaac when he was eight days old. Since Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born (Genesis 21:5), this took place 25 years after Abraham came to Canaan. The three numbers connected with circumcision shall be: Abraham, 99 years; Ishmael, 13 years; and Isaac, 8 days.

Now the Second combination: it has already been shown that the numbers from one to 13 add up to 91, and when eight, the number connected with Isaac's circumcision, is added to 91, the sum is 99, the number connected with Abraham's circumcision.

The Third combination: The product of the numbers connected with Ishmael and Isaac, 13 and eight, is 104; eight times 13 is 104. The difference between the two numbers eight and 13 is five. When five is subtracted from 104 the remainder is 99, the number for Abraham's circumcision. The sum of the numbers connected with the circumcision of Abraham and Ishmael, 99 and 13, is 112; 99 plus 13 is 112. When 112 is divided by eight, the number connected with Isaac's circumcision, the answer is 14, which was the age of Ishmael when Isaac was born. See Genesis 16:16.

We learn that Abraham was 86 when Ishmael was born and, in Genesis 21:5, we learn that he was 100 when Isaac was born. So the difference in the ages of the two sons was 14 years. When 14 is added to 86, the total is 100, the age of) Abraham when Isaac was born. [Lest anyone decide that the "weakness" of this connection indicates manipulation by the author, this last seems more a reminder than a revelation. It is only adjunct to combination Three.]

Let's take the Fourth combination: Isaac died at the age of 180 years. See Genesis 35:28, 29. He was eight days old when circumcised. All the numbers from one to eight add up to 36. The difference between the numbers connected with the circumcision of Isaac and Ishmael, 13 and eight, is five.

When 36 is multiplied by five, the product is 180, which was Isaac's age when he died.

Let's take the Fifth combination: Sarah was ten years younger than Abraham. (Genesis 17:17) Since Abraham was 75 when he came to Canaan, Sarah was 65 at that time. When 13, the number connected with Ishmael's circumcision, is multiplied by five, the difference between 13 and eight, connected with the circumcision of Ishmael and Isaac, the product is 65, the age of Sarah when she came to Canaan.

Let's try the Sixth combination: when eight, the number connected with Isaac's circumcision, is multiplied by five, the difference between 13 and eight, the product is 40. When all the numbers from one to eight are added, the sum is 36 as shown, and the sum of 40 and 36 is 76. Since Abraham was 86 when Ishmael was born, then 76 was Sarah's age when Ishmael was born.

Let's take the Seventh combination: when the number 76, found in the combination that I just gave, is added to 99, the number connected with Abraham's circumcision, the sum is 175, which was the age of Abraham when he died. (Genesis 25:7)

The Eighth combination: Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90 years old when Isaac was born. (Genesis 21:5; Genesis 17:17) So the combined ages of the two parents at Isaac's birth were 190 years. Ishmael was circumcised when 13 years of age, and all the numbers from one to 13 add up to 91. When 99, the number connected with Abraham's circumcision, is added to 91, the sum is 190, the combined ages of Sarah and Abraham when Isaac was born.

The Ninth combination: Ishmael was circumcised when 13, and when all the numbers from one to 13 are added, they will total 91. Number eight was connected with Isaac's circumcision and all the numbers from one to eight add up to 36. When 91 and 36 are added, the sum is 127, which was the age of Sarah when she died. (Genesis 23:1, 2)

The Tenth combination: Isaac was circumcised 25 years after Abraham came to Canaan. When this number is added to 91 and 13, the numbers connected with the circumcision of Abraham and Ishmael, and eight, the number for Isaac's circumcision, the sum is 137. This was the age of Ishmael when he died. (Genesis 25:17)

The Eleventh combination: Ishmael was born 11 years after Abraham came into Canaan (86 - 75+11). The numbers 99 and 13, connected with the circumcision of Abraham and Ishmael, add up to 112. Number eight was connected with Isaac's circumcision and all the numbers from one to eight add up to 36. One hundred and twelve plus 36 adds up to 148, which was the number of years from the time Abraham came into Canaan until the death of Ishmael. (86 + 137=223; 223 - 75=148)

Let's take the Twelfth combination: when eight, the number connected with Isaac's circumcision, is multiplied by five, the product is 40. All the numbers from one to eight add up to 36. Numbers 40 and 36 add up to 76. When we add 24, the number of years Abraham had been in Canaan, to 76, the sum is 100, which was Abraham's age when Isaac was born.

The Thirteenth combination: when 14, the age of Ishmael at Isaac's birth, is added to 40 and 36, the number found in the combination I just gave you, the sum is 90, which was Sarah's age when Isaac was born.

The Fourteenth combination: the difference in the ages of Ishmael and Isaac was 14 years. The difference between their ages at the time of their circumcision is 13 and eight, which is five. When five is added to 14, the difference in the ages of the two sons, the sum is 19, the number that has been seen to stand for faith. Abraham was ten years older than Sarah. When 19 is multiplied by ten, the product is 190, the combined ages of Abraham and Sarah when Isaac was born.

Let's take the Fifteenth one: the three numbers connected with the circumcision, 99, 13 and eight, add up to 120. This was Jacob's age when Isaac died. (Genesis 35:28, 29) It is stated that Isaac was 180 years old when. he died. In Genesis 25:26, it is stated that Isaac was 60 years old when Jacob was born. So Isaac died when Jacob was 120 years old, the number found by adding the three numbers connected with the circumcision.

Let's take the Sixteenth combination: Abraham was 100 years of age when Isaac was born; Isaac was 60 years old when Jacob was born, and Abraham was 160 years old when Jacob was born. Since Abraham was 175 years old when he died, then Jacob was 15 years old when Abraham died. The three numbers connected with circumcision, 99, 13, and eight, add up to 120. When divided by eight, the number connected with Isaac's circumcision, the result is 15, which was Jacob's age when Abraham died.

Let's take the Seventeenth and final combination: Jacob was 15 when Abraham died, and 120 when Isaac died. All the numbers from one to 15 add up to 120, the age of Jacob when Isaac died.

I could give you almost 100 combinations of numbers connected with Abraham's family, which work out the same way. The numbers and times' that the names of Abraham, Sarah, Ishmael, and Hagar occur, and the connection in which they occur, can be found in Genesis 16:16.

In this verse, Abraham was 86 and his name occurs the 55th time. The name of Hagar occurs the seventh time in the verse and Ishmael's name occurs the third time. Sarah is ten years younger than Abraham; she is 76 at this time. The numbers fit together in two ways to get Sarah's age at this time: one way to get Abraham's age, two ways to get the number of offspring. Ishmael was the offspring of Abram and Hagar. The numbers for love, bondage, judgment, and sin are found. Number seven, for the seventh time Hagar's name occurs, and three, for the third time Ishmael's name occurs, add up to ten, for the law. The numbers from one to ten add up to 55, which is the number of times Abraham's name occurs. Nothing short of a Divine mind could have the numbers arranged and placed so that they would work out in such a way. Oh, children of God, nothing short of an infinite power could have controlled the times of the births, deaths, and other happenings in the lives of these people in a way to make the numbers connected with the same, fit together in such a fashion! So, yours truly, Brother Don Kistler, will close this work of numbers with the confidence that the evidence of Divine Inspiration of the Bible that is presented here can never be matched. May the doubter give up his doubt and the skeptic cease from his scorning and put his faith in God, the one God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and make preparations to meet Him in peace when he is summoned to the presence of Jesus Christ, God, Father Almighty, and Who is to come shortly.

My children of God, Hallelujah! I write this the eighth day of April in the year of our Lord 1971. Thank You, Jesus, may glory be unto His precious Name until His coming. Jesus, the only name I know under Heaven! All things shall be done in His Name, Jesus. I did this work by His inspiration and through His salvation given unto me, by listening to God's Word, Jesus Christ, through my own ears. I close with love and glory unto God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Who is the Author and Finisher of our salvation. Amen! Hallelujah! Praise His precious Holy Name!"

The following will probably seem somewhat anticlimactic after the story about the stop watch, but it proves an additional point of God's inspiration, so bear with me. Something interesting happened to me when I started seriously to work with these numbers and symbols. As a result, I have come to the conclusion that Stephanus was also inspired by God. Stephanus is the man who had an itinerate ministry. As he rode his horse from place to place, he codified the bible. An outline of the chapters was already around, but he's the one we have to thank for giving us a way to surely look up specific verses and passages in the Bible. Can you imagine how hard it would be to look up a certain passage without having the verses and chapters numbered?

But, of course, God intended for all of us to have free access to His Word. So He would, in the course of time, provide a way for us to easily make our way through the Bible, without having to depend on what some priest said.

Now, if God inspired the writers of scripture, and placed many elaborate and simple number schemes in their words, why wouldn't He have talked His number talk using Stephanus' numbers, too?

Additionally, the whole codification passed through more than one set of hands. Just the way the books of the Bible, written by different people at different times fit together.

Quite a while ago I decided that "some day" I'd have to do a little study on the number seventeen. I'd go through the Bible looking at all the seventeenth verses to see how they related to the concept of resurrection. Jesus was resurrected on the 17th day of the month. I haven't gotten to that study as yet, except as it has come up piecemeal in my other studies. But putting together this study has put me more in touch with the symbolic meanings of many more numbers.

Well, to get to the point, this morning as I was doing my daily reading out of the book of Exodus, I came upon chapter seventeen. I first tried to make the resurrection connection to the chapter. I figured it was somewhat of a reach to say that Moses smiting the rock was connected to the resurrection, even though Jesus is typified in that rock, and it gave out life saving water.

Not too disappointed at the lack of a solid connection I read on. A glimmer of Light began to shine, and by the eighteenth verse the other symbolic meaning of seventeen was beating down the door of my mind. Victory is the overriding meaning given to seventeen. Victory is the other main point of chapter seventeen. Victory over the Amalekites! This "revelation" is not the only one to come my way recently. The more I keep these symbolic meanings in the front of my awareness, the more the verse and chapter numbers fall into the overall message of the plain text. Consider: after some 66 chapters breaks, couldn't we have started chapter 18 of Exodus with the section on the war with the Amalekites?

The point? Stephanus and his predecessors were surely inspired by God to break the verses and chapters in such places that will convey, yet again, what He's telling us.

I'm reminded of something from "Terminator II" that John's mother was thinking as she watched her son and the Terminator relate in a moment of peace. That Terminator was just like God. John's mother realized that, "He'll never leave John, He'll never give up, He'll give His very existance to save John from harm." It's so beautiful, I'm crying as I write this.

Oh, my God!

If you want to read a short history of Stephanus, plus, see the personal copy that Stephanus used to make his notations, Dr. Gene Scott has the original in his Bible collection. This Bible collection, of the history of the English Bible, is the world's most complete collection in private hands, surpassing even the prestigious Huntington Library. Stephanus' "Royal Edition" is not the only one-of-kind volume in the collection. While you're at Dr. Scott's site, be sure to view the other Stations of the Book.

The Kicker:

Remember the stopwatch? Watch this. I timed that digression and put the number in the margin. It was 26:56.61. After what happened earlier, I had to work that number, too. I didn't bother to include the hundredths. I came up empty. I wasn't disappointed. How much God can one take in a day? To find out just how long the insert was, I subtracted 17:09 from 26:56. The insert is 9 minutes, 45 seconds long! ! ! Do you remember that when all the numbers from one to nine are added consecutively they total 45!!? God managed to tie the whole thing together again!! And some would argue that the 9fruit-of-the-Spirit is our 45inheritance. I then had to look at the hundredths. 61 minus 23 equals 38, which is the number for righteousness. So we can add "righteousness" to our inheritance as the fruit of the Spirit. God splits things pretty close. Two 100ths of a second either way changes the meaning. 36 is the number for enemy, and 40 is the number for trial. Neither of these meanings fit with the Spirit and inheritance.

Are you convinced that God tells us about Himself with numbers?

I am.


I had to include this email exchange. Eugene and I have been email-pals for some time now. I've snipped out some of the personal parts. He has made many visits to my site. I put this page up on Wednesday. On Saturday I received the following email. I hadn't heard from Eugene for a little while.


As it is always, God is speaking to me. I am listening and talking to Him.


I then had my morning cup of coffee then went out to raise the flag while listening to God as he was telling me to look in Don Kistler's book, "The Arithmetic of God" and see what numbers 1, 8 and 5 meant as in Genesis 8:5. I knew that number one (1) is "Unity" and five (5) is "Grace". But what about the number eight (8)? Yes, there it was number (8) eight, "New birth"! Yes Christ's Birth! The first day of October.

Gen 8:5
5 The waters continued to recede until the tenth month, and on the first day of the tenth month the tops of the mountains became visible.

I then went to my home page searched for "The Arithmetic of God" and found there are several thousand web pages regarding this book which is probably still in print.


I realize this is not the normal kind of Email you generally receive, but around here these are the normal things in our lives as we are constantly talking and listening to our--Lord and God-Jesus Christ-Holy Spirit.

The below I copied from the Internet and may be of interest to you.

Love in Christ. Buddy-Daddy-Gene

Don Kistler's, "The Arithmetic of God"
Synopsis by Bill Somers

This is a synopsis of Don Kistler's' book, "The Arithmetic of God," published in 1976 by God's Community Church of Charity, PO Box 573, Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Don Kistler has given us a revelation of the symbolic numbers of the Bible and a wonderful treatment of some numeric designs and features the Lord has shown him. I recommend this book very highly. I am going to merely give the table of contents, which shows just the numbers and their symbolic meaning. This is good to keep as a handy reference. [See the number table above]


I supposed that Eugene had probably seen my new page, "God Talk: Numbers." But as he didn't make direct mention of it and his post was sent to many others beside me, I sent him this reply.

I'm going to be very impressed with God if you tell me that you didn't know that I just put up a web page on this book three days ago. It's going to be my next radio show.

Thanks for the info, Eugene.

Please let me know if you knew about my new page.

If you haven't seen it, I invite you to take a look, as I had much the same experience as you, but then God reached down and put Himself into the mix. He not only had the numbers lined up in the verse with their symbolic meanings, He stopped my stop watch at the exact numbers of the verse, and threw in an additional bonus of stopping the hundredths at the sum of the passage.

Thanks again, Eugene.


The next day I received this reply from Eugene. The Subject line said. "Hallelujah!"

Dear Jack, My Brother in Christ,

Jack, I knew nothing about your page: GOD TALK: NUMBERS, but now, less than thirty minutes since I read your letter, I have printed your letter and your new page, http://.asis.com/~stag/arithme.html.

That God had me turn off the highway in October of 1979 and drive into Redway, California and then we meet through the Internet twenty years later, just shows that He had all these wonderful miracles and signs He has and is showing us so we could know God is with us always. This is also a way to show each of us that what he shows is the truth, which we can share with each other.


I believe the day you put this new page on your web site was the day I wrote "The Arithmetic of God" on my home page, hit "search" and there it was, Don Kistler's "The Arithmetic of God"!


I will get back with you soon.

Love in Christ from your brother in Christ. Gene


Perhaps you have some kind of God-story to tell that relates to this page. I'd like to hear it.

You may also find interesting my page of 17, God's Got My Number, along with Jack Edward and the Night Visitor.

I love mail.

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