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God gave me a 17 for Christmas.

I'm writing this on Christmas Eve. Iím checking my e-mail and my homepage hit count. This is a nightly routine for me. I also check to see if the count is a multiple of 17. And God gave me a Christmas present. It might be helpful for those who donít know much about all this number stuff to read my page, God's Got My Number. This page has over 95 entries where God has inserted 17 into my life, one as early as age ten, and even on my birth certificate. My personal number is 17. If you like this story, there's another one at A Jesus Christ New Year.

The hit count tonight stayed in the 193ís, although I expected it to go over into the 194 thousands. This was a reasonable expectation because the last seven days were all above 153. 171, 508, another 171, 155, 157, etc. Last night the counter read 193847. 847 is only 153 away from 194000, notice that multiple of 17. I figured that the count could go up to 194 thousand. So, last night thatís what I put as a preliminary number, 194.

But tonight, it didnít go over 194 thousand, but landed on 193 thousand, 969. So I typed in the 969 and, while I was puzzling that there were only 122 hits, my focus went back on to the 969. This was because I thought, ĒWell, I wonder if 193969 is a multiple of 17. Wouldnít that be nice if God gave me a 17 on Christmas Eve?Ē And thatís the moment that I recognized the 969 by itself. 969 is the Greek Gematria total for my name, Jack. Itís also Methuselahís age when he died, 969 years.

Now that really blessed me, because God gave me that for a Christmas present. He gave me back my name in Greek Gematria, 969.

Right here I must put in that this is the first Christmas Eve that I have spent alone in many many years. There have been big get-togethers with lots of people and lots of presents. Then there have been small get-togethers with just very close family. This year the get together was postponed a week. I canít remember in the last 20 years being completely alone on Christmas Eve.

Back to the story. I stopped and thanked God for saying my name, but I still hadnít checked to see if 193969 was a multiple of 17. ďOh, well, thatís too much to ask.Ē Just having the 969 was good enough. I mean, you canít get any more specific than saying a personís name to them.

So I got out the calculator, not really expecting anything, and punched in 193969 divided by 17. I hesitated just a bit and then pushed the Equal button. The calculator read 11409.941. The appearance of the 9 behind the decimal point or a zero behind the decimal point always indicates colel.

I guess Iíd better stop and explain colel. In the three forms of Gematria that I have studied, any number that is one digit away from the exact number still holds the exact numberís symbolism. Gematria is more an expression of symbolism than number or quantity. When a result in Gematria is only off by one, the symbolism still stands. So, seventeen times 11410 is only one number away from 193969. 11410 times 17 is 193970.

I immediately noticed the nine behind the decimal point as indicating colel. So I cleared and went to 11410, which is one more than 17 divided into 193969. Then I punched Multiply, one seven, Equal and got the result of 193970. So I confirmed that 193969 is colel to a direct multiple of 17.

Not only did God say my name, he also wrote my number. Thank you, God.

As soon as I entered all of this information on the hit count record for my homepage, I pulled up the file for my archive page, which also has a counter.

When I got over to the archive page, I found a palindrome, which I recognized was not a multiple of 17. A palindrome is any number that reads the same forward or backward. But, I was still able to attach some significance to the number shown on the counter. The hit counter said, 05550. The hit count for yesterday was 05540. The number of visits for the day to my Archive page was ten.

Youíll notice, that in Godís symbolism of numbers He tripled the message of grace. In the Bible, the number for Grace is 5. Tripling a number takes that number to its highest intensity. For instance, the number for new beginnings is 8. Jesus is always thought of as a new beginning. The number value in Greek Gematria for Jesusí name is 888. New beginnings to the highest degree.

Not only does He personally know who I am and my number, to show me that Heís in control of all that, God reminds me of his Grace with three fives, and with that ten, that itís up to me to make the right moves. In the Bible 10 is the number of human responsibility or, generally speaking, the Law. Some have said 10 symbolizes ordinal perfection.

What a wonderful Christmas Eve with God. Thank you Lord.

I thought that was the end to it. BUT!!!!!

As it turns out, thereís more. God not only said my first name, which is the 969. I have worked out my name in English Gematria and also come up with a feature of 17. By the way, El, which means God, has an English Gematria value of 17. But to continue, I worked out my name, Jack Edward Flaws, in English Gematria. The total is 717. Seven for Jack, one for Edward, and 7 for Flaws.

As I was looking at the page in the front of my Bible, which contains the Gematria values for my name in Greek and English, I noticed my middle name is a 55. That 55 connected to the hit count for the Archive page. Edward in English Gematria has a value of 55. I guess Iíll have to clarify this a bit.

The initial totals for my three names are 25, 55, 61. Reduction is a common process used in working with numbers. Youíll notice that the digits of each number can be added to reduce the number to a single digit. So 25 equals 2 plus 5, and that makes 7. 55 added together totals ten, which can be further reduced to 1. 61 reduces to 7. This brings the total number of my name to 717.

So just to make sure that all the other Jack Flawses out there are distinguishable from this Jack Flaws, God added my middle name, Edward.

Heís real, and I can trust Him.

I love mail.

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