God's Got My Number.

I'm usually the first one to stay away from personal experience stories. I know very well that my personal experiences are of almost no value to anyone else in helping them work out their own walk. A little bit of personal experience goes a long way.

But I've gotten so much mail over the years from folks who were having specific numbers pop up in their lives that I thought it might be helpful for folks to know that someone else also has a specific number. I frequently feel frustrated, though. I never feel as though I can tell the whole story of my number in an email. I've got too much to say. The reader would be kicking the monitor if I put down the whole list.

I recently received a post from a person who had chosen an apartment. One fact that was included in the decision was that the apartment number had an 8 in it. #J-08. She thought that this might be indicating a new beginning in her life. Eight, in the Bible, is the number for new beginnings. the email told me this brief story and asked if that made any sense.

I told her, Your experience makes perfect sense to me. I've made a few decisions based on the numbers involved.

I've been getting enough mail on this subject lately that I've combined some of my other answers and wrote a whole lot of stuff that I don't normally include. I'm well aware that sometimes other people's experiences are only interesting for a few minutes.

But I expect that this reply is becoming a web page for my site. So please forgive me if this gets a bit long winded.

That was my reply and, as you can see, it did turn into a web page.

I firmly believe in personal numbers.

Many folks over the years have written to me about number coincidences in their lives. Just a week ago someone wrote me that they were seeing 444 when they looked at the clock. They'd wake in the middle of the night and see 4:44 on the clock.

My number happens to be 17. It's everywhere in my life. It was well in my life before I knew that 17 was my number. I have one incidence that started when I was about 10 and didn't "finish", I didn't "see" it, until just a few weeks ago.

I have known about my personal number for some years now. At first I just noticed it popping up, so to speak. Certain things would happen on the 17th of the month. This was before I checked a number table and found that 17 symbolized "victory." Years went by before I realized that Christ rose on the 17th day of the month.

The front of my consciousness knew very well that Jesus was crucified on Passover and the Passover always falls on the 14th of the month. I also am well aware that he rose 72 hours later. But my focus hadn't landed on that Saturday being the 17th. And by the way, the dates given for the Flood are also the 17th. I wonder if Christ was baptized on the 17th, too? I immediately began thinking of my 17's in the light of the Resurrection. When I got the chance to use a number, I would try to make it a multiple of 17. I saw it it as honoring Jesus and God.

I still do that and expect I always will. In a way, it's a token of acknowledgement to God. I've even got many multiples of 17 worked out on my microwave. I break down the minutes into seconds. So instead of choosing 3 minutes and 33 seconds, which also honors God, I've gone to 3 minutes and 41 seconds. This totals 221 seconds, or 7 17's. After quite a while I did check a table and found the primary meaning was, as said, victory.

The next step in the progression was learning about gematria. I've got a bunch of pages on it. After some time, I did the gematria for my name in Greek. There it was, 969. Not only is that Methuselah's age at death, it's also an exact multiple of 17.

From that point, I started finding 17's that were "hidden." For instance, one of my 17's turned out to be the county lot number of the house I bought and now live in. The deal closed on July 17th, 1987. I bought the place just as I was discovering that 17 was my number, but didn't discover the county lot number until about five years later.

Then there's that one from age ten mentioned above. It all started 54 years ago, or there abouts. I went to church a lot when I was a kid. Of course, everyone had their "favorite" memory verse. Most of the kids took John 3:16. It was so used that I couldn't take it too. I don't know how I got to Proverbs 3:6, but that's what I decided would be my verse. Maybe it was because it was easier to memorize. It's even shorter that John 3:16.

Now after 17 started to show up, like being the date the deal closed for my house, I was reading through the Bible and got to Proverbs. This time, when I read "my" verse I noticed that it was on page 717 in the Nelson Bible I use. Boy! I saw the connection to the house deal right away. Wow! I bought the house on July 17, and here was "my" verse with the same exact numbers. This was long ago, only two years after I moved in.

But thats not the "finish." I've been doing a lot of reading in gematria and Bible numerics and number meanings in the Bible. Years and years of reading. It wasn't until about six months ago that I was given the understanding of English gematria. I'd always brushed off claims and questions about English letters having any number meaning. We have separate numbers in English, unlike Greek and Hebrew.

Of course, one of the early things I worked with English Gematria was my name. I remembered that my Greek-spelled name had a significant number value.

At first the totals didn't strike me as more than OK. The values of all three names totaled 141. 141 isn't a multiple of 17. But there's another process that is always used when working with numbers. Any two or more digit number can be either multiplied, or added until it's reduced to a single digit. When I tried adding, I got a reward.

Jack has a value of 25, and 2+5=7. Well, seven is a nice number, but no connection to 17. Edward's value is 55. 5+5=10, and reduces to 1. OK, the God number is good. Flaws has a value of 61. And 61=7, again. At first it looked like this exercise would end up with many others that didn't work out. You know whats coming. My name in English gematria has a value of 717. I still hadn't made the connection of 717 name, to 717 Bible, and 717 house deal, but there it was. It was another few months before I saw them fit together. But then I discovered something else. The three-name total of 141 is 8.294117 17s. But 294117 is 17,301x17. [A New Beginning(8), with a victorious resurrection.]

If I throw some of Paul Remlinger's tools at my name I get a couple more 17's. 7' 17"=101 inches, that's 6x17-1. 7:17=7.28 hours. 7+2+8=17

The Greek gematria of my name, as said above, works out to 969. 969=57x17.

My Dads name totals only relate in the middle and last names. Magnus 75 and Flaws 61 make 136=8x17. But it is interesting that both my Dads and my middle and last name relate to 17; his letter values and my word-sum values, 1 and 7

About four months ago I paid my Internet server monthly bill. In the five years that I've had this account I never really looked at the account number. It's 272. 16x17.

This is the last detailed 17 I'll show you. Promise! :-)

This is one of those "hidden" 17's. It's been there all along. My email tag has always included the phrase, "Faith is a Verb." This happens to be the most important concept in the Bible. We English speakers talk about faith like it's a noun and just the same as "belief." That's a tragic error. The Devil believes in God, but his not going to make it to heaven.

Anyway, just a few months ago, Les Harrison helped me understand that English gematria is as valid as Greek or Hebrew gematria. Soon after, he worked my "faith is a Verb" tag adding the word "the", and wrote back the total. Adding the word "the" is perfectly acceptable, and you'll notice that it not only doesn't change the meaning, it further clarifies the concept of "THE" faith that's mentioned regarding Christ and God. (Galatians 2:16,20; Romans 3:3) "The Faith is a Verb" has a value of 153. 153 is not only 9 17's. It is a very important Bible number.

In John 21:11 we find that the Disciples pulled up 153 "great fishes." This number is always said to symbolize the "Elect." This concept is confirmed by the English gematria value for the phrase, "The Kingdom of God." It has a value of 153. Did I know back in 1996 that my email tag contained a 17? These 17's are all over my life.

You may have seen the graphic at the bottom of my Home page. The Straight Talk Office. Soon after the Grand Opening, I advertised and presented a Ray Capt video on Christ at Glastonbury, England. To satisfy a nagging thought, I recently looked up that day in my journal. You know how many people showed up! Seventeen! This was 14 years ago!

You may want to see the 17 that God gave me for 2003 Christmas. Two other good 17 pages are A Jesus Christ New Year and I Can COUNT On God.

I suggest that you start checking the numbers in your life, driver's license, Social Security number, voter registration, any numbers you can find.

Every time a number comes into my life I work 17 on it. You should check out my "God's Arithmetic"page.

You'll find one clear example of God letting me know He's there. And please notice that the first number on the stopwatch was a 17.

That's all I make out of my number. And it's enough. It shows me that God is there watching my life. Every now and then He pulls a 17 out of His hat and throws it my way.

The Latest 17

The other night at a family dinner, the host picked up a Lottery ticket for each of the people at the dinner. The ticket was a scratcher and we had to match one of our numbers with the Winning Number on the same ticket.

I chose 16 numbers to work on the front and back of the ticket. Nine out of the sixteen hit 17, including "colel". Colel is used in gematria. Briefly, a number that's one off either way still holds the meaning. There were two additional numbers that were only off by two. Don't try to calculate the odds of a 9 digit and 12 digit number being within two of the multiple of any specific two digit number. You might also notice that "My Numbers", all four, matched their Winning Number. The Winning Number was a very Graceful Fifth. I don't play the lottery, but everyone said that they had never seen a ticket like mine. I gave the image its own page.

Just in case you're not already bored with all my personal 17 stuff, heres are just 94 of the 17s I have on record. There are many more. A couple of these, like my P.O.Box were deliberately chosen. But then, that box showed up at a time when I could choose it, didn't it?

ASIS (internet) account number 272 = 16X (pay-4300=253X-1; codes-4030=2137X-1); ASIS IP 3207201541=12188326x17-1
Rav4 bought 4/17/01
Element bought 2003: 11 numbers, 10 17s=92% (story below)
Gods House(my house) bought on 7/17/87 (begin 4th 17 year life cycle)
Parcel of Gods House is 17 in section 33=2x17-1 on county map.
The escrow number for my house shows 17, #179965 (digits multiplied=17010)
The court-assigned minimum price on the Estate= $67,617.

Dads birthday is September 17th. 9(Sept)x17=153
Magnus75 and Flaws 61 make 136=8x17
Famous Writers Loan 20-2561-9 =119154X+1 Jan 73
P O Box 1717 = 101X = 6X-1 (4 features)
Shelter Cove: mail route # is 95575 =5622X+1
Shelter Cove contract amount $47,532 is 2796X
Contract solicitation 2001 #9484401=557902x17-1
Faith is a verb is 120= 7X+1
The Faith is a verb =153=9x17
My book title, Fifty Pieces of Faith is 188=11X+1
Straight Talk Archive goes up with 17 Directories
Proverbs 3:6 is on page 717
KH2, 730 Broadway. 730=43x-1
Cathedral, 833 Broadway, 833=49x
KH1 zip 91205 adds to 17
Doc's Box 1 zip 90053 adds to 17
Philippian Band 299=17.291616 squared. 291616/17=17153.882. 882/17=51.882352. 882352=51903x17+1
KINGS DISH 1190=70x

LOTTERY TICKET: 9, 17s out of 14 #s = 53%
Bank accts: Jack, XXXXX664=39X+1; S.T.A.G., XXXX1712
JACOB in Hebrew gematria: 10-70-100-2=1+7+1+2 (STAG bank acct#XXXX 1712)
JACK in Greek gematria: 969=57X
JACK EDWARD FLAWS in English gematria: reduced=717. Overall total 141 is 8.294117 17s. But 294117 is 17,301x17.
STOP WATCH!!! 17:09:23 == Rev. 17:9 (9x17=153)
ST Opening 7/17/1988 (1988=117X)
17 attend Glastonbury Video on 8-12-88

Lansing address: 3537=208X-1
New At Straight Talk table colors: 153-51-0; 102-255-255
50 PIECES, my book, has 386 pages: 386= 3+8+6=17
KHSU DONATION for God: acct# 5916=348X
PRINTMASTER Priority#0380894044=22405532X; order#-106461530=6262443X-1
MY DENTIST'S phone(25 yrs): XXX-2753=162X-1
Credit Union VISA 3 numbers=6, 17s: XXXX XXXX XXXX XX58=XXXXXX765282921x17+1;
CU ID# 817=48X+1 & shows 17. XXXX; 9300=547x17+1; 0980 adds to 17; small number up
top 493=29x17.
Amex card, == 4 numbers,5, 17s. 3723 XXXXXX XXXXX adds to 52=3x17+1; 3723=219x17; small
number up top 6698=394x17; code 209 added to card number=2190372412130x17-1. Card also
contains Costco membership # below.

Georg D. letter from Germany with 153 stamp.
Costco Membership (8 yrs) #XXXXXX277000=XXXXX663353X-1
(Costco software buy from register #217-this slip showed me the membership #)
Allstate Home Ins. Policy (17 yrs) XXXXXX51021=XXXXX14766X-1 (adds to 71)
EL, an Old Testament name of God in EG=17 (5+12); GOD in 9-code=17 (7+6+4)
Harbor Freight 10/23/03 order # 9452545 == 556032X=1
Karen K. (50P order 12-03) address, Box 697=41X [zip XX509=XX71X+2]
Office Chair invoice #5056148=297421X+1 12-03
Willie orders 7 50ps; phone XXXX872401=adds to 34; 2 of 3 50p gifts=3 17s: 3909 M.
Drive=230X-1; Box 458=adds to 17 and is 27x17-1
Voter number in 2004 primary election == 102=6x17
Phone Rebate check #062323=3666x17+1
2nd Phone Rebate check #2095279+=34; =x17x667-1
Jons box 7022=413x17+1
Contract uniform invoice #80802=4653x17+1 (6/03)
Toyota on-line passwordXXX8504=XX9912x17 (3-04)
Magic Ball order #57447352=3379256x17 3-04
Credit Union acc't # 6507 adds to 1x17+1
Two radio show calls from XXX-7191=423x17 and XXX-9792=576x17
CD & 50P order: on 5-17 paid $238=14x17(not the charge); 2 phones, 4 features of 17
KMUD underwriting contract 0440009 adds to 17
PayPal acc't #885=52x17-1
Capstone book order #1579159877297=92891757488x17+1 (8-04)
Norton AntiVirus Acc't ID 464815202=2734206x17
Radio equipment order #42364953=2492056x17
Nathan 50P order: money order #41844782530403=246145779506x17-1; his Zip 5049=297x17 and adds to 1x17+1
[Luther joined the monastery on the 17th]
Laura requests a tape. 544, G.F. road. 544=32x17
Whitney CD/receiver #196146=11538x17 and adds to 1x17+1
Registered mail of a song I wrote in 1967. Register #712198=41984x17
VA #26702171=1570716x17-1; 1570716=92395x17+1; 92395=5435x17
California Jr. Hi credential, 1963 #9145=538x17+1
(Selective service # is only off by 2: 1111436134=65378596x17+2)
Voter #119=7x17, 2004 Presidential election
Handicapped acc't #384377174=22610422x17 (11-04)
Change Notes URL ID: 39695=2335x17
Phone bill, 4 #'s=75%: acct 2006191=not/Inv 34602369 adds 33/Due $5.39 adds 17/due date 2004-12-09 adds 18
NWO book order #1835-1036-9030=10794727590x17; Tracking #1ZR9V7570344253317. Dr. Leonard order #CRHE17: C=3.R=18, H=8, E=5==34=2x17.
Radio Shack purchase: model 272-1150 adds to 18 and 272=16x17; inv #10054905=591465x17
Medical specimen: #02-S:8687. 8687=511x17
50P order for K. at zip 28304=1665x17-1 Roger calls from Texas. phone area=15x17-1, prefix adds to 1x17-1,
number 6834=402x17
Bonnie Gaunts address #7 @ 1117. 71117 adds to 17, shows 17 and its reverse, and is a palendrome of 17s (victory/resurrection) surrounding 1 (God).
Shane photo number. 06020505017 has 3 17s. Shows17, is 354147354x17-1, 6+2+5+5=1x17+1.
Element lic. 5HJK655. thats +=H8+J10+K11+6+5+5=50=3x17-1//11#s=10,17s=92%
Subaru license: 5JWM386. 386+5=391is 23x17. 5+(10+23+13)+3+8+6=68=4x17.
--Tim G. addy=222(17x13+1); 2 phones=3255143-191479x17; 476xxx=28x17; check # 603057=17 x 35474-1
--//ship # 18051746
Water utility office address is 153=9x17 (20 years)

Verizon phone bill= $5.44=32x17. At least 19 years

S.T.A.G. in EG yields 6 17s + ASIS-STAG-Rex=48,47,47.

Immune suppliment stock #10302203=606012x17

Biopsy med #3749383=220552x17+1

Sub1 repair inv. #21574=1269x17+1

CyberGuys order #492813=28989x17

Quill inv.#4838710=284630x17;( 284630=[16][7][43]x17-1)[777] acct#8754491=514970x17a+1

PGE acct# [9183882702] 9 =x387072=22769x17-1

PO contract # 055010-000-05-01=+17

Eurike Fire donation inv# 1956=114x17+1

Marianne PO Box 1071=63x17

IRS, Ogden UT sip 84201=4953x17

Able Auto Transport phone# 800 340 0951= 340=20x17; 951=56x17-1

Interlinear Bible price $53.54=315x17-1 and =+17

VA GI clinic phone221 4810= 221=13x17; 4810=283x17-1

E4 Bible study CD order # 290608-1=170946x17-1

Sub1 title 45725121=2689713x17

Dave S. phone xxx 3945=232x17+1

Whitney order # 1164771=68516x17-1

Universal conf# 2622607=154271x17

Miclette Ins, 29 years, addy 833=49x17

ACBL order# xxxx71403013=+18

Norton # 94281376=55459633x17-1 6/05

Winter Silk # 9262564=+34 6/05

Dans 50P order, addy 9683206=+34 6/05

VA perscrip # 3733862=219639x17-1

Tiger, BENQ serv# 757640=44567x17+1

order# 623954901024=36703229472x17

serv phone# 888 969 2260=888 new beg, 969=57x17 2260=133x17-1 9692260=570133x17-1 =+34

Label #s (model, bar, part, etc) 7 #s, 5 17s

Joe mentions me in his thesis on Docs Giving. Page 17

The Personnel File. Out of 7 (8) names, 13 features of 17.

12, 17sJ&R cass buy Cat/code 48B02=4+8+2(B)+2=16; 48+2=3X17-1;Cust#  95560FLW171,  95560171=34;

Part #W860R=23-860-18=140352x17; Order# 49277085=2898652x17.
Price $169=1+6+9=1x17-1; 169=10x17-1. UPS tracking# 1Z11X1400333666507=82372568618x17+1

the two letters, Z & X are 26+24=3x17-1. J&R tele/fax # prefixes 428=25x17+1, 238=14x17

Costco washer rcpt. 4 17s

Costco cash card #491362088007597=28903652235741 x 17

S1 parts invoice gives 7 17s of 10 numbers.

Amazon CSL order #058 5698552 1888333, 5698552=335209X-1 & 1888333=+34Book# 0702B(2)705192=42394423X+1 and =+33(35) Two numbers give 4(5) 17s

Swiss Am. Wire acct#s 121000248=+18; 4159531235=244678308X-1

Alderpoint phone # 926-5218: 926=+17, 5218=309X-1 and =+16

GP inkjet paper-bar# 221901=13053X

County Property Tax Assessment $ 077-185-033000=4540296X and =+34

S1 certification #040068=+18 2357X-1; bar/smog 194360=11433X-1; date 11/8/2005=+17.

Allstate car ins. $35.01 =206X-1

MR miles: Cove 1704; Ett 1637=+17

MR route 3s: 95575 = 5622X-1

ST mic: stock# 33-3013=19589X;040293103248=2370182544X; batts:LR44=+74, EPX7638=+77.

Movie stub for Narnia#51; $5.75=+17;cashier 815=48X-1; thertre+time G3+4:10=17

King Kong stub: 26=gospel; 3=God; 32=covenant;14 salvation; 17 victory.

ST cassette deck order#42277085=2898652X; part# W860R=23-869-18 = 140354X; price$169=10X-1 & =+16;

UPS trak#1Z11X<1400333666507=82372568618X+1; tel&fax prefix T426=25X+1, F238=14X

Little league invoice# 23 dated 2/17/2005=+17; from Box 771

1st steady job: Redway PO @ 3400 Redwood Dr.

Shanes birthday, 3-18-1975 =187175X and =+34; my bday =+ 32(his 31)

Schaffer book order#REE6618058=+34; date 2-24-05=+16 item# 08919756152475031X-2// 5 #s, 3 17s

Movie stub:4#s, 4 17s


Cathedral Trip: 25 numbers=21 features of 17=84%
Cathedral Trip 1-19-03: 16 #s=9 17s= 56%// Bag check: 8 #s =4, 17s= 50%
Cathedral Trip 8-7-03: 5 of 13 numbers= 38.5%// bag check I of 2=3 17s
Cathedral Trip 5-8-04 27 #s= 14 17s=52%! ! ! ! !
Cathedral Trip 10-17-04: 14 #s =9, 17s=64.2%
Cathedral Trip 5-8-05: 21 #s = 15, 17s =81%

1 of 5 year-end totals is 20%
15 of 60 month totals is 25%
ARCHIVE, 102(17x6) shows: FIRST DAY HITS: 17
102 hits on 100,000 day.
HIT COUNTS for Home page and Archive Christmas Eve=193969 AND 05550. 193969=11410X17-1; 969=JACK IN Gk Gem. 555=Grace trebled; 55=EDWARD in EG. Archive hits were 10=human responsibility.
12-13-2004 A study in Christ. EG Jesus Christ 74, 77=151. Percentage total of 17's on counter and number of daily hits was 74 and 74. The total of all the monthly highs was 2569. 2569/17=151.117, 151=JC, 117 shows 17 and 151117 adds to 16; 2569 adds to 22=2x11. Total hits for the month were 55995 adds to 33=2x17-1 and is 3x11. Average monthly total was 4666 adds to 22=2x11.The daily hit count total for New Year's Eve was 151!!!

I'll add to the bottom of this list as the 17's arrive.

The Baggage Claim Check

Baggage Claim CheckOn a recent trip to church in Los Angeles, I had to bend to the new airport security and check my carryon bag. I had taken my nail file and the ticket clerk told me that they would confiscate it unless I checked my bag. I never check the bag as my trips are for only three or four days, and the bag is always small enough to fit in the overhead compartment.

Fully 50% of the numbers on my claim check were multiples of 17!!!!!

At the right is a scan of the claim ticket:

Some of the numbers are duplicated, but they weren't counted twice.

The four red-star numbers are 17's.
225149; claim number
6459; my flight number
FC 8601
I don't know the significance of the last two numbers.
The numbers that didn't work are boxed.
3016 UA
1831; a flight number
11:45; a time
ACVN 011114; ???

Lastly, my return flight number from SFO was 380 x 17. The flight number was 6460.

GODS GOT MY NUMBER. He's got your number, too. If you find it, let me know, OK?


I thought it would be good to include the entries for 17 from outside sources.

Howard B. Rand is the main source of Destiny Publishers. I have two booklets from them. "The Plane of the Capstone" by Rand notes 17 as "the completion and perfection of spiritual order. Another Destiny booklet says, "This number stands out very prominently as seventh in the series of prime (indivisible) numbers; thus, it partakes of and intensifies the significance of the number seven. Indeed, it is the sum of two lperfect numbers -- seven and ten -- seven being the number os spiritual perfection and ten of ordinal perfection. When united in the number seveteen (7+10=17), we have the union of their respective meanings, combining together the perfection of spiritual order."

Then I have a book, which I have used as the basis for my page "God Counts," and was written by W.E. Filmer.

Filmer says of 17, "Seventeen is the number for safety, security and salvation, and by implication danger and damnation.

The Deluge began on the seventeenth day of the second month. It is remarkable how these Bible date numbers correspond with the events which took place on them. Here the two is connected with the division between those who were destroyed and those who were saved. We already noticed that the ark came safely to rest on the seventeenth day of the seventh month.

The shepherd is one who guards the sheep against danger, so seventeen is also closely connected with the Shepherd types of the Bible. Thus, "Joseph, being seveteen years old, was feeding the flock with his brethren." There are seven of these shepherd types in the Old Testament, Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and David. The total numeric value of their names is 1,190, or 17 x 70. The first three together total 493, or 17 x 29, and the last four, 697, or 17 x 41. The first and last together come to 51, or 17 x 3.

The Number Table on the God Counts page lists 17 as "victory". The other Number Table on my Arithmetic of God page also lists 17 as meaning "victory" and "resurrection." Romans 8:35-39 and Colossians 2:15 are cited.

The most preliminary study of the numbers in the plain text of scripture will confirm the existence of design. Not only will you find the meanings alongside the actual number, as Filmer says, but the content of the chapters will often bear out the symbolic meaning of the chapter number. One vey clear case is the Stopwatch example above.

The most important concept of Revelation 17 is not the Anti-Christ, his history and doings, but the victory over death and the Anti-Christ. I strongly suggest that you do a little study of your own.

I guarentee you'll find God.


I love mail.

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