Many of you know that I have a personal number. It is 17. My first 17 was the number on my birth certificate. I didn't find this out until just a couple months ago! Those of you who are not of the number persuasion can feel free to just push Delete.

Last Christmas eve, 2003, God gave me a Christmas present. This year he gave me a gift on New Years Eve. What a God!

The event below is the kind of thing that happens around my 17's. This time it wasn't just that a few numbers were multiples of 17. All the numbers fit together into a coherent statement. See what you think.

Today I updated God's Got My Number, my 17 page . I have 94 listings now. One of the new entries was about doing up my monthly and yearly totals on my Home Page hit counter readings. I was a bit extra focused, as it was New Year's Eve. I watch on special days to see if God will send me something. I tried my best to be clear describing this, I hope you can understand it. Just to show it better, Iím starting with a paste of the whole 2004 wrap up.

The first two numbers indicate any multiples of 17 that occur on the counter reading and in the number of visits that day. Two daily entries from September are typical 1-231182!182, or 11-232654-178! The exclamation point says that the number is a 17.

For you inquisitive ones who found that 231182 was not an exact multiple of 17, Iíll only give a quick reminder about ďcolel.Ē Itís a standard application used in all Gematria. Gematria allows the numbers on either side of the direct number to hold the same symbolism. Gematria is mostly about symbols not numbers. So 231182 is seen as 13599x17-1. And the 178 for the number of visits on the 11th day, while not a multiple of 17, shows a 17. By the way, four times last year the 17th of the month yielded a 17. 33%!! Back to our chart.

The second two numbers are the percentages of those 17ís that occurred in any month. Then there is the highest recorded number for the month, followed by the monthly total. Youíll notice the three of the monthly totals are also multiples of 17. I sometimes substitute X for 17 because I link 17 to Christís resurrection on the 17th day of the month.

With this chart to refer to, youíll be able to understand the totals under the line. So I wonít go into any more detail about them.

Readings 74 - visits 74 ==totals of percentages 241 - 242
Total of the daily visit HIGHs for each month=2569; average daily HIGH=214 TOTAL yearly hits==55995; average monthly total=4666

Before we get started IĎll let the cat out of the bag. Itíll help you understand as you go. In English Gematria, Jesus Christ is 74 and 77=151. Ivan Panin has shown that there is an intricate pattern of 11ís in the Bible, and has concluded this to symbolize Instruction. Most folks hold to the Victory meaning of 17, and this is certainly demonstrated fully in the Bible. But I also know that Christ came out of the tomb on the 17th day of the month. This has always been my personal choice for the meaning of 17.

A study in Christ, his Instruction and his Victory/Resurrection

Here's what the Home Page totals told:

12-31-2004: In English Gematria, Jesus Christ is 74and 77=151.
The total number of 17's on the counter readings and in the number of daily hits was 74 and 74 for the year. 7+4=11
The totals of the actual percentages, 241 and 242 are both multiples of 11. 241=22x11-1; 242=22x11.
The total of all the monthly highs was 2569. 2569/17=151.117, 151=JC, 117 shows 17, and 151117 adds to 16=1x17-1; 2569 adds to 22=2x11.
Total hits for the year were 55995 adds to 33 which=2x17-1 and is 3x11. Average monthly total was 4666 adds to 22=2x11.
There were no numbers that didn't feature eight 17 or 11 or Christ. This last entry can't count, being of a different sort, but 25% of the monthly hit count totals were 17's.
"Christ's74(151), Instruction11, is a Victorious/Resurrection17 from the dead."


Jesus________74______2____Jesus is the 2nd of the Godhead
Jesus Christ__151_____2____Ditto
Instruction_____11_____5____God's Grace shows the most occurrances
Resurrection___17_____3____Resurrection is the usual meaning of 3.

2+2+5+3=12 Twevle in the Bible symbolizes Perfect Government.

God's Perfect Government comes through:

2__x74 = 148 I donít have a connection for 148
2__x151= 302 Grace3+2=5
5__x11 = 55 Harvest50 of Grace5 by, 5+5=1 God
3__x17 = 51 Harvest by God of 5+1=6 Man


Multiplying the Jesus Christ numbers: 74x74x151x151=1653752, which is 150341x11+1, and 1653752 adds to 2+9=11. [adding the primary numbers didn't yield anything this time]

Adding all the multiples of 11: 22, 22, 22, 33, 22=121=11x11. Of course, it would have to be an 11, but itís also 11 TIMES 11.

Adding the primary 11's: 241+242+2596+55995+4666=63,713=5792x11+1

Adding all the 17's: 117, 16, 33 gives 166 which is 15x11-1; but if we only take the 17 out of 117, then 17+16+33=66=6x11. 6+6 echoes the 12. Either way it comes out an 11.

Adding the primary 17ís: 117, 151117, 55995=207229, which is 12190x17+1í 12190=717x17+1. 7I7 is my name in English Gematria, the day I bought my house and the page in my Bible that has my childhood ďfavoriteĒ verse, Proverbs 3:6.

Whew! I gave up looking at this point.

I saved the best for last. :-) The very first thing that caught my eye, before I got into doing all the totals was the number of visits for the day. It was just a prelude for what was to come.

The daily hit count total for New Year's Eve was 151!!! Jesus Christ.

How could anyone make this up? And not quit his day job. :-)

I love mail.

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