Bonnie Gaunt has written several books on gematria. She combines the numbers of the physical universe (measurements of the earth, sun, etc.) with the gematria of Bible verses/passages to show not only the Design of God in creation, but how that Design testifies to The Christ.

Just in case gematria is new to you, I'll briefly explain. All the letters of the Greek and Hebrew alphabets have numbers assigned to them (unlike English). Gematria is "working" those letter-numbers in words and phrases. The totals obtained are then compared to - whatever. So when it says in greek, "Kurios Iesous Xristos", the numbers of all the letters total 3168 [see below]. This number is immutable. Also immutable is the earth's distance from the sun (accepted average, 93 million miles). [one point before going on: in gematria, the zeroes can always be discarded because they are only placeholders]

(from p.40) ....even though the orbital path of the Earth around the Sun is an ellipse, mathematically and symbolically it can be treated as a circle. Let's try treating it as a circle and observe a fantastic design.
If it were a circle, the distance from Sun to Earth would be 93 million miles. Convert that to inches, dropping the zeros, and it would be 5892480. This is the distance that light travels from the Sun to our Earth. Divide this figure by the speed of light (again dropping the zeros), and the result will be 3,168-the number of the One who was said to be the "Light of the world."

(p.42).........He was born to a young teenage girl, in a cattle shed in the little village of Bethlehem. Why Bethlehhem: Why not the capitol city, Jerusalem? The answer is simple, yet amazing. Look on a globe, or a map of the Middle East and you will find that Bethlehem rests on the latitude of 31.68'N. The Lord Jesus Christ, whose number, 3168, is planted in the Universe, came to earth and was born precisely on his number-31.68'N latitude!

For those who have tried to find 31.68 for the latitude of Bethlehem, as I have on several maps, and come away disappointed, I have this to offer form the author. I wrote to Bonnie Gaunt to ask for clarification on this point because I was confronted by a reader who adamantly pointed out that 31.68 was NOT the latitude of Bethlehem and that I should be more careful with what I offer.

She wrote back saying, "Your question regarding the latitude of Bethlehem is not easy to answer. I first became aware of its latitude of 3168 from a professor of architecture who teaches at the Trontheim University in Trontheim, Norway. When I first saw it I felt he was in error. I checked it out on several maps and on a large globe, and always came up with different answers. So I wrote to the National Geographic department of cartography and asked them for the latitude of Bethlehem. Instead of answering my question, they sent me a photocopy of some tables from a book, with an explanation of how to compute the neces­sary latitude. When I did this, I came up with 31.68. However, I have since tried to check this out with National Geographic maps, and have found that the maps are not in agreement with this figure, nor are different maps in agreement with each other - some are close to this figure, and some are quite different. I find this absolutely amazing. How could different maps give a different figure for the latitude or longitude of any spot on earth? I would have thought such constants were precise. One day, about a year ago, I received a very angry phone call from a man in Oregon who accused me of fraudulent journalism because he had proof that 3168 was not the latitude of Bethlehem. I have not since tried to confirm this again with National Geographic department of cartography, but perhaps I shou1d."

But then I received an email that had three satellite images of the area. One explanation for the slight difference between Bethlehem and 31.68 is that over the last 2000 years, there has been a small shift in the earth's crust. this same explanation is used to account for the Great Pyramid being very slightly off True Polar north. I'm satisfied.
Every page of Bonnie Gaunt's books has God-confirming evidence like this. The above excerpt is from her book, "Beginnings the Sacred Design". This and all her other books can be ordered from her address: Bonnie Gaunt, 510 Golf Avenue, Jackson, Michigan 49203,USA (telephone 517-784-3605)
She "measures" lots of things, but mainly the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge. This book on beginnings is the best, though. She ties in God-numbers to everything including the atomic weight of hydrogen, E=mc2 and more. She also has settled, for me, the ambiguity of the Genesis account of creation by the ******Elohim******** How can it be plural? How can Jesus be God and not-God at the same time? And other often asked questions.

Can you do anything with numbers. In some contexts, yes. But the numbers of the letters in the Greek and Hebrew alphabets cannot be changed. Neither can the diameter of the earth be enlarged or reduced. Scholars have recognized that the number four is the number of the earth. To find out who the Lord of the earth is, multiply the earth-number, four, by the diameter of the earth, 7920(miles). For those of you who would like confirmation, try doing some gematria on your own sampling of Greek and Hebrew words, in or out of the Bible. You'll find that IN the Bible there are some amazing things hidden in the text. OUT of the Bible you'll find very little, if anything of significance.

To understand better Gematria better Bonnie Gaunt has wiritten about how it works. Interested in more numbers? Check out the Bible Numerics page, or the Number Table, which contains the most commonly used numbers and their significance. Also very interesting is the page on A Message Encoded in the Patriarch's Names.

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