The following is a little exercise in making God practical. It helps give us a wider persective, even if momentarily, of the flow of our 7000 year earth history. Although we can't tell exactly when Adam was created, or how long he and Eve were in the Garden before they fell, there are some very obvious divsions in the millenia which we can use to theorize a 7000 year period; even if the starting point is somewhat fuzzy.

For instance, we are coming up on the world conditions described in the book of Revelation; which will be followed by a 1000 year period. Jesus advent happened at the turn of a millenium. David's rule started near the turn of a millenium.

Abraham came on the scene at the turn of a millenium. And quite possibly the Flood occured near the turn of a milleium. God has been working His way, day by day, thru the millenia, preparing for His 1000 year Kingdom. That's what He's been getting ready for, and that's what we are about, too. This exercise is an outgrowth of the question, "What is the purpose of the Church?"

Feel free to add things where you think they fit. Perhaps you might think of some better suited objective for any particular day. This is just meant to be a little fun thing.
(with very serious implications) :-)

____4000 BC____DAY 1____3000 BC____

One day to get the earth ready? Adam to play Lucy's role?

____3000 BC____DAY 2____2000 BC____

One day to grow a man of Faith. Bring the Priestly line of Adam to the progenitor of a nation; timing against the advent of Christ.

____2000 BC____DAY 3____1000 BC____

One day to grow an "Army". Starting with Abraham and ending with David's consolidation of Israel. They had to conquer the Holy Land. Some three million came out of Egypt.

____1000 BC____DAY 4_______1 BC/AD_______

One day to "multiply" the messengers. Grow a nation. Lay groundwork for Israel's migrations. Birth the King. Establish a base location for Christianity, England.

______1 BC_______

______1 AD_______ DAY 5____1000 AD____

One day to position the global location network necessary for the establishment of the Church. The establishment of world Christendom.

____1000 AD____DAY 6____2000 AD____

One day to establish the Church. Bring the true message of God to those called.

____2000 AD____DAY 7____3000 AD____

The Church impliments the Millennial government. To bring the final call to humanity. God rests.

__________________To tell the rest, there is no time ._________________

God's Larger plans for the physical universe were interupted by a hiccup called Lucifer. God decided to get a new crew. One that He could trust. Understanding that He could trust no one but Himself, He created things capable of becoming like God. Human beings. Human beings have the capacity to receive and accumulate God's own Life Force. His Spirit. God spent 6000 years preparing for a 1000 year period which would be His Kingdom. The purpose of this Kingdom will be to complete the process of calling and training those who have been chosen to replace the ones who interrupted God's universal plan of creation. The Kingdom being set up and running, under Jesus, God will rest on this seventh day, the Millennium.


Don't know if I can do this justice. It's a very fine point. Just like faithing and faith. Or, Greek/Biblical faith and English/noun-oriented faith. But here's the arguement that Herbert W Armstrong makes. Sure, Jesus said go unto all the world (by the way, this only appears in one of the oldest MS that we have), but what was the Gospel that was to be preached. You'll find that it was the same Gospel that Jesus preached. Take special note that Jesus never went around trying to save people. He hardly talked about salvation. What he did preach was the Kingdom of God that was to come (at some time in the future).

Well, now we have to ask, "What is this Kingdom of God that's mentioned? It's starts with the Millennial Kingdom that will be ruled by Christ; here on the earth. Stay on the practical side of this. Christ isn't going to sit on some throne over in Jerusalem, and wave his hand and make everything run smoothly. We'll have a world that's much the same as we have today. Nations, counties, cities, etc. "We will rule and reign with Him a thousand years." Those who are believers/faithers at Jesus' coming will be glorified THEN. They'll be given assignments in Jesus' gov't. To rule, over the "non-glorified " humans still on earth.

I'm sorry that it sounded like a works doctrine as I stated it earlier. But, I was glossing over most of the groundwork necessary to understand the indwelling of the Spirit. We BY NO MEANS can attain our glorification by ourselves. But, when we faithe, God puts a bit of His Spirit in us. That's where we get the term "new creation" , as Paul says. But the process of faithing-gets-the-Spirit finally ends with that glorified body. And please remember that it's a process of ever-increasing dependence on (living by) God's Word/Law/Gov't, call it what you will.

You won't find much solid scripture on this subject in one place. But, like the resurrection, there's lots of "backdoor" evidence. Here are some bits:

Satan was given the throne of the earth; BEFORE THE CREATION OF ADAM. What was his job to be? And it appears that he was given LOTS of assistants. My guess is that most of the 1/3 that went with him were under his charge here on earth to begin with. [ Sidepoint: God doesn't create decay. Things decay when they fall out of touch with God.] Herbert W Armstrong suggests that Satan and his were put here to finish off, put the finishing touches, to God's creation of the earth. By this task, they would live and "rule" under God's way of governing. This would be a training period for them just as we are being trained.

Some evidence of God not finishing His creation can be seen in US. We have to work on our salvation (by faithing), depend on God, do it His way, and eventually we make it. God didn't create us glorified. He could have. Why didn't He? He wants willing workers who will choose Him over themselves, EVERY time. The point is, that we aren't finished, and neither was the earth when Satan was assigned to it.

HWA also points out that the rest of the universe we see is also in need of finishing touches. This project was aborted when Satan fell. Without man around, what were those angels supposed to be doing? HWA's answer makes very good sense.

My teacher, Dr. Gene Scott, has repeated often that we are in training down here, and that we were to fill the void left by Satan and his. Doc has said very little so far as to what comes after here, but nothing that HWA says regarding this Church function of training the saints for "later" has gone against any of Doc's teaching, the Bible, or my reaserch. And the darn stuff make so much practical sense. It really feels right.

One of the problems we all have is Spiritual Overdrive. Spiritual Overdrive is the gear we go into when we start talking about God things. It's very easy to spiritualize Biblical stuff, and never even consider what it means on a practical day-to-day level.

Just like faithing. MOST of Christianity thinks they are saved by believing that God exists. Then they don't have to do anything else. WRONG!!! Faith, Biblical faith is an action. We're not saved by just believing in God's reality, we're saved by ACTING on the belief. The practical, everyday application of the Biblical word for faith, is NOT what we've been led to believe. And BTW, If you look up the word "believe" in Strong's, you'll find that it comes one step from the word for faith. Faith, pistis, comes from a primary verb, peitho. Believe, pisteuo (notice the root) comes directly from pistis.

Now I want to suggest a small exercise that will give you immediate and sure understanding of biblical faith. Remember, faith and belief are both verbs. Substitute the word action (a generic word for "verb") for the word believeth in John 3:16 and see how we've been led astray. "...that who so ever ACTS (in belief) on him........., shall have everlasting life." See how the Devil works? He's twisted the real concept of faith(ing) just enough to make us feel OK, while we run into the wall instead of thru the door.

All this stuff is not so far out as it sounds at first. It sounds that way because it goes against our traditional thinking and learning. Remember what Jesus said about traditions? "You make void the word of God with your traditions." Our traditions are no different. It's the devil's playground.

I invite you to my pages on faithing or the Fifty Pieces section for further expansion. I mentioned on my Lost Tribes pages that the concept of faithing, and the LT teaching opened up practically the whole Bible for me. I'm sure it'll do the same for you.

Overlaying the word "action" on the word faith will, in 90% of the cases, give a clearer understanding of what's being said. For instance, Gal 3:16 talks about us being justified(made just like God) by the "faith of Jesus Christ." That could mean a myriad of things by our definiton of faith, but I don't think Jesus was a Baptist ("What faith are you?"). I can't imagine my salvation depending on Christ's denominational affiliation. But his ACTION, starts to make sense. I'm justified by hie action. Now all I have to figure is what action that might be. You guessed it. His giving himself up to crucifixion. Note that he was promised by God, that God would raise him up from the dead after 72 hours.

It's exactly the same process that we go thru. Jesus faithed and God put enough of His Spirit back into Jesus' body to bring him back to life. We faithe and God does the same; puts some of His Spirit in us (on a lower level, to be sure; possibly comensurate with the size of our action of trust.) Faithing is a whole new ball game. Even if it is 2000 years old.

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