A Personal Walk of Faith

After a statement About the Author, this book of essays deals with many topics related to Faithing, Personal Behavior, The Religious Community, Bible Commentary Frequently Debated Questions and Study Tools. Other categories include: Jesus, God, the Devil and Notes. The conversational style makes for easy reading and the Appendix contains a synopsis of each piece. Fifty Pieces is just under one megabyte of text, and may be ordered below.



Jack at Straght Talk"

Not too many years ago I lived in the hills of northern California. I had a pretty good life. I had a garden, an orchard, some chickens, a couple of dogs, some cats, two vehicles, a boat and lots of time to take care of it all. The reason I had enough time to manage forty acres and all those things was that I grew marijuana for a living. Thousands of dollars came rolling in every year. I had it made

Where I lived TV reception was very poor at best and I couldn't even get any PBS. So, money being no problem, I bought a satellite dish and was ready for all those movies, sports and specials; besides PBS.

Now I live "in town" on the busiest corner where all the trucks for the local supermarket AND all the school buses pass thirty feet from my bedroom window. I rarely oversleep.

I grew up in a Fundamentalist church and accompanied my father every Sunday until I was big enough to say no. From that time on, church was something for other people. I didn't like what I saw in my tradition-bound, legalistic church, where we were sure that Catholics weren't even Christians. I went my merry way.

I moved around the country from Chicago, to the southern California desert, to Los Angeles, to Monterey, to end up in Humboldt County, an area that became known as the Emerald Triangle, because of the three counties there that produced large quantities of marijuana. At one point I even heard of a person in England that recognized the brown shopping bag from our local market, having heard of our good crops. In England!

I had smoked marijuana frequently before moving north, even got into trouble trying to grow some in Monterey, but that was for personal use, not sale. And it was four years after I moved to the hills that I started growing the weed for sale. I had tried other things like teaching, wood cutting and commercial fishing. I worked at a saw mill for a while. I still wasn't "making it".

I grew dope for eight years and feel extremely fortunate that I didn't get caught. I think God was watching over me. Even when I started to sell cocaine to get it free for myself, I know God was behind me keeping me from going overboard. Then I bought my dish.

In a matter of days after the dish was installed I was flipping channels and came across a talking, white-haired head. I couldn't make out what kind of program this might be. I could tell that there were others in the studio with the White Head, and I could tell they were responding to what was being said by their laughter, but they were never shown on camera.

The thing that impressed me about the Head was that it obviously wasn't using any script, and there didn't seem to be any real structure to what was going on. I flipped by after hearing a few words about God.

Now I had read the "Autobiography of a Yogi", a bit of the Don Juan material and had landed on what I thought was the answer to life: the Seth Books. A woman named Jane Roberts would go into a trance and speak, verbatim, volumes of material on the workings of life and the universe in general. Her husband would take down all she said and without any editing have the finished book. There were four or five of these books. Today we would say the material was channeled. Jane Roberts voice and mannerisms would change and this entity who called itself Seth would speak and tell us that we "make our own reality."

I believed what Seth said. I worked on the method of improving my life. I read and re-read "The Nature of Personal Reality." I knew that this was the way things really worked, and that I could make my reality what I wanted, given the time and energy. It was a lot like the Positive Thinking that I'd been hearing so much about. This explanation of life made more sense than anything I'd heard, and it was concrete enough for me to get a handle on; unlike some of the abstract ways which purport to deal effectively with reality. Then I flipped by that same White Head during a church service.

By now I knew that the White Head was named Dr Gene Scott. I wasn't impressed. Lots of preachers are called doctor. Some seem prouder even of their title than they are of God.

Dr. Scott was just stepping up to a chalkboard and asking, "What is faith?" Having studied the Seth material extensively and knowing what faith was, I thought, "OK, TV preacher, tell me what faith is." He said, "Faith is an action, based on belief, sustained by confidence." Imagine my surprise at hearing exactly what I knew faith to be.

You see, Seth says that we make our reality by acting on certain beliefs. When we change those beliefs, we change our reality. Changing one's beliefs is a little too abstract for me to know just how to go about it, but Seth then follows by telling us to concentrate, for even five minutes a day, on what we want, then start acting in a way that demonstrates that we are, or will get, what we want. He says action will change your beliefs and thereby change your life. Action based on belief. Just what Doc said.

That was when my life started to change. Up to that point, I guess I was like most people where God was concerned. If pressed, I would admit to some kind of God, somewhere, but not the God of the Bible. Besides, most of that stuff in the Bible was too deep to understand anyway. I couldn't figure it out alone, and didn't care to have any Christian I'd ever seen tell me what it meant. All they ever seemed to want to do is tell me about all the bad stuff I'd been doing. It was almost like they looked for an opening to talk about sin.

I tuned in again to Doc's nighttime program, he calls it the Festival of Faith, to hear a little more. I got hooked. "Coincidentally", Doc was teaching on the lost tribes of Israel. I knew less than nothing about the subject, let alone the fact that five sevenths of the Bible concerns those folks. In fact, without understanding the roll that the lost tribes play in God's plan, you can't even understand Jesus sayings, actions, and mission on earth.

Now the thing that came out of this teaching was God's reality. I found that the God of the Bible was indeed real. He had to be real because all the things that those old prophets said concerning that northern nation, the ten tribed House of Israel, had come true over the course of 2500 years of history. How can a person argue with a track record like that? Do you realize how much of the Old Testament is prophesy? And do you realize how much of that same prophesy concerns the House of Israel? If you exclude the book of Daniel, almost everything else is directed at those ten tribes.

This knowledge doesn't come overnight. I had to study a lot of history to know that most of the predictions about the lost tribes had come true. But the thing that had me vibrating with excitement was that those people were not the Jews as most everyone thinks. Those lost tribes became the Celts, the very people who were my ancestors!

Well that was just too much. Not only was God real, I was directly descended from the very people of the Bible. It was staggering. I haven't stopped studying since.

Shortly after I started getting serious about Doc and his teaching, my marriage got pretty bumpy and I left for a while. I stayed in a small trailer for three months. I seldom went out. I hid the clock in a cabinet and mainly pleasured myself. I kept a tape recorder on hold, and when I'd notice a thought process, or think of a saying concerning life, or get an insight into my actions, I'd record a quick note. Soon my routine became taking drugs, recording notes, fighting with the devil, sleeping, and transcribing my recorded notes.

I went back to my wife for two years. During those two years, I watched Doc, supported and prayed that God help me stop growing marijuana. Little did I know that my whole lifestyle would change. My marriage failed. I lost my animals, my house, my land, my whole way of life. I had no job.

This book is the outgrowth of all of the above. Mostly when I'd be thinking about or acting in faith, something inspiring would happen and I'd get an insight into the practical side of life and faithing. These chapters are the individual pieces which describe and dissect those practicalities.

I won't apologize for the quality of repetition of the pieces. They all deal with faithing, after all. I also need to mention that the title "50 Pieces of Faith" was only a working title. I had about fifty pieces to offer, and I like the number fifty. Five is the number of Grace, and ten is the number of human responsibility. I liked the title so much it stuck, in spite of there not being fifty actual pieces.

You won't find a lot of traditional concepts in this book. The language may at times sound traditional, but be prepared to hear the truth. The truth is always hard to hear, especially the truth about God and the Bible.

I guess I wrote this book for myself, but I hope that someone else will come to know the God I know by reading what I've written. I didn't start out to write a book, it just happened. From what I've experienced with God so far, that seems to be the way things go. You look back and see the thing after the fact.

Lastly, I need to thank Margaret for her unfailing support in getting these thoughts into print.



Title Page
Dedication Foreword
About the Author-Jax testimony.
Introduction-Introduction-General gestalt of faithing, works, rules and the eternal.
Preface-Preface-What the book is about.
Table of Contents


F48-What Is This Thing Called Faith?-Faith defined, explained, referenced,compared to belief. Faith is an action.( First in this section.)
F45-On Highest Authority-Study and know the authority on which you base your spiritual acts. Bible shown true thru LT prophesy. Works vs Faith for salvation. (possibly 2nd in section)
F44-It's About Trust-Trust founds all relationships. Same with God. Trust is based on a track record. God's track record shown. (possibly 3rd)
F1-Faith-Generic faith explained. Faith is not belief. Examines faithing in Prayer, Communion, Giving. Faithing saves, not works.
F31-The First Move is Yours-7 Steps in a faith act:set goal, ask God, do the first thing, listen, tracking, logging, and thanks. But we must start.
F30-The Magnificent Mute-God stays within His creation when "working"-mundane miracles. Personal examples of God lining up things. 7 steps to faithing filled out more, with addition of Right, Prudent and Possible.
F29-Satan's Death Trap: We Can Do It-F.O.R.=God,Satan,Jesus truth,Spirit for faithing. Sin discussed. Selfishness discussed and equated with sin. We mostly act Good. But Good doesn't buy your way in. You must be perfect. Satan message, you can be perfect. Bible says you can't. So faithe for the Spirit.
F10-Rules Are Only Rules-The holy war, works or grace. Two systems explained. How rules work. The Rules(10 commandments) are Life's rulebook. Purpose of 10 Commandments.God's job;salvation. Commentary Page
F22-It's Really True-Works show, faith doesn't. God's Spirit can overcome death. Tithing as faithing.
F33-Claiming the Promise: In Jesus' Name-Claiming a promise explained. "In Jesus' name" shown to be a promise. Prayer is a faith act.
F9-Love Isn't Enough-Love thy neighbor for salvation won't do. Example of LTN being done without faith.Concludes that:LTN won't save,god's help necessary,no salvation without a missing element, element encompasses love,element can be thot of as strength, strength is the Spirit. Start small. No such thing as Do-It- Yourself salvation.
F50-I Can't Use Your Soul-Investigates the concept of life- force transfer. How people do it. It's results. It's remedy(recooping). God's Life-Force is the only one compatible with ours. We get it by faithing.
F11-Help Wanted-God advertising for trusters to work for Him in another place than earth. Lists the attributes necessary to fill the position.


F5-Jesus Doesn't Save-Shows that it's faithing, not Jesus death/resurrection that saves. Quotes Jax 2:17-23.
F35-Was Jesus Saved By Faith?-Discusses scriptural references to THE faith of Jesus and God. Faith being defined as a verb, how did they faithe? Jesus was saved from staying dead(the way we will be) by acting on God's word to raise him up after three days.
F43-One Way to God-A different look at the "one way" concept. It's through the Holy Spirit of Christ that folks come to God; whether they have heard of Jesus or not. If people faithe, Jesus is the vehicle that gets their trust in front of God. Makes the point that there is indeed only one way to God.
F17-The Contradictory Christ-Looks at the confusion produced by concentrating on Jesus commands. Should we be worshipping Christ of God? Jesus acts offered as the lesson of salvation. He acted in trust of God. Jesus also told us that God was all important, not Himself.
F8-Why Did They Kill Jesus?-Lists the main activities of Jesus ministry and how each could provoke His death. Zeroes in on Faithing as the real cause for alarm among the Jewish leaders; individual faithing puts them out of a job.
S6-Poor Jesus-Debunks common conception that Jesus was poor. Connects Jesus with Joseph of Arimathaea.
F6-Grease!!! : An Alliteration In G-God's Grace is grease for our daily activities. We get His Grace by faithing.


F21-Definitely Not God-Exposes human propensity for constructing a God from human values, not allowing God to be certain ways that make us uncomfortable; like being able to get mad. Claims we need to maintain perspective of who we are in relation to something that can create a universe.
F20-God Is A Woman-Debunks a mainly feminist view that God must not be termed as only male and some of the possible psychology behind it. Concludes that a person well grounded in God and not self knows that God's nature and not name should be the object of our focus. Also that, surrender being the essential ingredient if following God, that "...the person who is not willing to accept God under any name, isn't willing to accept God under any name.


F14-Love: God's Nature, The Devil's Tool-The Devil's use of "Love thy neighbor" to divert us from faithing. Righteousness through good works discussed. Points out that good acts accomplished without trusting in God are useless to our salvation.
F39-Pictures of the Devil-Discusses the thought process that puts images in our heads. Lays the "bad" pictures at the Devil's door.
Debated Questions:1
F15-Re-incarnation: Does Anyone Need It?- Debunks re- incarnation through the examination of the suggested reasons of what re-incarnation does for us and how it fits in with God's plan for us. Proposes, based on the benefits of re-incarnating, that it is a demonic dodge set up to steer us away from faithing. Re-incarnationis Satan's Counterfeit Heaven. We live "forever." Question:2 Segue
F?-Social Comment-Being nice proposed as a way to fulfill selfish needs. "People give ya stuff!"

Personal Behavior

S8-Six Esses of Faith-self control, surrender, service, serenity, Spirit, Salvation. The Christian walk.
F18-Being Good Won't Get You to Heaven-Do-Gooding based in Pride, laziness, embarrassment and safety; each investigated. Faithing saves.
F42-Who Do WE Have To Please?-Suggests the impossibility of pleasing anyone(one can always find fault). We, our basic selves, don't change.The "old man" is always there. Please God, and stop seeking others' approval.
F47-Trust as a Frame of Reference-Trust in relationships. Examines the effect of rules on trust. Proposes God's plan for driving humans to trust by creating two sexes; which must trust each other to survive.
F38-A Little Faithing/Growing Up-Discusses giving/keeping your word. Taking responsibility for our actions. Building trust thru faithing.
F23-Turn the Other Cheek My Foot!-Different look at old concept.
"Don't fight fire with fire."Loving is telling someone the truth.
F-51-Stability-Analysis of the Universal yearning for the spiritual. How people try to stabilize their lives with other- than-spiritual or pseudo-spiritual systems.
S14-The Big Lie-Four resulting lifestyles thru focusing on death-abandon, paranoia, apathy, Joy.
F7-Choice Bit of Guidance-My Righter is a way God talks to me. Righter explored. Thought process discussed: Point of Commitment, Evaluator, Rationalization. I Wanter's influence. Choosing that bit of God-guidance.
F34-Taking Control of Your Life-Evaluating activities to discover priorities. Facilitating the adoption of productive,strengthening activities. Discovering our capacity for excess. Freeing ourselves from white-knuckle abstinence by turning to faith.
F46-Loving Yourself Last-Debunks the concept of loving yourself in order to love others. Treats Love Thy Neighbor. Faithing helps build strength and self respect. We love thru the Spirit.
F37-Paradox of Pride-Exposes the insecurity that founds pride. Common ways we think about pride and their inappropriateness. Trying to "balance" our insecurities. Faithing does it.
F41-There But for the Grace of God!-New look at the saying. Small study of the word grace. Our innate excessive capacities over come by grace thru faith.
521-Communion-Defines faithing. Discusses the origin of Passover and its transmutation into communion. Overlays the faithing formula on the communion acts. Communion is faithing. When to, how to, where to, with who. A talk-through.


F4-The Great Pretense: Christianity-Faithing likened to pretending.
F19-Lawyers and Lovers-Jesus commands found legalism and lovelism. Improper study promotes superficial concepts to saving status. The Devil's role in the process. Faithing only saves.
F26-God Wants More Than a Little Faith-Exposing superficial Christian behavior:churchgoing, lipservice. these resulting from small or no real belief in God.
S16-Bible Small talk-Incomplete, improper Bible study results in conversations that go no deeper than proper Christian behavior.
F32-Fellowship is All That's Left-Church concentration on damnation preaching and lots of fellowship activities. Disfocus blamed on incomplete and improper Bible study.
S9-Out of Context Christians-Explains that most Christians stay out of God's true context of judgement, hard work, and surrender to God's control.
F24-How About the Great Commission?-Everyone is not an evangelist. Get the Word out by example/faithing. teaching and telling compared.
S15-Shadow Exercise-Defines our reality as a "shadow" of the true reality. List aspects of life and death in both realities. References Paul's mentions of shadows.

Bible & Study Tools

S7-Pick and Choose-One can't separate the Old and New Testaments. It's ONE Book. It's God's whole message of faithing, through Christ.
S22-Common Arguments Against God and The Bible-Debunks faulty translation, transmission, untrustworthy writers, Christian hypocrisy, God's inactivity toward world suffering, and the "Only Male" God as reasons for non-acceptance of the Bible as God's Word. Shows that proper study and research clears up doubts as to the meanings of scripture and God's relationship to man.
Debated Question:2
F36-Original Sin-Examined is the separation from God and it's effect on our daily lives. Defines sin as simple desire beyond need(selfishness) and any action not in God's direction. Analogizes God's provision for circumventing that separation through faithing. Takes a flesh and blood look at "smart" Adam.
S20-Where James Went Wrong-Short study showing that,by the definition of faith being a verb, James statement that "faith without works is dead," is a contradiction in terms. Rewrites the verse to, "Works without works is dead works."
F40-The Contradiction of Faith Without Works-Faith defined. Lists examples of our commonly used statements using the word faith, showing the noun orientation of our traditional concept of faith. Debunking James.[very much like "where J. went wrong]
Commentary Page F13-Chosen People. Bunk!!-Challenges traditional thinking that the Israelites were and are blessed unfairly by God over all others. Exposes the bondage of living out God's message to the world. Lists the four main activities in which the Israelites were to engage, showing them to be, in the world view, disadvantagious. It's hard being a Christian. Commentary #2
S11-Faithers in Prophesy-Takes a long look at the exclusion of believers from the Wrath of God prophesied for end times events. Lists many endtimes events from Daniel, Revelation and more. Shows that faithers will be taken out of the way of God's wrath based on many scriptures that say they are not to receive God's wrath.
F28-Psalm 23-Personal translation exposing unusual concepts. Category 8-Understanding the Bible
F52-Don't Read The Bible-Discusses at length the pitfalls of not studying, just reading, the Bible. Outlines ways and tools to discover the true meaning of scripture: Bible, Strong's, literal/symbolic/"spiritual" interpretation, House of Israel in prophesy.
S119-Understanding the Bible-Making the distinction between House of Israel and House of Judah. Lists several promises and prophesies to Israel received and fulfilled in England and the US. References Jeremiah 31: shows Israel had many different names. Reduces passages to outline Israel's future history during the Millenium. Offers a scenario of God's plan for humanity from universal creation to 3000AD, and Israel's role therein.
S121-House of Israel in Prophesy-From Isaiah, gestalts Israel's apostacy, conquering, redemption by Jesus, and gathering back to Palestine. Cross-references 7 other prophets.
S122-Symbolism-Urges proper study rather than guessing at scripture's meaning. Gives many example how literal terms are "symbolized" erroneously. Cites Hosea, Ezekiel, and Revelation
Introduction to Notes


S21-Faith Is An Action-37 references showing the action in faithing. Uses Strong's definitions.
F0-Logic and Evidence for Faithing-Applies the definition of faithing on a conversion experience. Offers a formula for a faith act. Deduced conclusions about faithing and salvation.
S2-Communion: Teaching Outline-16 references trace communion back to the first Passover in Egypt. Communion passages are harmonized. A composite statement given for the wine and the bread.
S3-The Tithe: A Teaching Guide-39 references for tithing/giving. God's reason for requiring our tithing.
F49-Law/Faith Chronology-From the Babylonian system of justification by works to Jesus establishment of justification through faithing. Faith shows the inadequacy of the Law to justify.
F53-Faith:The Straightest Line Between Two Points-Exposes how fearful actions divert our resources, taking us the long way round to our goals. Acting in faith gets us there faster.
F27-The Roots of Christian Misbehavior-Self-righteous, hypocritical behavior laid at the door of incomplete/improper Bible study. States the need for a teacher and keys in choosing same.
F16-How Many Shots Did You Fire for God Today?-Shows the nature of the "war" between God and Satan. A way to fight is offered: faithing.
Spirit-God's hand in arranging the categories.
God's Last Word
Lastword-the smallness of the devil

Top Appendix

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