It's wonderful how God has left some unexplainable scientific mysteries laying around creation for our modern, "show me with science" age.

The Zodiac, the Great Pyramid, Gematria, Bible Numerics and Code. I'm convinced that He planted these things to come to blossom in our age, when we could prove beyond doubt that no human action or invention could produce or reproduce such Wonders.

How is it that human ingenuity could NOT have created the Great Pyramid, and that the Pyramid just happens to tell the story of Christ? Is it just an accident that the Zodiac's 48 constellations just happen to tell the same story? How can there be the most intricate, accurate, and completely hidden, until the invention of the computer, Equidistant Letter Code found only in the Bible and no where else? And then there is the Shroud of Turin.

You've probably heard two things about the Shroud. It's a fake, and it's a recent, 1350 AD fake. The commonly held opinion of the Shroud is that someone in the fourteenth century painted the image on linen. This opinion is held by many "experts" that haven't even seen the shroud. One closed mind at the British Museum refused to consider the evidence that the shroud existed before 1350 AD because the artifact in question had a different name, The Image of Edessa. Well, after studying the subject a little bit I can tell you that if the Shroud is a fake, there's only one Forger who could have faked it. God.

They might know exactly, scientifically, what makes the image visible on the Shroud, but no one, that's no one, can tell you how it was made. There are many things about the Shroud that can't be explained by any natural laws or human action. No one can tell us how the people of 1350 or 33 AD could have made this image on the Shroud. And is it a coincidence that the information that can be discerned from the image is all the same as the information we have about Jesus? Nope.

See if you can figure any of this out .

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