This page contains four specialized, and somewhat biased studies. The books of Romans, Galations, Ephesians and Hebrews certainly contain other areas of study. My study in faith and it's resulting salvation doesn't speak much to the history of the times or writing. My study speaks very little about the so called Lost Tribes of Israel, for whom Jesus was directly "sent."

Let me explain the method by which these books were studied.

I'm surely not going to include the complete studies here as they were put together in class. Time and space prohibit that. I will include most of the "key" words, some small side comment, and the chapter and book reductions. Please let me remind you that this is a study. As such you will have to get out your Bible, etc, and fit the key words into their respective passages, and do your own first reduction and paraphrasing.

The importance of these studies is that they help widen our perspective; something always to be sought. It is also important to confirm that Faithing Saves. Maybe you've guessed by now that this is the Operative Phrase in all four of these books. I hope that just because I've told you the ending you won't put down the book. Stay and confirm your faith. Faithing saves.

Please be patient while I fill out these pages.

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In preparation for the Romans study we looked up the following words in Strong's, Funk and Wagnalls, Luther, and the Concordant Literal. I urge you to do the same. These words are essential to understanding Paul's faith-treatise to the Romans: Law, Sin, Grace, Gift, Faith, Righteousness, Flesh, Spirit.

The key words out of all that were looked up for the first chapter: As an example, I'm including the passage reduction and paraphrasing for the first chapter. Subsequent chapters will be left for you.

Passage reduction:
Chapter reduction:
Faithing, as the Good News of Christ, is a power that saves. Although God's mercy and wrath are portrayed in the Zodiac, people worship the stars, not God.

SIDE STUDY: vs 18-20. Original indicates ______(present) tense for wrath, etc.
1-What is the "glory" of v.23?
2-How is the wrath revealed in v. 18?
3-What is the revealed wrath?

1-The manifestation of God in the heavens: v19 "that which may be known of God"-God's plan of the ages, as told by the Zodiac.
2-In the Zodiac; which tells of the coming of Christ to defeat Satan, and bring judgement to the earth/ungodly.
3-God's destruction of ungodliness.


Key words for chapter two were:
Luther says,"Paul includes those of Godly appearance in sin; who continually condemn others. Paul is a true preacher asserting that no one is without sin. He declared God's wrath against those who follow their own nature and idle fancies; calls them "open sinners."

Chapter reduction:
God's judgement of ALL men's faithing is sure. Lawbreaking Jews shame God.


Key words for chapter three: Chapter reduction:

The Law shows us all to be sinners, and God to be true. Jesus is our rightousness outside the Law.


Key words for chapter four:
Luther comments: Abraham, apart from works, was justified by faith. Circumcision, a good work, came after Abraham's righteousness. That or any other good work (obedient act) can't contribute to making a man righteous. The Jews can't be heirs of Abraham unless they inherit his faith. Works of Law produce reluctance, not grace. So only faith can obtain the grace promised to Abraham. Examples like Abraham are there for our sake, that we might have faith.

Chapter reduction:
Faith begets grace and righteousness. Abraham, as our example, faithed with Sarah against all circumstances, on God's promise of Isaac. Righteousness can't come by the Law. We, too, can be justified by a believing act through Jesus giving us his dignity at calvary.


Key words (out of fifteen) for chapter five:
Chapter reduction:
Jesus is the key to peace, grace and hope. Training is good for us. Against human nature, Christ died for the most worthless human. His death atones for us. His spirit saves us. Through God's Law, showing our sin, we see God's grace.


Key words for chapter six:
Chapter reduction:
Through Christ, our sunful nature dies and we get new life, and the power to overcome sin.


Key words for chapter seven:
Chapter reduction:
Christ's death freed us from the Law. Showing us our short falling, the Law proves we deserve death. Deliverance from my in-built sinful nature comes through the Gospel(faithing).


Key words for chapter eight:
Luther comments: Spirit comes from Christ, makes us spiritual, constrains the flesh, assurring us that we're children of God. The spirit sighs with us, and all creation longs to be free from the flesh and sin.

Chapter reduction:
Christ's spirit in us puts us in Christ. The Spirit gives us life, makes us sons equal to Christ, helps us, and we get a new body. We answer to no one, but God. Nothing, spirit or physical can come between us and God.


Key words for chapter nine:
Chapter reduction:
God's promises are still good, but only to those Israelites to whom they were given. God is in control, and shows His Power and Mercy through His creations. God, showing mercy, gave the House of Israel Christ(faithing), but the Jews wouldn't accept Christ.


Key words for chapter ten:
Chapter reduction:
Hearing God's word, through His preachers, promotes faithing. We're saved by faithing because of Jesus. I pray the Jews, who heard of Christ, will be saved from their disobedience in not accepting Christ.


Key words for chapter eleven:
As a reminder of the passage reduction and paraphrasing, I'm including it again for this chapter.

Passage reduction:
Chapter reduction:
There exists a group selected by God's grace, not by works. The Jews were hardened so they'd emulate the salvation of the Lost Tribes, until the Lost Tribes punishment runs it's course. God's election can't be reversed. He hardened the Jews so you'd be saved, they'd get jealous and be saved.


Key words for chapter twelve:
Luther comments: Paul speaks of the true way of serving God. He shows all Christians are priests that sacrifice themselves. He then describes the outward conduct of Christians under the discipline of the Spirit.

Chapter reduction:
Be transformed by giving your life to God. Dilligently do your God-given tasks, as a member in the body of Christ. Love honestly, help you enemy, overcome evil by doing good.


Key words for chapter thirteen:
Chapter reduction:
Support government, it's God-assigned. Be of benefit to your neighbor. Salvation on-goes in the now. Focus on Christ.


Key words for chapter fourteen:
Chapter reduction:
Rather than judge, for which God holds us accountable, relate to others at their level of faith. Our conscience makes God's pure creations sinful. Tempting a weak brother negates Christ, helping him serves Christ. Keep you convictions on liberty private. A doubting brother acts outside of faith, negating God's word. Non-faithing is sin.


Key words for chapter fifteen:
Chapter reduction:
We learn through prophecy that Christ came to keep God's promises. It's my job to clarify your obligations to God. I've preached to the ignorant; the ones Isaiah said would see and hear. I go to Jerusalem with money and will stop on my way to Spain. Pray I do all this.


Key words for chapter sixteen:
Luther comments: Pauls warns against man-made doctrines. Those who preach these false gospels idolitrously serve themselves.

Chapter reduction:
I recommend Phebe. Greet my step-brother, mother, and all the folks at Rome. Shun scandalous divisionaries. You're good, but need clear understanding of good and evil; to Satan's downfall. Formerly a secret concept, God saves us for faithing; as I said about Christ.


This book reduction was made by deleting the least important statements and concepts from the chapter reductions by bracketing them.

Faithing saves. We're all sinners, but, through Christ, righteousness comes by faithing. Christ is our key to grace, atonement, power and deliverance from our imperfect nature through the implant of his spirit, making us his equal. Israel was given faithing, as God promised, so the jealous Jews would be saved. Follow God, live right, help weak faithers. It's your obligation.God saves us for faithing.


Faithing saves, through the implant of Christ's spirit. Live Right. Faithing saves.


Faithing saves.

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