The book of Ephesians was not really written specifically to the church at Ephesus. There is no name in the orginal manuscript. It was more of a general “form” letter that was to be widely circulated to all the churches. It is supposedly written at Paul's direction by Tychius, mentioned in the 21st verse of chapter six.

Ephesians might be considered as a PS to the book of Romans. It clearly outlines the call of God, and that it is His choice alone. To this it adds the doctrine of Prevenient Grace and, in chapter four, God’s structuring of the Church from Christ to the gift ministers, to the saints. And, as always, Paul defines faithing and the indwelling of God’s Spirit.

Some scholars have called Ephesians a crossroads of Scripture.

We'll be using the same method to understand Ephesians as we used for the other three books in this section. I start by zeroing in on the key words in each verse, looking them up in Strong's and noting the frequency of their usage. Some words are used exclusively (x), some uniquely(q), some regularly(r) or uncommonly(u). I've only attached these letters to those words where it seemed better for understanding.

Then the process turns to "trans-substituion", where I substitute the Strong's word or phrase for the KJV word. Some of the verses get pretty long in this step of the process.

Then comes the reduction of the passages, chapters and finally the whole book. this is a homespun method of getting behind the meaning of the KJV. I'm certainly no biblical scholar with access to a myriad of reference material. and yet, this process has given me a handle on what's behind our English versions.

Although the KJV might not be the best translation, at least it has two major factors in its favor. One, the original words and their definitions can be found for the English words. Two, the Global Elite didn't have their fingers in the pie when the KJV was put together. So at least, all we have to deal with was satan's machinations. The KJV translators believed in a real God and Heaven and Salvation. Thirty percent of the RSV translators were Truth distorting globalists, who did things like changing Mary's virginal status to that of "a young girl." You might want to take a minute of read my Translations page.

So, on to Ephesians.


Key words for chapter one:

Passage reduction:
God's plan for(of) our salvation, through Christ, was made before the universe.
Our redemption, forgiveness and inheritance, through Christ, are for God's enhancement.
God's given Spirit is His pledge for our full redemption.
I want your deep awareness to include the sure knowledge of God's call, His Force that raised Christ and put him above earth, and what Jesus body, trusters, get out of that.

Chapter reduction:
Know that before universal creation God, for His own glory, planned our invitation and redemption through Christ; by the life Force of His Spirit.


Key words for chapter two:
Passage trans-substitution:
Chapter reduction:
We lived in Satan's grip. God saved us to show the ages. Trusting results in saving. Jesus Spirit accesses God. All are joined in Christ.

I'm sure that by now you are familiar enough with the keyword process to work on it by yourself. For the rest of the chapters I will dispense with the key words. I will, however, try to remember to underline keywords or their definitions.


Passage reduction:
I am a captive to tell the non-Jews of the secret of God's plan; that non-Jews are also to be saved. No one knew this until now. God is showing the heavenly authorities His varigated wisdom. I work so you may faithe and Christ's Spirit will dwell in you and strengthen you with His power, which can accomplish more than we dream. Praise God.

Chapter reduction:
God sends me with His hidden plan to save non-Jews by putting Christ's Spirit in their bodies when the faithe. Praise God!


Passage reduction:
Honor your calling with appropriate, loving action. God's Oneness permeates all reality. God favored us with ministers of many talents to help us grow to Christ's maturity. A stupid, vain, worldly mind-set will separate you from God. Christ says put off the world view, put on God's view. Be good, honest and forgiving; like God.

Chapter reduction:
Honor your calling. God is Oneness. God gave special ministers to help faithers grow "to" Christ. Christ says put on God's view, not the world's. Love like God.


Passage reduction:
Give yourselves to God, like Christ. Choose righteous goals and give thanks. Co-participating with the unpersuaded will cheat you of the Kingdom. Emulate the Spirit. Expose darkness, awake to the light of Christ. Study God's will, be crammed with the Spirit, focusing on God and being open to each other. Wives, obey your husbands, Husbands, die for your wives. You "are" Christ and the Church. Husbands and wives, fulfull you respective roles.

Chapter reduction:
Surrender to God. Choosing righteous goals, emulate the Spirit. Study God's will and be open to each other. God meant marriage to typify Christ and the Church. Wives, obey your husband, husbands, put your wife first.


Passage reduction:
Obey and prize your parents. Teach your children about God. Slaves, treat you masters like Christ, sincerely, as Christ’s slaves. God treats slaves and masters alike. Masters, be nice, like God. Use God’s great vigor against the imitations of the Slanderer. This is a fight to the death against unseen spiritual forces. With God, stand staunchly opposed in the time of evil. Be true, justified and founded in joining with God. Faithing, extinguish wicked darts. Receive salvation and the Spirit, persistently petitioning for the saints. Pray for my preaching. I am a Senior chained to the Good News. I sent Tychius to tell you how I am, to call our spirits near. Peace, faithing and grace to those who give without reservation to our Deliverer.

Chapter reduction:
Obey and prize your parents. Teach your children about God. Slaves, masters, you are both slaves to Christ. This is spiritual warfare. Be true, justified and founded in God. Receive salvation. Pray for the saints and my preaching. Tychius will comfort you with my news. Peace, faithing and grace to those who give without reservation to our deliverer.


Before universal creation, God invited and redeemed us through Christ by the life Force of His Spirit. God saved us from Satan’s grip to show the Ages that trusting results in saving, and Jesus’ spirit accesses God. God’s plan to save non–Jews was to put Christ’s spirit in their bodies when they faithe. Honor God’s invitation. He gave us ministers to help us grow into Christs. Give without reservation. Surrender to God, choose righteous goals, study God’s will and be open to each other. Marriage should typify Christ and the Church. Honor ALL people, as God does. Be true, justified, founded in God and receive salvation. Peace, faithing and grace to those who give without reservation to our Deliverer.

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