The Case for Catastrophism

Immanuel Velikovsky has done the most astounding work on earth catastrophe. Shunned by nearly all of the scientific community, his theories have never been refuted. Albert Einstein is said to have left a copy of one of Velikovsky's books open on his desk at his death. Velikovsky, working with the papyri, showed a more correct date for the exodus from Egypt; the mid-fifteenth century rather than mid-thirteenth. His work encompasses physical, cultural, and legendary studies from the whole earth.

There are only two solutions to this problem, God and the point of the rotation of a pole shift, or crustal displacement.

God, in directing the orienttion of the GP could have taken into account the coming shift and aligned the GP accordingly. I know how far-reaching this explanation sounds.

This is a much better explanation. Just as Joshua prayed and the sun "stood still", the point of rotation could have been the GP, which would have maintained it's north orientation. This theory is somewhat coraberated(sp) by the happenings to the Antarctic continent.. somewhere between 10,500-8000 BC it shifted to it's present position. The main theory for this shift is crustal displacement. If the GP were the pivot point of the rotation, it would effect Antarctica in just that way, sending it down south. In this case the true north axis would stay the same and the GP would still be oriented to it. This seems a better explanation than a pole shift, as I would define it.

An exccellent book for evidencing this crustal shift theory is "Fingerprints of the Gods", by Graham Hancock. He includes many pages of evidence including some astounding maps from 1500 and before that show the Ant. continent in various stages of ice-coverage. These also include proper longitude markings. We didn't "discover" longitude 'till a little over a hundred years ago.

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