A Tale of Seventeen

You know how sometimes you get a hankering for some kind of food? I had one of those for a steak. Nice big T-bone is what came to mind. Getting this steak was fairly spur of the moment. A couple times in past days the thought had crossed my mind, but nothing ever came of it. One night after I’d already come home I looked at the current sale paper from the local market. T-bones weren’t advertised, but they had a sirloin for only $5.88 a pound. That sounded OK. My wallet didn't object, so I hopped in the car and went to the market.

I couldn’t find the sirloin anywhere. But there was this medium size T-bone with BBQ spices. This was exactly what I had in mind, but didn’t think I’d get one. Too expensive. But here was this just-right T-bone. It was the only one in the case. The only one.

I hadn’t stopped at the store on the way home, but made a special trip there. And found the God Steak. I thanked God for all this. The steak was good and I thought it was over.

Eight days later I noticed a folded cash register receipt on the desk and opened it up. It was the receipt for the God steak. The memory of God’s provision on that night came back. I immediately thought to check it for 17’s. I hadn’t done this before. I don’t usually check my market receipts for 17’s. You have to stop somewhere! But this receipt was more important than others. I guess on that night I was more focused on dinner and didn’t think to check the receipt for 17’s.

But a week later, there I was about to throw the receipt in the round file, but decided to check it. Usually, there’s some kind of transaction number near the bottom or on top. I don’t count numbers that are universal to all receipts. I don’t count dates, or phone numbers, addresses or zip codes. But the transaction number would pertain only to me.

I was pleased to see such a number. 4929. And more than pleased to find it was 290x17-1. I was well satisfied. I looked around the receipt for any other numbers that might pertain to me. Of course, any time 1 and 7 show up next to each other, that’s a 17. The number “shows” a 17. The time stamp on the receipt immediately caught my eye. It said 17:09:34. Nine minutes and thirty-four seconds after 5 pm.

Now, I can reasonably deal with that number in fourteen different ways. I can divide seven ways and I can add seven ways. Because there are two colons, I can check each of the numbers separated by the colons. I can combine any two of the numbers. And I can work the whole number, as if the colons weren’t there.

Please allow me to break that down so there's no mistake and I sound like I'm making this up. I can check 17 and 09 and 34 by dividing each by 17. I can also combine 17 and 09 into 1709 and divide that by 17. The same can be done with 17 and 34; 1734 divided by 17. Then I can also combine 09 and 34 for 934 and divide that by 17. Lastly, I can combine all three numbers and divide; 170934. Now I can go back to step one and work each of the numbers and combinations by addition. Does the sum of any of the digits of the numbers total 17. So 1+7+0+9=17 and so forth, for another seven ways to check for seventeens. Let me add here that there are those who would like me to take this even further by using multiplication. I stop at division and addition. So, here's the detailed breakdown of this time stamp. That one time stamp has an astounding 8 17’s. Here’s the list:

17 is itself a 17-----------------1
34 is 2x17------------------------2

Now I had 9 17’s contained in just these two numbers. The transaction code and the time stamp. I decided to look at the prices. And there was God again. I had bought more than just the steak. And as it happened, I checked those other numbers first. But when I at last came to the price of the steak, that one and only steak that was in the case, it was not one 17, but two.

The steak was priced at $4.76. Add those digits and you get 17. But divide 476 by 17 and you get an even 28.

God made sure that I knew it was Him that saved out that particular steak for me to pick up at His 17 time.

I thought that was it, but just now I decided that I would work the date. I know I said they don’t count very much, but I did it anyway, in light of all the other 17’s. The date stamp said 7AUG2011.

How does one “work” a date? I can divide the number on either side of the letters. I can add the digits of any numbers. I can combine any numbers and divide by 17. Plus, I can convert the letters to their number equivalents. The letter "A" is 1, U is 21 and G gets 7. Now I have some more options. I can work these numbers by themselves or insert them into the 7---2011. I can also combine the three sections as I did with the time stamp above. Now I have 7 1 21 7 2011. Divide that by 17 and it comes out 41893059.4705----. Not a 17. But I can put the 7 with the 2011 for 72011. Divide that number by 17 and you’ll have 4236x17-1. Not through yet.

Take the 2011 off the date numbers and see what’s left. We have the 7 and the number equivalents of the letters: 1 21 7. It becomes a perfect palindrome. 71217. Note: in English gematria the reverse of a number “pairs up” with that number. So the 71 and 17 connect.

I counted 14 features of 17 out of those four numbers. I included the 17 that “showed” in the palindrome.

God’s got my number.

I love mail.

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