I want to address a small but recurring issue.

There’s nothing easier to criticize than a personal experience because the hearers have no evidence but their feelings to help deny the significance of the occurrence, they will quickly find themselves in trying to discredit the person. Even if kindly said, they will try to find some personal reason why such a thing could occur. “Naw….you were just….drunk!”

I had one fellow respond to my Personal Number pieces by telling me that I was deluded. I guess he felt safe. Eye to eye, a lot of people Nod and Smile. There are VERY few folks with whom one can share this kind of thing.

I’ve been blessed with some very special knowledge. I know the number that God has assigned to my life. I bet you don’t know anyone else who says that so positively. Most folks have a “favorite” number. In the small group left, there are those who feel connected to a certain number. I had four different people email me that they kept seeing 444. That might be their Personal Number, I don’t know. I tend to favor two digit primes, but I’m not God.

The greatest stumbling block, nay Great Wall is finding one’s Personal Number. In another place I wrote that I saw it as impossible at worst, and near impossible at best. Where do you start? How many numbers are you willing to divide into your Social Security Number? How many of those numbers divided evenly? How many Odd numbers? How many Primes?

With that great list behind you, now you can start dividing all those results into your Driver’s License number. See what I mean?

I don’t want to belabor this part. I still want to address that recurring issue. I hear, “How many other numbers did you try?” Of course, there will be many other numbers that might divide into some certain five digit number or twelve digit number. That’s one of those criticisms based on feeling instead of fact. It completely ignores the fact that the number in question does divide by 17.

Have you ever been to the race track or seen some horse races on television? Or maybe you’re a fan of crime dramas and know a bunch about the Bookie racket. I want you to think Odds.

Most people start to balk when the odds pass 50-50. We all like the Sure Thing. Two to one odds isn’t too extreme, but three to one odds starts me thinking. They smile at the track when they see folks betting on some horse that has ten to one odds. And pretty soon we’re in the territory of a Long Shot. THEN, down the line a ways is the Miracle Horse who wins at 17 to one. Only four people besides the owners bet on him. J

Only those who are OK with throwing their money away, who bet those odds based on something other than winning, will take a seventeen to one bet. “Yeah, what the hell. I like his name. I’ll take five bucks.”

Every time some big number comes to my eyes and it is a seventeen, there’s a sixteen to one chance that it WON’T be a seventeen. There’s a 289 to one chance that one particular number will have two features of seventeen. Every time you add a layer you have to multiply by seventeen.

I bought a book by CS Lewis today from the Internet. As do many folks, I feel a strong connection to CS Lewis. The confirming email reached me a few minutes later. There were two pertinent numbers: the Order Number and the Book number.

The Order Number was 058-5698552-1888333. The Book number was 0702B705192. I ignored letters. The percentage of seventeens garnered out of these two numbers is 200%! ! !

I used only two methods, division and addition. I divided the whole numbers and the groups, and added the digits for them also. Four features of seventeen are there.

The center group in the Order number, 5698552=335209x17-1. I won’t explain why one away is valid. It is. When adding the digits of the last group another seventeen shows up. 1+8+8+8+3+3+3=34, 2x17. The whole long number doesn’t contain anything.

The Book number goes to seventeen three different ways. Without the “B”, 0702705192=42394423x17+1. 0702705192 also adds to 33, one away from 34. But I looked into the “B” and found that in the addition result of 35 was still one away from 34, so the symbolism held up with or without the “B”.

Consider that the actual Book number was more truly a seventeen than the Order number. The Order was connected to me. The Book was connected to CS Lewis (and God).

Sixteen other numbers had to be passed over before the Bookseller’s computer assigned my number. Think about that.

Heck. Just having the Book number be a multiple of seventeen is God already. I guess four of them also shows that God is the God of the whole world. Four, in the Bible, is the number for the world.

I’m deluded? Yeah, right. :-)

I love mail.

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