Equidistant Letter Sequence

Plus Gematria

Equals GOD

What's the Officially approved number value of the letter "e"? You may want to say "e" has a value of 5, but when you try to back that up with expert or legal confirmation, there's nothing to back it up. English letters don't have number values, except for those we make up to fit a certain purpose; like kids using a code in school notes.

In the demonstration below, I followed the general structure of the Greek and Hebrew numbering system. Even so, I had to rearrange some of the number values of the letters just to do this little demo. I also had to give a couple English letters a hypothetical value. Those letters don't appear in Hebrew or Greek. BUT! ! ! A couple amazing things happened.

Gematria is like a crossword puzzle. They both have a base and some given truth about the answer. A crossword is based in the English letters and the detective is given clues. Gematria is based in letter values and the "clue" is the plain text. The best I can see coming out of a crossword completion is personal satisfaction, because we know where the clues came from. From gematria we can experience awe, wonder, joy, exhileration, and Spiritual uplift, because we know, now understand, where the clues come from. We realize God.

Constructed demonstration of Els combined with Gematria

Let me help you untangle some of the above numbers. There are three different processes going on. First, the number values of the words and the total message, the blue numbers. Second, the totals of the word values when the digits are added, the dark red numbers. Third, the pink numbers are the totals of the word-value digits when they are multiplied.

So, in the case of the word "hope", the individual word value has a meaning as it stands. 365 relates to the year. When added, 3+6+5 results in 14, which becomes 1+4=5. When multiplied, the 365 is (3x6) x (5) = 90. Then we go on to the rest of the word values and add up all the added totals, and add up all the multiplied totals. We then reduce those down to their lowest form. I got another surprise.

What is so interesting, and was completely unexpected, is that the totals of all the processes end with ones, the number for unity. When all the blue word-value numbers are totaled and reduced they result in 1. When all the red, added numbers are totaled and reduced, they result in 1. When the multiplied numbers are totaled and reduced they result in 110. That all came out after I had rearragned the values so I could come out with the word unity.

As a little added exercise, when putting up this page, I tried multiplying all the sets of numbers. Another interesting thing resulted. The blue numbers when multiplied totaled 86,157,666. This adds to 45, which becomes 9. The red numbers multiplied to 5040, which reduces to 54=9. The pink numbers multiplied to 37,800, or 18=9. All three totals reflect 1 when added and 9 when multiplied. 9 is a number which represents Divine Manifestation. 9 is a God number and so is 1. Neat, huh?

These delightful connections and the interpretation came out of an arbitrary manipulation of the System to suit the mechanical needs of the demonstration. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the true gematria is the result of the same type of "juggling the figures." The Hebrew and Greek alphabets cannot be manipulated. They ARE, and when applied to other things that ARE, the two, UNmanipulated facts produce much more astounding results than my puny little example. Please don't think that because my example turned up some very interesting, pertinent, and unexpected results, that this kind of result can be universally had by anyone making up anything they want. Keep those thoughts separate from the Fixed values, that must be adhered to, of the Hebrew and Greek alphabets.

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