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An email friend told me that 1-5-05 was a very special day. I told him Iíd watch to see if anything happened. As I say later, this whole thing just wouldnít stop. Iíd notice one connection or a 17, then another, then still another. I though I was finished more than twice. I donít remember if I knew what was so special about 1-5-05, but some pretty special things happened with my counters.

Just as a reminder, I check the Home page, record the reading and also the number of hits that day. I check both these numbers to see if 1-they are multiples, 2-if they show a 17. I then do the same for the Archive counter. I never add the digits, or include the date in the figuring, or anything else. the very last check is when I see if the two hit counts make a multiple of 17. I don't add them, either.

Tonight, I did the Archive first and found 10559, 11 hits. Nothing there. On to the Home page. Reading was 252092, 243 hits. How nice. 252092=14829X-1. I was pleased. I wrote the totals. Ooops! 243+11=254. Great! Two 17's. then I guess God gave me a nudge, because I found I was adding the two counter readings together. Again, I never do this, have never done it. I'll stop the narrative here and let you look at the rest of it below.

1-5-05: 6 17's, 5 11's, 2 20's, 1 153!

Incidentally, the counter numbers have three common digits, 0, 5, 9. the digits that aren't common are three 2's, and one 1. I can interpret that as three times the adequate witness/2ndOne, and one God. Also, the date 1-5-05 has all four numbers in common with the Archive reading, two digits with the Home page reading and adds to 11. And my friend will undoubtedly notice the 148, the Pi number.

Adding all the digits present in the two readings, 1+2+5+9+0=17

I was really interested in the process of arriving at all this. A couple times I thought I'd finished. then I'd see another number. that last 17 didn't come until I'd already written about the common digits. And even that wasn't the finish, because I had to go to the top and change the 4 17's to 5!!! Thatís when I noticed the common digits Archive counter.

The many ones and fives that are showing motivated me to count up all the digits. How many times does each digit occurred in the whole computation?


I start out to record my counters and wind up with a whole web page.

I think, this time, I really am finished.

I love mail.

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