What place has the Illuminati in Christian life? Yes, they have grave influence on our economies, governments, and business. It’s their overriding objective that Christians need to know. I hope to help you understand that main objective today. It’s not the New World Order.

The Illuminati was born back in ancient Babylon. The headquarters was then located in Egypt. From Egypt the Illuminati rulers moved their offices to Greece. Rome was next to be the center of Illuminati influence. Then by way of France, Germany and Bavaria, they centered their rule in London. Now they are focused on Washington. Notice that the Illuminati headquarters have been the current world empires throughout history. The Empires weren’t established first. They sprang from the Illuminati Rulership. They move into an aera or enterprise and go about eliminating the competition—by any means necessary. Result:? NWO

The public name, Illuminati, came into being on May first in 1776, under the direction of Adam Weishaupt. We’ll detail their history in just a few minutes. But there’s something that we MUST understand before going ahead.

It’s a mistake to think of the Illuminati as a political/financial conspiracy. The Illuminati is a Generational Priesthood, whose family bloodlines go back 1000’s of years. The Merovingians claim heritage from King David. The very low or non-bloodline members of the illuminati have the least power and do the lowest jobs; couriers, drug runners, sex servicers, and para-military assassins.

Not recognizing this over riding fact has “dead-ended” most conspiracy research. It throws light on the specific, like Enron, but doesn’t address the higher cause of abuse. While we rail on the CEO’s and Bookkeepers, the Illuminati walk away with all the real assets; pipelines, water rights. The Uniting concept explains the cohesiveness between disparate disciplines and attitudes. Religion is the only thing that can bind such diversity. Illuminism is a religion.

Let’s expand this Priesthood concept. “Knowledge is Power.”Who has always had Knowledge? The king, yes, Royalty. But who teaches the King? The Educators. Who usually are the Educators/Councilors? The Priesthood.

Who carries on tradition? The Priesthood founded the Rulers, not the reverse. Kings came and went. The Priesthood endured; even in defeat by an enemy. The Priesthoods of the two warring counties were brothers. They practiced the same religion. Structured Paganism was virtually the same as it traveled from Babylon to Egypt to Greece to Rome to Britain. The only changes were in the names of the gods.

Of the Priesthood, who became the most powerful? The ones who had the most supernatural assistance. The ones who could do the most magic. The High Priest was the best magician.
Who got chosen/trained first, the non-family initiate or the son of the High Priest? The Priesthood is a generational thing.

The Priesthood, Pagan, Roman, Anglican, has always had major control over the Monarchs of history. They controlled the major aspects of the kingdom. i.e. the strangle hold the RCC had on the European Monarchs, forcing them even to genocide. The confessor of one of the Louis of France bragged in a letter to other priests that he had put such a Hell-fright into the king, with a little blackmail on the side, that the Huguenots would no longer be a problem for the Church. And they weren’t.

The Priesthoods have always been a Secret society. That means also secret existence as will as secret doctrine.All the Secret societies, Skull & Bones, Pilgrim Society, Templars, Rosicrucians, etc., come together under the Priesthood of Satan, even though they may conflict in some other area. Any internal family conflict the Rothschilds may have had, they were never deterred from their family objective to rule Europe and the world’s money.

The politics and finance are only the tools used by the Priesthood. Wars, depressions, elections, banks are the practicalities of the Priesthood’s objective. On a more historically visible scale, the Jesuits have been working in the same way. They are Royalty’s Councilors. The Jesuits want One World Religion, with them in control. They’ve been thrown out of many countries throughout history. They go underground for a while and then start up again.

The Illuminati don’t want to control just all the money, not just the Governments, the armies. Those things are only being used to have enough control of people world wide so that there will be no single area strong enough to stop them.

The main, over riding objective of the Satanist Illuminati Priesthood is making world conditions right for the emergence of the Satanic Messiah. The Anti Christ. They can’t do that without preparing the religious frame into something that would accept the AC. The Inter Faith movement is an Illuminati construct. The Principle is faith in people, mainly Self. The New Age movement is an Illuminati construct. God is in you. You are God.

Just taking over the armies isn’t enough. Just controlling the economies of nations isn’t enough. The Priesthood’s control must reach into ALL sectors of life—money, health, science, military, law, government, religion, agriculture, recreation, journalism, education, athletics and entertainment.
The regional councils of Ascended Masters have six chairs: Spiritual, Science, Government, Leadership, Scholarship, and Military. These people are heavily trained in their fields.

Don’t imagine folks who do nothing but satanic rituals. They are highly educated, productive people who are able to do the day to day jobs like secretary of State, supreme court Justice, or multi-million dollar movie producer.

But what is it about religion that binds all the areas together? THE SUPERNATURAL. People are always attracted to Power; power beyond their present state. From the wimp’s desire to be like the Bully, to the Intern with Presidential plans, or the Occultist wielding magic, it’s seeking power. Most religions claim a Higher Power, one that can be accessed to bring about tangible, physical results. It’s easy for the Banker and the Investigative Reporter to sit in the same pew. Their Religion can put them on the same page of over riding objectives. The banker can do an insider stock trade in the morning that the investigative reporter writes up in the afternoon. But they can both don their ritual robes and participate in child sacrifice that night. How’s that for graphic?

What place has the Illuminati in Christian life? They have a grave influence on our churches, economies, governments, and business. It’s their overriding objective that Christians need to know.

The Illuminati is Satanic Priesthood whose bloodlines go back 1000’s of years. Their objective is to ready the world for the emergence of the “Anti-Christ”.

Should that not be of intense concern to Christians?

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