I’ve done 100’s of hours of research into the illuminati. I have about 30 hours of videos presenting various aspects of the Elite and how they control the world. Most of these sources trace the Illuminati all the way back to ancient Babylon circa 3000 BC. They will outline how the controllers moved from location to location establishing world empires as they went. These authors will make it clear that this control didn’t originate at the Political level, but in the Priesthoods. Some will also show that these Priesthoods were Satanically oriented and inspired. Also, the evidence shows that the structure of the Priesthood is the same basic structure of Masonry. Mostly, it will be given that this structure morphed into what we have today as Masonry, that Masonry is the world encompassing organization through which the Priesthood operates. Hundreds of smaller offshoot secret societies have sprung up throughout history that control their regional areas. A few examples are the Templars, the Druids, the Skull and Bones, Phi Beta Kappa and the hundreds of Protestant and Catholic “children” of Masonry, the Shrine, Eastern Star and all their attendant youth organizations. These researchers have exposed the governmental influence of the Priesthood. The Moussad, the CIA, FBI, England’s MI6, the CFR, the RIIA, the PIA, the World Bank, IMF, the United Nations. Some have even treated the NGO’s such as the Sierra Club, The Red Cross, The Salvation Army. A few authors have made practically a life study of just the use of symbols in order to show the extent to which the control goes.

The one area I have seen no researcher treat is the Holy Land, with the exception of the Crusades. But, what about the Holy Land in the time of Christ? I haven’t heard anyone mention that. It’s almost the same as most Christians attitude toward the Bible and those times. It was so holy back then that the folks in the Bible never went behind a bush to relieve themselves. If that was the case, then surely the Illuminati wasn’t around, wasn’t trying to promote their agenda, wasn’t mixing in government and religious affairs.

I don’t believe that. Then Illuminati haven’t take any time off since they started up 5000 years ago. And when one considers the Root of the Illuminati movement, it’s clear that they were working their agenda many centuries before the Flood. The Root of the Illuminati is Satan. He started his resistance to God’s Plan when he deceived Eve in the Garden.

Just to clear up any misunderstanding, I have to give you my definition of “Illuminati”. We can’t stop at the formation of the one secret society back in Bavaria. In 1776 on Beltane, May 1st, Adam Weishaupt, under the direction of the Jesuits and supported by the Satanic worshipping Rothschild family established what came to be called the “Illuminati.” This secret society didn’t encompass all the Priesthood. It was just another of many secret societies that abounded in those times. But it was a major move by the priesthood into the top levels of Masonry. More to the point, it was the fabrication of the higher levels of Masonry to attract those of high influence in Government and Religion. It is important to emphasize the participation of Religious leaders in this movement. Remember that the Devil comes as an angel of Light.

So the name Illuminati, as I use it, applies to a generational priesthood, started 3000 BC in Babylon as the Pagan Mystery Religion. Certain symbols became attached to the Mystery: pyramid, obelisk, pentagram, hexagram, all-seeing eye, plus the reverence for certain numbers.

Going back to Solomon, I’d like to investigate the Illuminati’s influence in the Holy Land and show how I believe that they were the driving force behind the Pharisees of Jesus’ time.

Solomon and Hiram were the “first” masons. They were also distant cousins. Solomon’s wisdom didn’t go away when he went apostate. Now what do we have? The smartest guy in the world “Doing” the Pagan Mystery, under many different names. 1 Kings 11:5-7 names five different Pagan Gods that he worshipped. Let me remind you that just as the Priests of Pharaoh were able to duplicate most of the magic of Moses and Aaron, and the Priests of Jezebel were able to duplicate most of the magic of Elijah, the Satanists of Solomon’s time were also into magic.

As to Hiram, who supplied building materials to his “loved” friend David, and who supplied more materials and workmen and artificers for the building of the Temple, beyond that scripture says little. We know only that he was the son of a “man of Tyre” and a mother of the Tribe of Naphthali. There is a rather strange passage regarding Solomon awarding Hiram 20 cities for his help. 1 Kings 9:11—9:14.

Solomon gives Hiram 20 cities in Galilee for his help in the building the houses and Temple, so Hiram goes to have a look. In verse 12 he was “displeased” with the gift. Verse 13, he wails to Solomon that these cities are “cabul” in Hebrew. A modern city of that name has been much in the news from Israel. Interestingly, the name means “sterile.” That’s what Hiram called the gift from ”his brother” Solomon. “He called the land Cabul.”

And that’s it! He does all that work for Solomon, twenty years. Solomon “cheaps” out with 20 “sterile cities” and Hiram yells at him. In the very next verse everything seems all peachy again, because it tells of Hiram, sending Solomon over 4 million dollars in gold talents.

Matthew Henry suggests that Solomon made up by offering a business partnership to Hiram. This was based on their subsequent history of mining and trade.

It was Solomon’s temple that contained the only two pillars in the Bible that were given actual names, rather than with a descriptive title, like Altar of Witness. Here’s the account:

1Ki 7:21 And he set up the pillars in the porch of the temple: and he set up the right pillar, and called the name thereof Jachin: and he set upthe left pillar, and called the name8 thereof Boaz.
My idea is that Solomon was the initiator of those two pillars. Remember this was before he went Pagan.

This bit of commentary is by Matthew Henry:
1. Two brazen pillars, which were set up in the porch of the temple (1Ki_7:21), whether under the cover of the porch or in the open air is not certain; it was between the temple and the court of the priests. These pillars were neither to hang gates upon nor to rest any building upon, but purely for ornament and significancy. (1.) What an ornament they were we may gather from the account here given of the curious work that was about them, chequer-work, chain-work, net-work, lily-work, and pomegranates in rows, and all of bright brass, and framed no doubt according to the best rules of proportion, to please the eye. [JaxNote: And let me add here that brass in the Bible always symbolizes judgment, although I’m not sure that Solomon knew this.] (2.) Their significancy is intimated in the names given them (1Ki_7:21): Jachin - he will establish; and Boaz - in him is strength. Some think they were intended for memorials of the pillar of cloud and fire which led Israel through the wilderness: I rather think them designed for memorandums to the priests and others that came to worship at God's door, [firstly] To depend upon God only, and. secondly, It was a memorandum to them of the strength and establishment of the temple of God among them

Another commentator, John Wesley says:
1Ki 7:21 - Jachin - Jachin signifies he; That is, God shall establish, his temple, and church, and people: and Boaz signifies, in it, or rather, in him (to answer the he in the former name) is strength. So these pillars being eminently strong and stable, were types of that strength which was in God, and would be put forth by God for the defending and establishing of his temple and people, if they were careful to keep the conditions required by God on their parts.

With these pillars a lesson is demonstrated. The things of God are counterfeited by Satan and/or used by him in his own movement, just to stick it to God? Satan appropriated those pillars for the establishment of his own kingdom. That would be the kingdom of the anti-Christ.
The Great Tribulation is Satan’s last stand. He’s been building up to this kingdom as long as God has been building up to the Millennium. Satan knows that Jesus will be coming back at the end of the Great Tribulation. This is his last ditch effort to win over as many people as possible. Or kill them before they can convert.

Why all this fuss over a couple pillars? As said, Satan has taken them on as his own and they have become the number 11. Eleven is just about the most significant number to the Illuminati. They like 13 and a few other numbers, but you’ll notice that the armistice of WW1 wasn’t signed at 13 o’clock on the 13th day of the 13th month.. All that happened on the 11th day, 11th month, 11th hour. Not Noon, not 10:30. The Madrid bombing occurred on March 11 and although the London Tube bombings didn't happen on the 11th day of the month, notice that July 7th, or 7/7,points right to 7 times 11.

These pillars are a bulwark of Masonry. Just about the only place they aren’t apparent is with the ton of Masonic symbolism contained in the Great Seal of the United States. The most notable display of Jachin and Boaz was the World Trade Center. That 11 overshadowed the center of world commerce. Maybe you remember that they brought the towers down on the 11th. In fact, it was even the same day and month that they chose for the assassination of democratically elected Ellende of Chile. September 11, 1973

Let’s jump ahead to the present for just a minute. This will further help us see that there is NO disconnect between Solomon’s apostasy and today’s Illuminati. Remember those basic symbols? The pyramid/triangle, six pointed star/hexagram/star of David, so called, the obelisk/penis of Osiris, and the all-seeing eye. Ooops! I forgot our Medal of Honor. The most prestigious award this country has to bestow. That’s the Illuminati’s big laugh. They have led us to believe that this honor is being bestowed by a grateful American public for heroism in protecting our Nation.

They are honestly honoring those who have fought, but they are honoring them for helping to bring about their goal, the NWO. So, isn’t it natural for the Illuminati to bestow their most esteemed symbol on their “helpers?” Of course, that’s why they give those brave soldiers an inverted pentagram!!! The Medal of Honor is an inverted pentagram, the most Satanic of symbols. Lastly, what do you get when you take the points off a pentagram? A Pentagon. Think Chrysler Corporation, WWII armaments supplier, tanks.

We have a lot to say about the obelisk, the all-seeing eye and the pyramid. I’ll only mention a little before concentrating on the star of David.

We have Osiris’ penis in many places in the world. The Washington Monument, Cleopatra’s Needle in Britain, the obelisk that the Pope sees when he looks out his window and the newly built Israeli Supreme Court. That marvelous construction also has a pyramid with the eye. They even managed to slip in a flip-off to God by including a stairway made into an upside down cross. They love that inverted cross. That’s why they put it in so many places in the Vatican.

The all-seeing eye is on our Great Seal and a whole list of our government agencies, like the new Homeland Security agency, have the eye on their logos. This goes for Internet giant AOL. The thing is virtually everywhere. It really is literally an all-seeing eye. It even connects to the star of David because that star is really two separate triangles put together.

The star of David, so called, was not used by David. He was a “man after God’s own heart.” He wouldn’t have used an old Pagan symbol. That symbol didn’t make its way into Israel until Solomon adopted it. It’s been passed down ever since in all the symbolism of Freemasonry. What a contradiction in terms. Those Masons aren’t free. They are slaves to Satan, even those at the lower levels who don’t really understand what goes on at the top. Now, if that Pagan star was adopted by Solomon, this clearly shows that the Pagan Priesthood had moved into Israel.

The Priesthood’s already acquired Satanic power of magic was applied to all the wisdom and knowledge of Solomon. This knowledge would have surely contained much of what came through the flood with Noah. Noah was the custodian of the Godly Priesthood’s knowledge. That included all of Enoch’s writings. Enoch has been called God’s scribe. He wrote down all the celestial knowledge about the solar system, the Zodiac. Many conclude that it was Enoch who Bossed the crew of angels that built the Great Pyramid. By the way, the Phoenicians came mainly from Tyre and Sidon. That’s Hiram’s neck of the woods. And the name Phoenician comes from PaHonic, House of Enoch. Many little connections.

There is no doubt in my mind that the birth of Freemasonry happened with Solomon. It was just one more step in the consolidation of Satan’s structure. One writer has offered that the RCC was first populated by Jews. These brought Solomon’s freemasonry to Rome and installed it there, where it was “officially” adopted by Constantine. It was then that the RCC took on a Pope and the College of Cardinals from Paganism. Some have connected the rituals of Catholicism with Masonry. And it’s proven beyond doubt that the Mormon’s rituals are Masonic in origin. Confirmed by the fact that all the presidents of the Mormon Church have been out of the Holy Illuminati bloodline, the Merovingians.

But let’s take a closer look at the occult star. Do you think that the Israelis would keep it as their symbol if they knew its true origin? I don’t. Do you think that they would venerate the Rothschilds if they knew that grand-daddy Rothschild tried to duck out on his Jewish heritage, changing the family name from Bauer to Rothschild? He chose that name because that was his address. The house may or may not have had a number, but the identifying sign which hung out front of the house was a Red Shield. Amshel Bauer changed his name to his address. Red=Roth, Shield=schild.

He happened to be one of the people, as said above, behind Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Secret Society named the Illuminati. He founded the Illuminati on May 1st, one of the Great Pagan Holidays, Beltane, 1776. Our Illuminati government buddies were only too happy to include 1776 on our Great Seal.

That Rothschild sign out front also contained an occult hexagram. Amshel didn’t call it the Star of David.

Hide and seek or rather hide and deceive is a favorite game of the Occult Satanists who sit at the very top of world power. But their treasured symbols aren’t just the big stuff that can be put down to maybe a few in power when certain things were built. These guys are so in control of the US monetary system that they can hide some very occult symbols right on our money.

Get out a dollar bill and look on the front. Up in the right hand corner you’ll see a small shield with scoops in the upper corners of the shield. In the left-hand, which means “sinister”, left-hand scoop you’ll see a dot about one fifth the size of a pin head. With a jeweler’s loop you will see that this dot is an owl. Don’t try to figure out what possible reason there might be for an owl being on our money. Google Bohemian Grove on your computer and you’ll find a ton of evidence demonstrating the fact that it is the meeting place for national and international power players. These meetings are the places where our presidents are chosen.

To the lower level members of Bohemian Grove, it’s a chance to make valuable business and political contacts. To the higher levels, it’s serious business, Satanic business. And the Symbol of the Grove stands at its major altar of sacrifice. It is a forty-foot Owl. This Owl being on our money will be no surprise when taken in context with the many Masonic symbols on the Seal, AND that you’ll be hard pressed to find one US President that wasn’t a high level Mason. Lincoln, beside being a Mason, was also one of the three top national leaders of the Rosicrucians; one more secret Satanic/Masonic Society.

On the Seal, Reverse side, the one with the Eagle, there is one six-pointed star. Another is found on the Obverse side. One you can see, the other is very hidden, but blatant to the knowledgeable person. Look above the Eagle. You’ll see 13 (another oft used symbolic number) stars in what’s called the Glory, that ring of clouds. These 13 stars form a hexagram.
Switch to the back side and overlay symmetrically an inverted triangle on the Pyramid. The eye is the only point of the six that doesn’t point to a letter in the two banners. Top left points to an “a”. Top right points to an “s”. Bottom left points to an “n”. Bottom right points to an “m”. The central bottom point indicates an “o”. Those letters spell Mason.

The very symbol of Masonry, the Compass and Square is hiding a hexagram. It only takes the addition of two horizontal lines across the ends of the Square and Compass to make a hexagram

I’ll leave this part passing on the triangle in a circle. We’ve already seen the triangle/pyramid on our Seal. Now think Alcoholics Anonymous. Think Paramount Pictures. Think the blue circle with the white triangle in it that’s on the public restroom door.

This occult hexagram reaches back beyond Solomon and is still used today. Pause for a second on the ramifications of someone powerful enough to influence the design of our money; sneaky enough to put their Occult Owl Altar on our money.

Transition time. We jump forward from Master of the Occult, Solomon, by 900 some years. On the way to Jesus’ time, we’ve had the rise of the Occult priesthoods of Assyria and the second Babylonian empire, the Medo-Persians and the rise and fall of Alexander the Great, who, after consulting the Oracle, went on to conquer the known world in a few more years.

Those Medo-Persians, who at first were disposed toward their captives Israel, who decreed through Cyrus that any Israelites who wanted to go back and reestablish Jerusalem and the Temple would have his blessing, later became controlled by the Occult Priesthood. The power behind the priesthood was, of course, Satan. The angel that was sent to answer Daniel’s prayer tells Daniel that he was held up three weeks by the “Prince of Persia.” No human being can hold up an angel. Daniel is told that the Arch Angel Michael and the messenger will defeat that Prince when the Messenger rejoins Michael. But, he also tells Daniel that “then will the Prince of Grecia come.” Behind Alexander was the demonic power of Satan.

Like all the world’s empires, Alexander’s was just another step to consolidate the known world under the Occult Priesthood. But when we get to Jesus’ time, we’re they still around? Wasn’t the Occult Priesthood really running the Roman Empire from behind the scenes? Didn’t they use their influence to install Herod the Great to rule over the Jews?

Ah, but that’s where their influenced stopped, you might say. Those occultists, pagan worshippers had no influence over God’s “Chosen People.” The Illuminati Priesthood was just as big in Israel as anywhere else. In fact, Satan probably had more troops working in that area than any other. It was the center for the worship of God. Satan’s first battle ground is the church.

Satan did as much as he could to subvert Israel’s walk with God. Solomon built all his houses, cities and the Temple in 20 years. He reigned 40 years. He was apostate more than a couple weeks before he died. Even before he built the Temple he was used to going up to the high places to sacrifice. He’d piled up 700 wives and 300 concubines. Took him three years to make all the rounds. Later in life, he got so bad that God appeared to him and told him that He was going to split up the kingdom after he died, and give it to “his servant”, which would be Jeroboam, who Solomon had put in charge of the northern tribes. It says, “the house of Joseph”, which would mainly mean the aristocracy of the Tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, Joseph’s sons. They were the ones that got Jacob’s birthright in Genesis 49.

Seeing that Jerusalem was only made the capitol about 60? years ago, most of the nobility still hung out to the north. Bethel must have surely been a center of activity, being the spot that Father Jacob anointed as the “House of God”. It’s no wonder that the House of Israel went straight into apostasy following Solomon’s death. They had a decades head start during Solomon’s latter years.

Judah had its problems, too. But God helped them get back on track. Something like every seventh king was a Good guy and cleaned things up. God never intended to divorce Judah the way He said He would Israel. Jesus had to come out of the Judah-David line. So the southern kingdom was protected, even when God had to send Nebuchadnezzer to shut down the Holy Land for 70 years, while he gathered enough people to go back and get a new start, and build the Temple that would receive the Son of man.

And for the next 500 years Satan worked to infiltrate the government and the Priesthood in time for that same appearance of the Son of man. This would be his last ditch effort to prevent the Messiah. Satan was well aware of Daniel’s writings and prophecy of the Messiah at this particular time of history. He wasn’t out on the 6th green trying to make an 11 foot putt when Jesus was born. He had his band stationed all around the area just looking for any sign that might point to the whereabouts of the Babe. The Government was his, from Herod straight up to Caesar. The Priesthood was his. He’d established his usual generational, family monopoly of the Top Office.

If Satan was at work in Jerusalem and Israel, where could he turn the most people away from God? In the religious center of Israel. In the Temple Priesthood!!!! Haven’t you ever wondered at some of the outrageous, off the wall things that the Pharisees came up with? They continually tried to trip up Jesus. He continually upbraided them for not knowing the scriptures. Then he’d show them where they were wrong. I don’t think they were ignorant of the scriptures. It took much scriptural knowledge to be able to twist that word in such a way as to profit from it materially and socially.

What would explain the Pharisees asking Jesus for a sign when he had just done three supernatural feats right before their eyes? He had just cast out a demon from a blind mute. Then he healed the guy so he could both see and talk.

First, the Pharisees try a smoke screen saying that Jesus cast out the demon by the power of Beelzebub. Jesus dismisses this with the “house divided” speech. They then show their real motives by asking him for a sign. A sign that he is from God. The crowd had already come to that conclusion. They had called Jesus one of the names for the Messiah. They said he was the “son of David.”

If those Pharisees weren’t Illuminati Priesthood connected, I’ll eat my hat. It’s the explanation that fits all the machinations. If they were really of God, the way most of the Galileans were, they would have hailed Jesus as the Messiah, too.

I have often wondered what it would have been like for those religious leaders if they had accepted Jesus. They still would have been the ones in charge of the Temple. They still would have been on top. But they weren’t motivated by any God-focused objectives. They were held in the grip of Satan.

Here’s the whole passage from the 12th chapter of Matthew:

Mat 12:22 Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw.
Mat 12:23 And all the people were amazed, and said, Is not this the son of David? [They were not referring to his lineage. They couldn't have known what that was at this time.]
Mat 12:24 But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.
Mat 12:25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:
Mat 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof, in the day of judgment.
Mat 12:37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.
Mat 12:38 Then certain of the scribes and of the Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we would see a sign from thee.

A sign!? They commonly acknowledged that demons were cast out by the power of God. There were others in their day who had the ability to cast out demons. This was not unknown.
One person I talked with on email wrote this:
I guess they'd have been there around 30AD, but .. would they have had any real structure through the political system? I was picturing a priestly line involved in the mystery religions.
Their agenda for total control, and to set the scene to usher in the anti-Christ came about when ?.. surely after the middle ages.

I answered: I think there is a historical point beyond which the clear statement of getting ready for the anti-Christ was around. But this Satanic Priesthood went back to Nimrod. Now maybe the immediate goal for those folks wasn't setting up for the anti-Christ, but it surely was control of the little people through religion. This included the kings. And Satan's agenda, starting in the Garden, never changed.

One of the main ideas that motivated this investigation was the realization that Israel and Jerusalem didn't live in a vacuum. The Illuminati was alive and hard at work through the Roman Empire, just as they were during all previous empires.

Not only did they seek control through their Mysteries, but also politically. So, Satan wasn't taking a day off from Israel and Jerusalem. He was working against the Truth, just as he always had and will. He was working through the Romans and anyone else he could use to subvert the Truth. How about Judas? Was betraying Christ his idea? Who put that phony idea into his head about setting things up so that Jesus' Truth would be made known to and convince the Jewish religious leaders?

I just learned that the High Priest stayed right in Annas' family, with his sons and other family members taking the public position of High Priest (they couldn't stay High Priest till death), but Annas was running the show from behind. Sound familiar? I know that other folks must have been as confused as I when I first read the account of Jesus' trial. It seemed like Annas was High Priest, but then it talked about Caiaphas.

”Master, show us a sign.” Just thinking in the Judaism frame, what could they have been waiting for? If these guys were all fairly well educated in prophecy they'd be waiting for the Messiah; who else?

That's the point. With all their supposed knowledge and professed acknowledgement of the Messiah, they still wouldn't accept Jesus. They see him do miraculous healing and casting out and in the next breath ask him to do something supernatural. It's almost like they were programmed to keep picking at the Truth while ignoring the plain facts in front of them. If anyone should have recognized the Messiah, these guys should have.

I don't think that the Holy Land was exempted from the Illuminati. Satan had installed Herod, an Edomite as King. Why couldn't he get his claws into the Temple priesthood and especially the San Hedrin? My research shows that the Church is the front line of attack for Satan. He's not working hard to lure people away from God in the Bars and Brothels. He is not mistranslating or misquoting Scripture to the Shaman or the Scientologist.

Just to evidence that the Church is Satan’s number one work place, here’s a couple pages out of Fritz Springmeier’s book, Be Wise As Serpents. This book is now out of print and extremely hard to get.


  1. Why is it that died-in-the-wool communist leaders like Billy Graham?
  2. Why is it that the Pope and the Catholic church gave Billy Graham his doctorate (yes, his doctorate is honorary)
  3. Why is it that Billy Graham is on record advocating that if the Ten commandments can’t by read in the public schools then communist Chairman Mao-Tse-tung’s principles should be taught?
  4. Why is it that Billy Graham is on record several times saying in speeches that the Catholic Church preaches the gospel?
  5. Why is it that Billy Graham doesn’t believe in hell, but believes in Armageddon, yet both ides are in the book of Revelation?
  6. Why does Billy graham support a One-world-government, one-world-church?


The meteoric rise to prominence that Billy Graham experienced resembles other Masons who have had their careers made for them by the New World Order.
Billy Graham made his first confession of faith under the Evangelist Mordecai Ham. It appears Billy Graham has been a Mason since the 1940s.
His rise to fame started in Los Angeles. In 1949, his first Los Angeles Crusade was launched. Notable Hollywood entertainers attended such as Stewart Hamlin. William Randolph Hearst, head of the large Hearst newspaper chain, directed all his newspaper editors to give Graham wide coverage with the command, “Puff Graham.”
Hearst’s newspaper chain is loudly touted as being a non-Jewish affair. Dilling reported in 1940 that the general manager of Hearst papers was the Jew J.D. Gortatowsky. Chairman of the executive committee of Hearst Enterprises Inc. was Jew Solomon Solis Carvalho. Hearst’s Boston publisher was Jew Carl Dreyfuss, managing editor of Hearst’s NY American was Jew Arthur G. Number. Hearst’s Int. News Service president and general manager was Jew Moses Koenigsberg. Circulation director of all the Hearst papers and magazines, and a member of Hearst executive council before going to prison was Jew Moe Annenbery. The list of Jews in the top leadership of Hearst newspaper chain could go on. The reader should be getting the picture.
Following Hearst’s newspaper chain’s lead, the national news media gave Graham wide coverage in magazines and newspapers.
Since that first publicity, the Jewish press, Jewish religious leaders, the Federal Council of Churches of Christ, the World Council of Churches and others have been bragging on Billy Graham. For instance, “Dr. G. Paul Mussselman, Executive Director of the Department of Evangelism of the National Council of Churches, spoke in warm terms about the work of evangelist Billy Graham…”I call Billy Graham the …greatest of the ecumenical voices,”
The New Order Power has spent an enormous amount of energy, time and money to build up Graham’s image. And Billy Graham has stayed away from controversy.
Because Graham had connections to the New World Order, they got him booked in the communist countries. This seems more evident when we read of Graham’s Mason friend Robert Schuler’s explanation for why Schuler was allowed into Russia to preach.
The Mason Robert Schuler explained his success in becoming the first tel-evangelist to be on Soviet TV as both a combination of 1- having friend like Armand Hammer and 2- because his approach would not be sectarian nor evangelistic, but would be a message of “possibility thinking.”
For those not aware, the late Armand Hammer was close to the center of the New World Order’s center of power, and was a go between for the New World Order and their men who ruled in the Kremlin. According to reports, Hammer brought instructions each time as to who was to rule the U.S.S.R. each time there was a change. Hammer was a friend of the Mountbattans and the Rothschilds.
Graham has been very close to all the Presidents since Eisenhower. All of these Presidents have been handpicked as acceptable by the New World Order. Although Nixon knew that Graham was in favor of his Presidency, Nixon told him not to publicly endorse him, “Your ministry is more important than my getting elected President.” Why would Nixon, who worked for Rockefeller, view Graham’s ministry as more important than for Nixon being President: Nixon is not really that religious. I believe Nixon meant it more in the sense that Graham’s ministry is more important to the New Order than Nixon’s presidency. Certainly, Nixon wasn’t concerned about Christ.


The New World Order doesn’t feel they can fail when they can create men like Billy Graham. The New World Order has made him the most respected man in America. And he is their man consciously working for them. If he lives long enough he will be one of the most powerful assets to bring in a false Christ.

Adam Weishaupt, organizer of the Bavarian Illuminati said in German, “The most admirable thing of all is that great Protestant and reformed theologians who belong to our Order really believe they see in it the true and genuine mind of the Christian religion. Oh! Man, what can’t you be brought to believe.”

Just before this place in the book, Fritz lists many religious organizations which were controlled by high level masons. He lists 29 different denominations containing 279 top level members who were or were affiliated with the Masons. He then goes on to list Theological schools run or controlled by Masons. Of the 42 schools listed, there were 48 Masons, including 14 members of the infamous Skull and Bones secret society. Lastly, he lists some 9 Bible societies containing 15 high level controlling Masons.

Here are some more facts about the Pharisees.
They went to Herod, could not find any guilt.
They went to Pilate, could not find any guilt.
They violated many of their laws in bringing Jesus to trial and execution.
Somewhere in my studies of the resurrection I came across a statement that the Jews also held a hammer over Pilate and threatened him with exposure to Caesar. It seems that earlier on Pilate was involved in some kind of assassination plot.

I have long since concluded that my vote for anything higher than County Supervisor is ineffective. When even the Mayor of a major US city was warned not to fly on September 11, then I believe that to be Governor of a state is to be controlled by or in league with the Illuminati. I often like to pose the question, “Did the Illuminati take a vacation?” Not since Nimrod’s Babylonian reign, 3000 BC. They influenced and controlled the high political figures all down through history. Judea was no different than yesterday or tomorrow. The descendent of Esau that the Romans installed to be King and surely the Roman Governor of Judea were under the watchful eye and hammer of the Roman Illuminati behind the Caesars.

I imagine Pilate did what he could but in the end he had to go along with the Jews. Think of that! Is that off-the-wall or what? I mean look. The most powerful person in Judea, more practical power than the Roman Puppet king, had to accede to these hot head Jewish Better-Than-Thous. Why would he knuckle under to them? He commanded legions. Going against Caesar, by letting people be “suckered” away to this Jesus and his teaching? Starting an uproar in Judea? Hardly, very hardly. The people loved Jesus. Remember those in Matthew who saw him heal and cast out? They called him the Messiah, in so many words. They lined the street and threw their clothes down on the road when Jesus came to town. He taught, “Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s”. He taught “love your enemy”. His converts weren’t a threat to anyone except the Devil. How do you spell Devil? Pharisee/Sadducee/Illuminati.

NOTE: At this point I must qualify. Even though we hear little about the Sadducees and mostly about the Pharisees, it has been brought to my attention that the Sadducees were more against the teachings of Christ than the Pharisees. So, all my references to the Pharisees should be taken more lightly and should include the Sadducees. A fellow researcher has made a short list of what the Sadducees believed and taught. Act as you please. No Hell. No eternal punishment. No rewards. The soul dies with the body. Total freewill exists. Resisted all changes to the status quo. No angels, no demons. Believed in placation Rome at all costs. No Sadducees supported Jesus. ALL High Priests were Sadducees. If that doesn't sound like the Illuminati and the Communist Manifesto, I don't know what does.

The Bible teaches that God is not the author of confusion. If you’re confused by these unreasonable actions of the Pharisees then the Devil must be in there somewhere. Those Pharisees weren’t just “blind” or ignorant or mistaken. They were actively pursuing lies and shedding innocent blood.
They were the kind of men who would bribe soldiers to circulate a story that they knew wasn’t true and then assure the guards that when their Roman superiors wanted to punish them for sleeping on the job that they would be protected. This is unreasonable behavior for ignorant or mistaken men. These men appear driven, to me.

The religious rulers of Jesus time in Palestine were in cahoots with the Illuminati, just the way the religious world leaders are today. I’m sorry, but things aren’t going to change, either.

There are multitudes of folks going around thinking and saying that we can save the planet. We can turn the anti-Christ’s agenda around. We can make a better world. Those folks don’t believe God when he talks about the anti-Christ and all the bad stuff that’s going to come down during the Great Tribulation.

But I can’t blame them. They haven’t been taught faithing. If we can’t change the world, then we’d better change ourselves.

If you’re one of those who think the world is going down the tube, you’re right.
If you sit in amazement at some of the off-the-wall things that our Government and leaders are doing, wonder no more. They are on a completely different agenda than what they’ve told us.
To show how careless they are, flight 93 that was shot down over Pennsylvania somehow couldn’t make it to WTC 7, but they (Larry Silverstein) set off the controlled demolition of it anyway.

God is real and has included protection in His many promises to faithers. What will you do?

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