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This Christian walk is a series of revelations. There seems to be no end to the ways that God has shown Himself to us. Maybe that's because God is Infinite. I can't keep up with it all. I just get one God-confirming concept under my belt and here comes another one. Out of all the study areas I've looked into over the last 15 years, not one of them could be exhausted. Each can be pursued more and more deeply.

Most of the subjects on this site are like that. I call myself a "surface level" researcher, having done very little original research. I don't call reading a few books and making notes original research. My way has been to get deeply enough into a subject to confirm God's hand in the subject, and thereby, His reality.

And of course the Bible is the deepest Mine of all. I don't think anyone has ever even imagined what's at the bottom, let alone approached it. I think we'd even have trouble completely researching one book. We've got sixty-six side "shafts" that add to the whole.

When God talks, even the periods help tell the Message. Why just the table of contents of the Bible shows supernatural design. But without the inclusion of the Book of James, as "spurious" and "strawey" as Martin Luther termed it to be, we wouldn't find an elaborate scheme of elevens contained in the Table. You'll see what I mean if you go to my Ivan Panin page.

He's found 21 features of the number eleven tucked away in the Table of contents of the Bible. A "feature" could be seen as eleven itself showing up or some multiple of eleven, like 66, which is the number of books in the Bible. We know the author of 44 books, of which 22 books were written by different authors. See how it works? It's great fun. And proves God, too. Can't beat that!

Chuck Missler helped me see one of the lower layers of God's labyrinth. One way God talks to us is in "types." Most beginning Bible students know about types. David was a "type" of Christ. The Red Sea crossing was a "type" of baptism. When he was told to sacrifice his only son Isaac, Abraham was a "type" of God. The list is very long.

Numerics, gematria, types, name meanings of people and places, everything in the Bible tells us God's Main Message. His Kingdom is coming to earth. Everything else about is a byproduct of that main event. Even though we'd like to think that our salvation is God's first concern, our salvation is only a means to the end of helping God govern first the Millennial Kingdom, then the Universe. We have to have immortal bodies for that kind of stuff.

I know that some have already thought that I've negated Jesus and his work here on earth. I invite them to research Jesus acts, especially his "preaching." He talked more about the kingdom of God than anything else. When we aren't given some specific example of what the kingdom of God is like, we're told generically that Jesus went "preaching the kingdom of God."

Every kingdom has a throne. God's throne has been described in many places in the Bible. Besides the many other parts of the throne, like the sea of glass, we are told in Revelation and Ezekiel about four creatures that are found on the four sides of the throne. These creatures have different faces. The four faces are that of a Lion, a Man, an Ox and an Eagle.

The person most responsible for the establishment of God's kingdom will probably be found, symbolically, in communications about the throne. When God talks about the throne, or "shows" us images of the throne, he'll probably include some reference to the one did most to establish the kingdom.

Jesus was never symbolized by a frog, or a serpent. I've seen a verse in Daniel that I can read as Jesus being the mountain of the Stone Kingdom. But we don't usually think of Jesus when we see a mountain. Jesus has only one main symbol, the Cross.

If Jesus will be ruling the Millennial Kingdom of God, he'll probably show up whenever God talks about the throne or Kingdom. The camp in the wilderness is just such a place where God mentions His throne, and with the very populations of the various tribes, lays out the Cross of Christ.

Before you go look at the camp layout I have to explain one point. When the tribes were told to places themselves around the Tabernacle, they were told East, North, West and South. I didn't fly over the camp in a helicopter to check this out, but there's a good likelyhood that the tribes took this order VERY literal. That would mean that no tribe could go farther to the side than the central area where the Levites and Priests camped around the Tabernacle. In other words, none of the tribes were located Northeast or Southwest of the center. So instead of fanning out, the individual Brigades of three tribes would form an open ended rectangle bounded on the sides by the distance across one side of the central area.

I personally must believe that the tribes followed those instructions literally. I must believe this because of the resulting firgure when the camp is laid out. To paraphrase Moses, "Scroll down, and see the salvation of the LORD.

Is that an all-powerful God, or what? 1500 years before Christ God showed his cross for forty years in the wilderness. You don't think that those Israelites were ignorant of the symbolic configuration of the camp, do you? Oh sure, they didn't know about Jesus, specifically, but I'm sure they knew that there was God-symbology in the camp layout. And maybe you noticed that it wasn't the main symbol of Dan that was used for his Brigade. Dan's first two symbols were a serpent and a horse. The other three Brigades had the main symbol of the leading Tribe.

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