I've talked a lot about gematria on this site. I've done several shows outlining how God has done things by the numbers. He's Installed His numbers is all His creation. Gematria takes on many different forms and systems of calculation, but I stick to the simple form.

Gematria exists in Greek, Hebrew and English. It doesn't appear that English gematria is "official." This is because we are able to choose the letter values. Whereas, in Greek and Hebrew, the number value of each letter is set. Both those peoples used letters for numbers. Same with Latin. You remember that a "V" in Roman numerals stands for the number 5. Other numbers are expressed as letters: L X M C, etc. In Greek and Hebrew every letter has a number assigned. They get up into the hundreds for the later letters, like omega. Omega in Greek is given a value of 800. In Hebrew, the last letter of the alphabet is tav and has a value of 400.

In both Hebrew and Greek then, we just add up the letter values of a word and get a word value. Very simple and not "math intensive."

But English doesn't assign any value to the letters. We have separate numbers, so it appears that there is no valid gematria that can apply to English, seeing that we have to decide what to value each letter. And believe me, there are many ways that are very interesting. A=1, B=2, C=3 and on to Z at 26 is the simplest method of valuing the letters. And that can be another thing that debunks English gematria. It's too simple. Any kid in school has used that kind of thing for a code to send notes in class.

The only area I deal with in gematria is that which connects to the Bible. This is because the Bible numbers have symbolism attached to them. When you find a repeated number in the Bible, you'll find that it appears in the same or a very similar context. The context supplies the symbolism.

My favorite example is the number 600. Look at all the times when you find the number 600 and you find it in a context of war or weapons, number of soldiers, etc,. So, in the Bible, there is a standard symbol for the numbers. One symbolizes God. Four is the number for the world. Six is the number for man. Twelve means perfect government.

How do we connect this number-value stuff with creation? It's really easy. We just take the appropriate measurements of things. One thing I've presented on this is the measurements of the solar system. Well, really, more of the measurements of the sun, moon and earth. The idea is that if God created these bodies, then some of His numbers will be found in their measurements.

First we have to know that the most often used name for Jesus is Lord Jesus Christ. When we total up the values for these three names we get 3168. The total of the letters in the word Lord is 800. The letters in Jesus total 888. The letters in Christ total 1480. 800+888+1480=3168.

The Bible says that Jesus was the express agency for God in the creation of the "heavens and the earth." Then we should be able to find Jesus' number embedded in the creation. Of course, it's there, right in the diameter of the earth. The earth is 7920 miles in diameter. That means that all four sides of a square that we can drown around the earth will total 4x7920. 7920x4=31680.

Megalithic miles is another way to measure something like the earth or moon or sun. A megalithic mile is 2.727272 miles. Remember 7920? The moon's diameter is 792 megalithic miles. 4x792 is 3168. The diameter of the sun is 316,800 Mmi.

Jesus number is reflected in the diameters of the sun, moon and earth. That's how we connect creation numbers to the Bible.

Some interpretations of numbers differ, but when we see only the first 12 numbers, there is pretty much universal agreement on the symbolism. Five is the number for grace.

With that little introduction to gematria let me show you something really neat. God's name in Hebrew. It's often called the tetragrammaton , four letters. In English we say Jehovah, but the letters are Y H W H. The word starts with yod, then hay, then vav, then another hay. The number values for those letters is, yod=10, Hay=5, vav=6.

I have to thank an email writer for asking me the question that brought about this study.

He asked:
Do you have any ideas on what the H's in YHWH could mean?

I replied:
The only thing I know about the H's is that they are valued at five, and five is the number of Grace. God likes to repeat Himself so He can establish an idea. "At the mouth of two, a thing is confirmed." And our salvation, our inclusion in what God's doing, is dependent on His Grace. His name has twice as much. Now, you notice that those Grace letters bracket the yod=6, the number of a man. God's Grace covers us completely, front and back, the imperfections of man=6. God's got your back! Our salvation starts and ends with God's Grace. But watch what happens to the vav=10. 10 is the number for Law, ordinal perfection, human responsibility. That vav comes first, meaning, all the following is there for those who take responsibility, who take action on God's declaration of Grace. One could say that God's Number is Grace.

Wow, thanks for asking that question. I've never broken down God's name that way. But I'm not at all surprised at the "message." That same message is in everything God does. The Zodiacs, both solar and lunar, the great Pyramid, the names of the first ten patriarch's, the stones of the breastplate, Genesis 1:1 and much more.

Now, isn't that neat? But there's more. It seems that there's always more with God. I continued this study by adding the letter numbers. 10+5+6+5=26. I didn't remember any symbol for 26, so I checked my two different number charts and they both said 26 was the Gospel. That made me frown a bit. I was leery because sometimes one of my charts gives some pretty flimsy reasons for the symbol given. Sure enough, one chart referenced 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. but it said, "died=23, rose=3 =26.

I had to go to the verse to read the whole passage. Paul is giving a short version of salvation. His two main points are the death of Jesus and the resurrection. He clearly states this as the gospel. Verse one, "Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you," He goes on to say that it's about salvation and that he got the news from Jesus. Paul finishes with "buried and rose the third day." The bare bones of the good news that Paul brought was, Jesus died and rose.

Now 23 is always the number for death, that's true. But it starts to feel like manipulation to take 23 out of the 26. Even more, to say 3 stands for resurrection starts to be obscure, although I do have to mention that this particular chart gives 3 as the number for resurrection. My other chart doesn't. If I were to come up with a better number for resurrection, it would 17. That's the day Jesus came out of the tomb. Also, in type, it's the day Noah came out of the ark. Additionally, most charts give 17 as the number for victory. No other number chart I've seen gives resurrection as the symbolism for the number three. Three is the Total Godhead, Divine completion. The idea is that Jesus died=23 and rose three days later=3. And that's the gospel. Jesus died and rose.

OK, that kind of fits, but I had to check my other chart. I found the same meaning. My other chart doesn't give references, but the meaning of 26 was the same, so I accepted it.

You may be ahead of me here. God's name is the complete story of God's grace to man through the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's God, people. That's God.

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