Christianity is based on one fact alone. Not Jesus' sayings, not Good Behavior and the Ten Commandments, not the organized Church, but in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. His resurrection gives credence, is the event that verifies God's promises of salvation and immortality.

In other words, if there's someone who says He can raise people from being dead three full days, and He also says that for trusting Him He will give us immortality through the implant of His Spirit, and then He brings a dead person back to life, it will give us the confidence we need to take the considerable risk of trusting His Word on the immortality part. We will gain the strength to Faithe.

It may seem that proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, that someone 2000 years ago came back to life is impossible. The evidence shows that to be ignorant thinking. Many volumes of evidence have been written over the centuries. The subject has been addressed from many angles. Even when skeptics have set out to disprove Jesus' resurrection, they have come away not only convinced of its occurrance, but have defined its truth in great detail.

These shows on the resurrection are based on many different authors, but were motivated initially by the teaching of Dr. Gene Scott. We'll also hear from the "Tryal of the Witnesses", by Sherlock, "Who Moved the Stone" by Frank Morison, Harvard Law Professor, Simon Greenleaf, in Josh McDowell's "Evidence". Any one of these sources is sufficient to confirm Jesus' resurrection. But if you'd like a good hit of the supernatural, listen to the three shows on the Shroud of Turin.

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