Since the mid-thirteenth century the sides have been lining up to argue the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. With the advent of each new technology, the subject has been again examined and expounded upon.

The Shroud was thought to be a painted fake until it was shown that no artist had ever painted in the negative. After photography proved the negative quality of the image, it was said to have been created by various methods, including, topography, body chemistry, or cosmic rays.

Our powerfull microscopes of today have shown all these to be erroneous conclusions. Our science has proved that the purported blood stains are indeed real blood. We now know that the image is as it seems, the "burned-in" image of a man, accompanied by dried clots of blood.

But is that enough to say, "This is Jesus?" Surely not.

How many coincidences make a fact? How many of the attributes of the image must conform to the Biblical account of the crucifixion of Jesus before we can conclude that the image is indeed that of Christ?

The Shroud of Turin is packed with pieces of evidence that relate the image to Jesus.

It's not a fake, it's a Fact.

The Shroud of Turin-Part One: Introduction, background, and old theories.

The Shroud of Turin-Part Two: Recent evidence: shadows, hair, micrographs, the "upright" man.

The Shroud of Turin-Part Three: The flat image, summary and conclusion.

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