These six broadcasts formed a series which investigates how the devil works, using,
CS Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters", "Pictures Of The Devil", one of Jack's essays from "Fifty Pieces" ,

CS Lewis and "The Ghostbusters, by Ed and Lorraine Warren,

"The Amityville Horror", by Jay Anson,

"Hostage To The Devil", by Malachi Martin,

"Hostage" and H.W. Armstrong's "Mystery Of The Ages", and a

Biblical Timeline of Satan, from his creation to final defeat.

More Screwtape from CS Lewis. War is a danger to demons. The manipulation of false ideas about love. The "patient" has become a Christian, but all is not lost. And some comments on, of all things, American education.

How Satan Works. "Paved With Good Intentions" is C S Lewis' precursor to Screwtape. These are a couple parts not included in the later work. Jack details out the practical tactics used by Satan to keep folks from the Truth.

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