This page will be pretty much a mixed bag of topics. I didn't want to insert these shows in their categories just yet. I expect that will happen at some point. I will be adding to this page as shows are aired. The new ones are added at the bottom of the list.

One of the reasons for this discussion is to address those who will tell you that you must keep God's commands. They will show you multiple scriptures. But their arguments seem to be devoid of what Paul might have to say on the subject. God pointed to Jesus in the OT, and Jesus gave the mantle to Paul. Jesus said, "Faithing is what it's really all about. Now here's Paul to explain it all to you." Care to read while you listen?

Voiding Traditions
I want to try and bust through some traditional thinking today. Jesus said, "You make void the word of God with your traditions." The Church has been turned down the wrong path and Christians are working in the wrong places. But they are being taught that their efforts are the way Home. So just to be provocative, I've titled the three parts of this discussion, Christianity, the Great Pretense, Jesus Doesn't Save and Jesus Didn't Die For Me. You can read while you listen.

The Believer's Walk 2012
We're going to look at some old truths today. I wanted to start the year off by reviewing the basics of the life of a Believer. Maybe give us a fresh look at our own lives with God and what to do about the parts that don't measure up. You can read while you listen.

No More Religion
I have to pass on a couple heavy news developments this morning. Believers around the world should be on high alert. We're headed for the last roundup, literally. Part of you doesn't want to hear this stuff, but more of you knows that you need to know. Then we'll spend a good time with the question of Jesus being he founder of a new religion, or any religion at all. We'll also sneak in a short Communion. You can read while you listen.

Votes and Money
This show is directed at Believers. My experience has been that Believers and Christians get most of their news from the main stream media. That's why I'm going over some of the news today. We need to know what the Elite are doing. So, we'll look at three Republicans running for President, plus what's going on in world/US finances, and what we can do about sidestepping the bad economy. You can read while you listen.

The Resurrection
It's Easter. Christians all over the world are proclaiming today that Jesus is risen. Jesus' Resurrection founds Christianity. But how can we be convinced about an event that took place 2,000 years ago? And how can we expect to make major behavior modifications based on a human impossibility, coming back to life after three full days? You can read while you listen.

God's Promises in Isaiah 54
Do you need help getting through your days. Need a little help solving the problems? There are a lot of places to access God's help for our lives. I've talked about many of them. But today I want to bring Isaiah to your attention. Chapter 54 ends with a comprehensive list of promises from God. But the whole book can be called the Book of Israel, instead of Isaiah. You can read while you listen.

God Allows It-News
Contrary to what some preachers might say, Believers have problems. Get into jams. The same as with non-Believers, really bad things happen to some Believers. But what about God? What about His protection? We'll look at those questions and then do a news update, a comment on Gold and a basic endtimes scenario. You can read while you listen.

Types of Christ and Grimm's Snow White
Have you got kids? Every read Grimm's Fairy Tales to them? If so, you've been giving them a history lesson and didn't know it. You see, most all those tales cloak the history of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Yeah, really. We're going to look at Snow White today. We're also going to spend a lot of time looking at the many types of Christ in the Old Testament, and other places. You can read along while you listen.

Gifts Charity Endtimes
A little Bible study on the words "Gifts", as in gifts of the Spirit. Then "charity", as outlined by Paul. And a look at the end of the world. Well, a look at the end times anyway, and comparing it to today's news. You can read while you listen.

Make Your Own Forest _ The Stone of Destiny
We're going to build a forest today. See where we've been and where we're going. It'll also help us see how God has already worked in our lives. Then I want to share a little bit about the Stone of Destiny, as it's called. It's supposed to be the stone that Jacob anointed and called "the House of God." You can read while you listen.

What Is This Thing called faith?
Just so we have a clear idea of what this discussion is all about, I'll tell you at the beginning. Then you'll know exactly where I'm going and can relax. Here's the gestalt. Faith results in the implantation of God's Life-Force, which energizes us to the point of eternal life. Now let's get into the details. You can read while you listen.

On Highest Authority - News
Things are coming to a head pretty fast. We need to prepare spiritually as well as physically. How solid are you in your belief of God? What do you have that proves He even exists? Time to focus on God. We'll investigate the authority of Christianity compared to other systems. I also want to bring you a couple important recent news developments. You can read while you listen.

Jesus' Birthday
Times being what they are, I've been trying to confirm God and Christ so that some might have the courage to give God a try. He's the only way to real protection for the coming months and years. One can't really take up with God unless there exists a strong belief to found the action. Two times ago I reviewed faithing. Last time I discovered God's reality through an investigation of belief systems. This time, seeing that Christmas is coming up, I want to get into Jesus' reality and his real birth Day. Unlike Obama, we really know when Jesus was born. You can read while you listen.

It looks like we've got a series going here on basic Christianity. We verified faithing as saving, then confirmed God's reality. Went on to the complete Jesus. And today, to start the new year off in the right direction, we'll zero it down to our individual Walk. It's all about giving. And we'll be taking Communion. You can read while you listen.

The Alabaster Box
We're studying the alabaster box today, continuing our investigation into giving. Believers need to know what God expects of them. Bottom line?" Jesus said, "Give your best." Any non-believers out there, we'll be done here in about an hour. You can read while you listen.

F.F.Bruce . Is the Bible true? Can we trust what it says? A guy named FF Bruce wrote a great little book in 1948 called The New Testament Documents Are they Reliable? Bruce's evidence is so accurate and there's so much of it, that it allows some people to claim that every jot and tittle of the Bible are true. Does it really have to be true? You bet it does. It's a basis for faithing. Without faithing, we're lost.

The Function of the Church. What is the Church supposed to be doing for God? Why have a Church? If you are a Believer, I bet you have a pretty good idea about the function of the Church, even if you're a non-Believer. But for those who think that the Church is for saving souls, this program may be a surprise. Herbert W. Armstrong gives us a good view of the overall plan of God for the earth and does a good job of helping us understand the true function of the Church. And it ain't evangelism. It's training.

The Complete Communion I wanted to revisit Communion today. Communion is way more than just some little sometime ritual that Xians do. But when was the last time you heard any pastor teach on Communion? The field of Communion is loaded controversy. Churches seem to have their own way of celebrating Communion. And that tells the tale. God's ways are simple, straight forward and within the strength of every human being. Complication unveils the devil. So, here's the most complete Communion I can show you. You can read while you listen.

The Bottom Line Of Christianity
I'm trying to put it all in one place today, I call this The Bottome Line Of Christianity. You've heard me say it's a hard walk. Some like to say that Christianity is a bed of roses. Well, that's true, but don't roses have thorns? Usually, when I talk about it being a tough Walk, I'm referring to faithing. Trusting God with some part of your life. Today you'll see how that adds up to 25% of our money AND time. 25%! YIPE! You can read while you listen.

Two Zodiacs and the Gospel
We'll be answering these questions. Where did the Zodiac come from? How long has it been around? Why was it conceived? Is it just a hodge-podge or one coherent piece? Does it "say" anything? What good is it to us today? You may be interested to know that the Lunar Zodiac is a mirror image of the Solar.

The Anti-Christ, Queen Elizabeth, God's Name, The Christian's Mission.
The questions are: will the AC lead the NWO? Is the Queen not the rightful heir to the throne? What is the hidden message in God's name? What is the Mission of all Christians? the answers will surprise and please you.You can read while you listen.

Gematria Word Pairing - Jesus' Birth
This time we'll take a look at how words pair up. This is a wonderful, little known fact about English. Words that go together, words in the same Box, can be found to also relate numerically. With the simle code of A=1-->Z=26, the letters give a word-value. It's like this, baseball. Base=b2, a1, s19,e5=27, ball also equals 27. 2+1+12+12=27. In the Box labeled "Ocean", tides=57 and moon(which affects the tides) is also 57. That's the easy part. Wait 'till you see how God put His finger in the formation of our alphabet. I'll also do a qiuick debunk of the idea that Jesus was born on December 25.

What's God Doing?
I want to start off the new year by investigating what God is doing. Whatis God doing? There's a long list of things that most Believers think that God is or should be doing. But, He's not. They would be quick to tell you that God is in the business of saving people. That's like saying the baker is a janitor because he cleans out his oven. That's not the baker's main objective.

The Great Pyramid
Isn't it interesting that the biggest building in the world, a building that is known virtually by the whole world, a building that has been studied for centuries and the only World Wonder left to us is also a testimony to God and Jesus. Not only is the outside full of features that make the Pyramid a littel model of the earth, the inner passages describe important historical events over some 7000 years. Anyone giving the Great Pyramid a few hours study will conclude that the Egyptians couldn't have possibly built the Pyramid.

Numbers In The Bible.
It's numbers today. Gematria and the numerics of Ivan Panin. You know a lot of people don't believe that the Bible is true, for the same reason why people used to believe the world was flat. No study, accepting hearsay. I've got four different things to show you that prove supernatural influence in the Bible. The words may have been taken down by men and women, but the inspiration came from God. You can read while you listen.

Resurrection, Waiting On God
Is God going to set up a Kingdom on earth? How much of a miracle would it take to make you believe it? And then, how would you live after taking on that belief? Did Jesus really raise from the dead? You can read while you listen.

Joseph Dies And Goes To Egypt
Joseph was one of God's Protectorates, like Esther and Tobit. God was preparing a place for the Israelites to ride out the famine and grow into a nation. Joseph is a clear type of Christ. Joseph's life parallels Jesus' life.

Ephesians 1: Trans-Substitution
Get out your Bible. Any non-Believers are welcome to listen in, but it may be boring for you. We're going to trans-substitute the first Chapter of Ephesians. You'll need your Strong's concordance and paper and pencil. Ephesians One is a complete outline of Christianity.

John 17
Who is Jesus and what is Christianity? John, chapter 17 has the answers. It's pretty much a short outline of God's plan for us. It ticks off all the important points we need to know about out walk with God. He long version would be what Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans. This has been called a PhD thesis on Christianity. And if we have time, we'll bring in Psalm 91.You can read while you listen.

Endtimes, The Gap Theory, One World Church
We'll talk about the "end of the World" today. Even non-Believers are talking about the world situation and a possible collapse of humanity in general. Jesus' outline in Matthew of what will e happening in the end is a good description of the world today. Wars and rumors of wars, famine, plague, etc. And Believers want to know When. You can readwhile you listen.

Works or Faithing - Coincidental Pilgrims
The centuries old controversy regarding salvation by works or faith(ing)is treated in detail. Then, the blatant show of God's hand in history, by way of the Pilgrims. Coincidence after coincidence allowed the Pilgrims to land in a safe place and be guided by the indian Squanto, a local resident, recently return from England. I always say, "How many coincidences make a fact?"

Heroes of Faithing
Here's a new look at some familiar Bible stories. We've been told that these heroes trusted God. But we've very seldom come across the actual breakdown, in terms of the Biblical definition of faith, of how these folks acted out their trust. That's what "Heroes" does. It approaches these stories of faithful people from the angle of that faith. These stories try to show the practical, human side of faith working in everyday circumstances. By seeing that the basic process of faithing is the same in All situations, we can know that every situation in our lives is also open to acts of trust of God's word. Heroes of faithing are Bible stories for adults, written so young people can understand. You can read while you listen.

Setup For Armageddon
I want to show how the world events of the past two years have related to endtimes prophecy. The Bible prophesied today's conditions. WW3, as being talked about in the news, will be the end of everything. It will devastate the planet; nuclear bombs, EMPs, 6 billion people dead. WW3 is being described like the Bible describes Armageddon. But Armageddon doesn't happen until the end of a 7 year peace treaty between Israel and the Arab states, brokered by the man who will become the Anti-Christ. The present buildup will have to wait for the Anti-Christ peace plus 7 years; at least eight years from now.

The Trinity, Mind Rreading and Salvation
I want to talk about three things today, the Trinity, Mind reading and salvation. A lot of controversy about the Trinity. It does or doesn't exist. I believe that the only thing God does not delegate is mind reading. And I want to put salvation in its proper place; in the trunk with the spare tire. You can read while you listen.

Christmas and Why Christians Give
Tammuz birthday is coming up, so I thought I'd let you see where Christmas really came from. I also want to give you the complete run down on Christian giving. You can read while you listen.

Faithing Fully Explained
I want to start of the new year on a note of faith. So I'll be treating faith from three different angles. What is this thing called faith? The first move is yours. It's about trust. You can read while you listen.

THE Rock In The Wilderness
In 1950 BC, a man lays his head on a rock, has a drream of God, and calls the rock "House of God." His family carries that rock around for the next 38 centuries. It becomes their symbolic throne, their water supply, the type of their coming Deliverer, their coronation symbol, and it even roars when the proper king is crowned on it. You can watch the video of this subject.

The United States of Manasseh
A lot of people ask if the Untited States is in the Bible. Yes, it is. I'll just give you a few of the many examples.They are a little harder to find than with just reading the Bible. Find the heraldry of Manasseh and then look at the Great Seal on the back of the dollar bill. Then look at a geographic map of the world and compare the countries with the description givien in Isaiah 18:1-7. You can also watch the video on this subject.

Resurrection-Jesus' 7 Year Ministry-Communion It's very hard for us modern people to believe that God is going to set up a Kingdom here on earth. Nothing new there. 2700 years ago, the people were told the same thing. They had just as much as much trouble with the idea. What wound it take to make people believe such a fantastic thing as God having a kingdom here on earth? How about prophesying 4000 years before the fact that a certain person would come on the scene proclaiming this very idea? That would have to make an impact on the skeptics, wouldn't it? But would it really change their minds and make them use it to govern their lives? Not the skeptics I know. Some argument would be made up for coincidence, or whatever. How about something that never happened before in all history? You can read while you listen.

Grandfather Jeremiah and 3D Pictures of the Devil.
Every now and then I get an email telling me that I'm wrong about Jeremiah being the grandfather of the King of Judah, Zedekiah. It was Zedekiah's daughters over whom Jeremiah was made guardian. We have three kinds of thoughts, that all feel like they belong only to us. But, what about God and the devil? You can read while you listen.

JADE HELM 15: Martial Law
Grab the saddle horn. We're going to lay out a couple months of material on Jade Helm 15. Over the last month I've been gathering info on this military drill. You won't like any of it. You may have heard the term Jade Helm 15. It's starting to be a news item.You can read while you listen.

Three Principles I want to lay out the three principles of the Walk with God. You'll find these all over the Bible.
Establishing God's reality, as a basis for confidence in what He's said. God is Real.
Putting into action God's way of dealing with life. Faithing.
Then getting to work participating in what God is bringing about with the Body of Believers. Supporting God by edifying other Believers, and helping others who are doing the same for us, our teachers. It's called the "Ministry" by Paul in Ephesians four.
You can read while you listen.

To Sabbath or Not To Sabbath-Communion
I want to dieal with one of the controversial subjects for a Believer. Many Christians insist that we keep the Saturday Sabbath. Well, I keep with Paul. He says that every time we faithe we keep the Sabbath. We'll also see what Paul has to say about being worthy to take Communion. The videos on these subjects are here and here

Faith, The Believer's Study and Walk and John 3:16
I want to show you today that, in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, faith or trust and even belief are action oriented. Then I want to get into what study is and what the Walk of the Believer should be, according to the Bible. Then we'll pull apart John 3:16.You can read while you listen.

Ego Mercy and Pride
We're going to take a look inside ourselves today. I want to examine the Ego. Then CS Lewis will tell us about pride and how the Christian Walk can be both hard and easy at the same time.

The Gap Theory--Home and Freedom
There are many gaps in the Bible. Lots of them occur in prophecy. What I want to do is establish the fact of gaps in scripture and point out a few important ones. Two things that humans long for, strive for, dream of are the concepts of "Home" and freedom. The result of Home and Freedom is total peace of mind, right? You can read while you listen.

God's Objective, A Christian's Mission and the Code in the Patriarch's Names
What's Christianity all about? What is God doing and how do we participate? Also, what is required to be allowed to participate? Then we'll help all that by showing God's reality. He actually, told us the story of Jesus with the names of the first ten patriarchs, from Adam to Noah. You can read while you listen.

Clergy Response Team & the Disciple's (Lord's) Prayer
We'll be checking out the so called Lord's Prayer today but Believers must pay attention to Romans 13. Romans chapter 13 says we're supposed to obey the gov't. If They come to take you guns, cattle, car, or force you to get a vaccination, the troops will be assisted by local church leaders. They'll be holding up the Bible as confirmation. Leaders are "ordained by God", they'll say. This is important information, even for those who have never set foot in a church or opened a Bible. In a panic situation, even an atheist is likely to listen to a Pastor. You can read while you listen.

Complete Communion
I hope this information gives you a better understanding of communion. I think it's important for us to have as much information as we can concerning things of faith and salvation. Too many churches don't even address the subject of communion as an area of study, or as a tool to help in our salvation and physical healing. From what I've seen of traditional communion it has been nothing more than celebration of Christ's atoning work. This is not to be belittled, but it's like reading only the first chapter of a book and thinking you know the whole story.You can read while you listen.

Resurrection: Reasons and Results
Even though Easter is really a pagan holiday grafted on to Christianity, it is when the Church celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. I just wonder how many folks ever hear the true reasons for and the results of the crucifixion and resurrection. Why have a crucifixion and resurrection? And what were the results?

Faithing and Its Heroes
We're going to take several looks a faith today and hear the stories of some of the Bible heroes of faith. David, Gideon, Elijah, Daniel, Joseph and more. The universe seems to be governed by "natural" laws. I have come to believe that the whole world runs on "faith." The creation is best utilized by faithing. Faithing is the verb form of our English word "faith." We must add the "ing" to properly translate the Greek word for faith. You've heard me say, "Faith is a verb." The Greek word for faith contains action. It comes directly from a primary verb. You can read while you listen.

Magnificent Mute - Was Jesus Saved By Faith? - Help Wanted
Can you prove God? How do we know He's there? How do we relate to Him? How do we get on His side? The bible says we do that by acting on something He has said, in spite of any negative appearing circumstances. Faithing is what you've herd me call it. Bible "faith" is not a noun, like our English "faith." Bible Faith is a verb. You can read while you listen.

The Book of Israel(Isaiah)
You may have heard me talk about Jesus' mission. Today I want to confirm that he came for the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel. We'll be looking at the Book of Israel. It's clear that Jesus' coming, crucifixion and resurrection had many effects on the world and history. But and he told God he'd done what he was sent to do. This was before his crucifixion. So we can throw out all his redemptive work. Well, what was Jesus' mission? You can read while you listen.

The Kingdom of God
No Taxes. No corprations. No military. No elections. No ongoing crime. Sound Good? That's only a partial list of the benfits of the Kingdom of God, the Millennium. Herbert W. Armstrong's puts together the structure, the ruling Family and outlines what the Kingdom will be like. Who will be included? What is the God-purpose of the Kingdom?

Jesus Saves_Evangelism
We're going to take a look at salvation and how to get saved today. Contrary to what most people believe, evangelism isn't our job. We're not told to go out and witness to folks and try to "lead them to the Lord." I've got three pieces here on how salvation comes about and Who does it. The Bible says we're saved by faith, but how does that play out in the real world?

Scriptural Evidence for Giving
I'm going to take you the long way around giving. Why did Paul AND JESUS make such a big deal out of giving? Because giving is the simplest way to trust God. And trusting God or faithing as you've heard me say, is the way to access God's promise of salvation. If you give God's way, He'll give you eternal life. Pretty good deal. That's why Paul and Jesus talk repeatedly about giving. There are many things in the Bible that are repeated. Did Mom ever say things twice so you'd know she was really telling you something she thought was more important than "How was school today?" God's the same way. You can read while you listen.

The Indwelling of the Spirit
Anyone who has listened to me more than once has heard me say that when we act in trust of God's word, or as I usually say, faithe, that God puts a bit of His Spirit in our bodies. In that condition, we are seen by God as "righteous" or saved. Jesus was raised from death by the same operation. He gave up his spirit on the cross. God put His Spirit back into Jesus dead body and he came back to life. God placing His Spirit in Jesus body saved Jesus from death. He warranted that implant of the Spirit by taking God at His word that He would raise Jesus after 72 hours in the tomb. I'm going to go through all the verses hat confirm that God gives us some of He Spirit when we faithe. And we'll take communion later. You can read while you listen.

Understanding The Bible - Jesus' Birthday
I'm going to start a series today called "Understanding the Bible." Today we'll start with some general principles. As they say at the ball game, you can't know the players without a program. Then we'll spend a few minutes showing that we can know the exact day that Jesus was born. And it wasn't December 25th. You can read while you listen.

Why I do this. Grease. It's about trust
It got on my heart to tell you how I feel about this show. So, I want to tell you, at length, why I do this show. Then we'll take a closer look at faith and throw in a little grease, while we're at it. You can read while you listen.

Understanding the Bible-part 2
This is the second installment of the series called Understanding the Bible. Bible prophecy is one of the most confused areas of the Bible. It takes some study to tell to whom the prophet is speaking, what he is saying, and when the prophecy will occur. To be understood, five sevenths of the Bible depends on the knowledge of the Lost Tribes. But since most of Bible prophecy is directed at the House of Israel, we must know all the many names of that people or we'll be looking for the Jews to fulfill the prophecy. The House of Israel is NOT the Jews. You can read while you listen.

Understanding The Bible 3: Prophecy Part1
Here's number three in our series on understanding the Bible. This is the first half of a full video I produced. Last time we touched on a few of the prophecies to the 12 tribes and saw that the House of Israel are not the Jews. We mentioned a few promises that went with the birthright. Today we're going to get into a lot of detail in the prophecies, which prove that Britain and northwest Europe, plus the US are really the lost tribes of the House of Israel. These prophecies cannot be found fulfilled by the Jews. Today, we'll get deeper into the prophetic books to see what they said would happen to the other tribes. You'll want to take some notes on this stuff. You can read while you listen.

Understanding The Bible 3: Prophecy Part2
We're getting back to the series on understanding the Bible today. We were making our way through the prophets last time. This part is the second half of the full video I produced, and as I said before, the sound is going to be a bit different because of the use of different microphones. Before we start, let me remind you that the ten Lost Tribes are not Jews. And that most all the prophecy in the Bible is made to those ten tribes. They became the traditional Christian nations of northwest Europe and the British Isles. We'll pick up at Jeremiah. read while you listen.

Understanding The Bible 4: Symbolism
We're in our bag of Bible tools again this time. We'll be looking at symbolism, by way of a couple Old Testament prophets, Hosea and Ezekiel and spend sometime in Revelation. We're here to show 1, don't make symbolic what isn't. 2-Symbolis describes literal events, not some change of attutude. 3- Symbolism, as with literalism, MUST be judged by the context of he passage. There are two main ways we encounter symbolism. First, there are literal events which symbolize other literal events. Second, there are symbolic, non-literal events that symbolize literal events.

Resurrection-Josh McDowell
With Easter coming up, it's time to look again at the resurrection of Jesus. We'll even hear what famous historical figures had to say about Jesus, like Goethe, H.G. Wells and Napoleon. As you may know, these men weren't pillars of the Christian church. Easter has nothing to do with Jesus. It's one of those pagan holidays grafted on to the early church at Rome, in order to grow the congregations with pagan worshippers. If you want to celebrate the resurrection, then do it at Passover. That's the time when those things happened. Included, just for fun, are two episodes of Captain KMUD as part of the current pledge drive of KMUD.

Peace of Mind, The Sabbath?, Being God, The Parts Of God
I've got four short essays to share with you today. How to attain peace of mind. What it's like to be God. The parts of God and why He made up the Sabbath. You can read while you listen.

Please check back. I'll be adding programs regularly.


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