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I feel I have to preface the Pyramid material to help show the where and why of Straight Talk about God; that's what the "stag" stands for in my address. It's OK if you skip this next part and read it later, but I still have to say it. Thanks.
The Great Pyramid is no less than third in line for confirming God's reality;
which is the only basis for faith. The other two subjects are Jesus, the fulfillment of his prophesied advent and the evidence of the resurrection, and the study of the Lost Tribes of Israel. All three are interdependent of course, but the Pyramid and the Lost Tribes abound in concrete, objective fact, while Jesus resurrection must be mainly reasoned and deduced.
It's my firm belief that many who call themselves Christians are bound up in a legalistic, ritual existence and their actions belie their words. They are defensive, take things personally, are always seen protecting their position. Mainly we find these folks NOT acting in faith. If Paul is to be believed, then not love, not charity, not ritual, but faithing is the thing that puts God's Spirit in us. Notice I say "faithing." Look in your Strong's, you'll find EVERY instance of "faith" is numbered 4102, pistis. This word comes directly from a primary verb, so is itself ACTIVE. Believe is the same, as it comes directly from pistis. Faith is SOME action based on God's word of promise. But faithing is very difficult due to the inherent risk/unknown.
It's VERY hard to act in faith of God's promise in Malachi 3:10 and give back to God 25% of our time AND money. Faithing takes a good solid belief in God. More solid than a good line of talk. Christianity isn't running around loving Jesus and telling everyone else that He loves them. Christianity is a Deadly serious business. I wonder how many of todays Christians would take some of the stuff Paul did, like being stoned.
I'm sorry for what seems like a sermon, but I feel that MOST of Christianity is on the wrong track. And why not? The Devil is no slouch, and the church is his main field of battle. He keeps folks IN the church structure while leading them parallel to the Gate. Gives the saints a lot of abstract things that they can't do.
Try to remember how many sermons you have ever heard, or heard of, that presented material on Gematria, Stonehenge, the Pyramid, the Lost Tribes, the Zodiacs (Lunar or Solar).
I never heard anything like that when I was growing up in the Baptist church. They were so busy trying to cast guilt that I came away with almost NO belief in God, and the sure knowledge the Catholics weren't even Christians! ! ! Those people spent all their time in Corinthians and James. With a Bible full of proofs of God, all we ever got was Do's and Don'ts. What a shame!
I felt I had to explain the reason why these areas of study are just as important as ANY other study. The Bible is a wonderful thing, but it takes very exceptional scholars to prove the Bible with the Bible. But with the Bible as a starting point, a small step outside the Bible brings us point blank with God.

OK, now the pyramid. Thanks for listening so far.
There is hardly a starting place with so much to say. You'll really have to get some books on the subject. I'll give you several titles later. What I'm going to do is let some of this information flow and try to curtail the detail. Just brush over whatever comes up.
As outlined in Isaiah, the pyramid was meant by God as a witness to Himself. The Pyramid meant little more than a religious object to the people down through the centuries. They couldn't begin to find the hidden numbers in the construction. They couldn't appreciate the fine workmanship. The joints between the 20-70-ton blocks of stone is a 50th of an inch! ! Try making fifty pencil lines on a paper inside an inch. In 820 AD an Arab trying to break in for imagined treasure couldn't even find the door; even though he was only 28 feet away from it.
Our age, on the other hand, is able to determine the numbers in the Pyramid. And by doing this we can VERY easily conclude that the Egyptians didn't build it. Someone WAY smarter than they, some one with supernatural abilities, did. We can levitate a train, couldn't angel-types levitate those big stones? Couldn't they have a way to make a cut that wasn't out of true by more than .001" over 7 feet? I don't think the Egyptians had laser technology, do you? The intricacies of the Pyramid(GP) are things that only a scientific age could uncover or appreciate.
For those who scoff at God intending that only WE were to know this "Amazing" stuff , here's an example. There is a slight indentation in the sides of the GP. There are three ways to measure the distance from corner to corner, because the indentation doesn't go straight into a point. It goes in, but cuts across to the other line coming in from the other corner. So the indent has the shape of a very flat triangle, with the top snipped off.

Indent diagramNow we can measure:

{{{{{{{{{{{{{ IMPORTANT NOTE }}}}}}}}}}}

The pyramid measurements are in inches or cubits. The inches are .0011 bigger than our inch, while the cubits are the Sacred Cubit that is 25 of those Pyramid inches. And the only three places in the world to find that inch is England, the US and the Great Pyramid( it's also in the Bible and Stonehenge).

Back to the indent in the sides of the GP. Before we find out what those three measurements are, let's ask, "How far into celestial science were the Egyptians?" Did they know how long the year was? I'm sure they did. How were they ABLE to know how long the year was?
They could have measured the return of the earth to a fixed point in relation to the sun, and did.
They could have done the same for their Dog Star, Sirius, and did. But could they have had a way to measure the distance TO the sun at any given time of the year? Wasn't that beyond their capabilities? Ask yourself if you, with only the tools the Egyptians must have had, could figure out the distance to the sun. Stone wall, right?

Now the measurements:

Selah! ! These three year measurements are built into the curvature of the sides of the GP ! ! !
Remember, this indent information is for those who say the GP isn't meant for today's world.
Most sources say the GP was built in about 2500BC. I think it was before that, but even the wrong date makes the point. The GP was around for some 3500 years before the local people started to dismantle it. Over the years they have removed all but a few of the casing stones, to be used in various building projects. As it was built, it was covered with polished white limestone casings. Incidentally, the shadow from the sun at that particular latitude marked the equinoxes and solstices. It's said that you could see it all the way from Palestine. A 40 story white diamond !

Those casing stone sides were FLAT! ! ! ! !

And it wasn't until someone took an arial photo that the indentations were observed. Do you see? Those indentations were covered up for 3500 years. Why make them in the first place, and second, after such a feat, why cover them up? To save them for US to find! ! ! A sign and witness to God's existence and His plan for, SPECIFICALLY, us.
As a capper, I must tell you that when a circle is constructed on the curvature of the indentation, the circumference will be the same as the circumferance of the earth at the equator!
The last thing to say about the sides is that when you multiply the number of cubits on one side by four (sides), and change that number to P inches, you get 36524.2!! The Great Pyramid is a model of Christ's kingdom, earth.
So now that God has our wonder at this scientific marvel, He shows us the history of His people; all those Bible folks from Adam to the characters in the New Testament. And remember that those people became a world population group; over a billion of them today. God promised Abraham that, didn't He? So, many things that are dated in the GP are focused on those Biblical people, but spill over onto the rest of the world. When a billion people go to war, many other folks are effected.
This is hard to relate briefly, so I'll have to leave many things out 'till later.
There is ONE a genuine mark in the whole GP. There are a few forgeries in some upper cavities. The only mark in the GP is a line that is scored, very finely chiseled, in the descending passage. It can't be confused with the joints of the building blocks themselves because those joints are perpendicular to the ground, while the Scored Lines are perpendicular to the passage itself. These lines are the benchmark for the dating system of the inner passages. ONLY in the year 2141 BC did the then north star, Alpha Draconis, shine all the way down to the bottom of the descending passage; more than 300 feet. In that same year those lines pointed right to Alcyone in the Pleiades. This alignment is only possible every 26,000 years. Unfortunately, some have pinned that 2141 BC date on the building of the Pyramid. So by finding the year this alignment occurred, we have a starting point for dating. We find dates by measuring one inch for a year. When we hit an irregularity in a passage, a turn, a step, an opening, we can take a measurement.
Measuring down the descending passage (Man under the influence of Satan), we hit the first ascending passage at 1453 BC. At this point in history God's people were freed from that downward journey. This date is said to be the date of the Exodus. Farther down the passage, we'll hit a leveling out that leads to the Pit. On the way there, we'll pass the 1521 date of the Reformation, and a six by six foot "upside down" room whose roof is perturbed; not smooth like everywhere else. The dates of this "room" are 1767 to 1845, when no less than nine revolutions blew the lid off the world.
Backing up the downward passage 28 feet from the leveling, there is a tight little hole called the Well Shaft cut into the wall. This shaft turns up and angles over 'till it literally blasts it's way into what's called the Grand Gallery. But that's ahead of the story. We'll have to go back up to the first Ascending passage. There we'll find that there is no access to the passage because there are three granite plugs built ( not inserted) into the bottom end of the passage. Al Mamoun, the Arab, in 820 AD hacked his way around the plugs, but the message is clear.
"If you want to get up to the High Places, you can only get there via the Well Shaft."
When we get around those plugs, we're in a very low passage. We look like beasts bent under a burden as we go up. It's a hard Way. It's the Way under Law.
But thankfully, we finally come out into the Grand Gallery, a high chamber; seven tiers and 28 feet up. The next step is a small one down as we see another low passage before us. This leads horizontally into the Queen's Chamber. Since we passed a line at the beginning of this high passage, let's see if the date of this line is significant. The Grand Gallery starts at 33 AD, and lo and behold, the Well Shaft is right there as adequate witness to the burden of Law being lifted by Christ.
Now, a triangle is formed by extending the floor line of the Queen's chamber so it hits the first upward passage. It does this back down the passage a little way, but only as far as 2 BC when Jesus was born. And the passage to the QC is elevated 20 inches above the floor of the QC. When we run THAT line out to the upward passages it makes that little step down at the beginning of the Grand Gallery. It forms a little triangle which has dates of 46 to 60-some AD. They say that this is Paul's ministry.
At the top of the Grand Gallery is the Great Step, 35 inches up. The passage levels out and changes to granite; so we must change to one inch per MONTH in our measurements; something Adam Rutherford failed to do. He lost crediblilty because he predicted the End of the World in 1979. After the Great Step there is a low place into a "map" room, followed by another low section which opens into the King's Chamber. The first depressed place starts at 1914 and ends at 1918, when God's Battle Axe (Jer 51) had to stop world tyranny yet again. The Israelites were MEANT to be the World's Policemen. The Israelites have been responsible for putting down all the world's great tyrants, Constantine over the oppression of the Roman Empire, the Allies over Hitler and Communism. In this "map" room we find a small boss that is in bas relief on a slab. The boss is raised exactly one P inch from the surface of the slab. It is shaped like a horseshoe and is 25 P inches around the outside. This is what clarifies the measuring system. The beginning of the next low place before the KC has the date of the Great Depression 1929; which effected the world, not just the US. The KC begins at 1936.

You'll want to get these books. But keep in mind that all the material in any one Pyramid book can't be trusted. Get "Great Pyramid Decoded" by E. Raymond Capt, from Artisan Sales, Hoffman Printing Co., PO Box 1529, Muskogee, OK 74402. Capt has a larger "Study in Pyramidology" , but the "Decoded" is a good introduction. You will like reading Joseph A. Seiss "The Great Pyramid: A Miracle in Stone." He wrote this book in 1877. My copy came from a used book store, but was printed by Steinerbooks of Multimedia Publishing Corp, Blauvelt, NY 10913 (1976). Hope you can find a copy. A Giant volume by D.Davidson, 1921 was for many years the Standard, you may only find one of these in a big library, but go there, its worth it. It's titled 'The Great Pyramid It's Divine Message', and was published in 1946 by Williams and Norgate, Ltd., 36 Great Russell Street, W.C.1(London). Later on you may want to get Adam Rutherford's five volume set; which has NOW become the standard. And yet these men all have made serious errors which were enough to discredit them in the eyes of so many as to put the dating and the God-connection in disrepute. My father, the old Baptist deacon, knee-jerked, "Tool of the Devil" before listening to ONE piece of evidence. The Devil is very good at covering God's tracks. You can get a wealth of information on many subjects like this from The Association of the Covenant People, PO Box 1478, Ferndale, WA 98248. Lastly, you might check my Gematria page to find out a little about Bonnie Gaunt.

Here's a drawing of the first ascending passage as it reaches the
Grand Gallery. Notice the inclusion of Christ's baptism in 29 AD.


It's very interesting that the Egyptians' description of the passages of the Great Pyramid closely parallels the symbolism in the Biblical interpretation of the passages. This will be shown even more as I put up additional drawings.

You may want to check out a different source of information on the Pyramid. The book, The Great Pyramid The Moses' Connection, By H J Edwards, which describes Moses' interpretation of The Great Pyramid.  NOTE;: This book seems to be no longer available.

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