The Bible In Stone

This series of shows was titled, "Who Didn't Build the Great Pyramid?" It's the biggest building on earth, the only Wonder left of the original seven. And contrary to ninety percent of the commonly available information,

The Great Pyramid wasn't built, or ever used as a tomb! ! !

Why study the Great Pyramid? To show God's control on history, which will result in confidence in God's word, which may result in faithing, the only thing that saves us AND pleases God. (Hebrews 11:6)

Would you believe that there's an intricate dating system incorporated in the passages of the Pyramid? And when the prominant dates are discovered, a system of symbols emerges. Symbols very precisely focused on God, Jesus and the Israelites.

The Pyramid contains measurements in it's structure that define the solstices, equinoxes, earth's volume, density, mean temperature, and curvature. Also, the three different measurements of our year. Cutting and fitting the stones requires the equivalent of modern optical instruments. The fact is, the United States couldn't build the Pyramid.

Contrary to the accepted view, the Pyramid wasn't meant for a tomb, and the King, we're told, who built it was buried elsewhere. Josephus tells us that it was built by the sons of Seth to preserve knowledge through a coming world cataclysm, the Flood. Velikovsky has proved the existance of the Flood.

Out of some 28 pyramids, the Great Pyramid is the ONLY one with upward passages! And that's where we find an elaborate system of dating contained in the very measurements of the passages. We find the birth and death of Jesus, Paul's ministry, the first World War, the Great Depression, just to name a few.

The Pyramid is the Bible in Stone.

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There are also two short videos on the Pyramid here;
G10 7A Pyramid Inside Pyramid Inside

G10 7B Pyramid Outside Pyramid Outside

Here are the links to the radio MP3 series.
Exterior: Size, orientation, construction, history. Plus a Tabloid look at Adam & Eve, and debunk of a Playboy article on Christ and Christmas.

Science: The many scientific features that prove the Egyptians didn't build the Pyramid.

Descending Passages: Down to the Pit. Along the way, the printing press, and revolutions of the 1700's are marked.

Ascending Passages: No other pyramid has upward passages. Amazing dates in the upward passages and chambers.

Connections: To God and Christ,plus Velikovsky.

Gematria: Bonnie Gaunt's treatment of the Great Pyramid, plus the uncovering of the constellation Orion reflected in the layout of the Egyptian pyramids, temples and the river Nile. Also Rudolf Gantenbrink's discovery of a "door" up in one of the Queen's chamber "air vents".

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