God Counts: W.E.Filmer and Ivan Panin show God's numeric designs in the Bible.

Ivan Panin, Bible numerics: The Great Commission, essay. Communion.

The Arithmetic of God: Don Kistler's study of the circumcision numbers of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. They encompass most of the "life" dates of three generations of the family.

Greek Gematria and Creation: Bonnie Gaunt, "Beginnings."

Greek Gematria and Creation: More Bonnie Gaunt, "Beginnings."

Greek Gematria: Christ and God Found in the Numbers of Creation. Based on Bonnie Gaunt's "Beginnings." "Speed of Light."

The Bible Code. Michael Drosnin's work, "The Equidistant Letter Sequence Bible Code. All history seems to be contained in the Bible. Another expression of God's reality that waited, like the Great Pyramid, until our modern day to be exposed.

Gematria and ELS: The Equidistant Letter Sequence Bible Code, as described in Michael Drosnin's work, can combine with Greek Gematria. Based on Bonnie Gaunt's writing.

English Gematria: English really IS encoded for our edification in these scientific times. Our/God's Language For The Endtimes. The Amazing Number 153; with help from Leslie Harrison.

English Gematria: Christ In 279, More Harrison. Added dimensions of Time and Measurement, by Paul Remlinger.

English Gematria: Pairing Of English Words By Their Number Values. Based on John Hughes.

English Gematria: Confirmation of the USA and Britain as Manasseh and Ephraim of the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel, John Hughes again. Plus, some of my own discoveries.

The Patriarch's Names: There's a Coded Message Hidden In The First Ten Patriarch's Names. It's God's Message of Salvation.

Gematria: Bonnie Gaunt's treatment of the Great Pyramid, plus the uncovering of the constellation Orion reflected in the layout of the Egyptian pyramids, temples and the river Nile. Also Rudolf Gantenbrink's discovery of a "door" up in one of the Queen's chamber "air vents".

Jordan: Man's Redemption. The details in every corner of creation plainly show the hand of God. Mainly, that turns out to be a show of numbers. Today we find God in the Jordan River. Bonnie Gaunt has done some measuring of the Jordan and come up some very interesting numbers. All these numbers tell the same story of God, Jesus, and man's redemption.

God du Jour. God has been publishing His message for 1000's of years in different ways. He put it in the Solar and Lunar zodiacs, for instance. But some of these revelations had to wait until modern times. There was no way to unlock the present "codes" without today's technology. So this is going to be "God du Jour", God for today. We'll see how God has shown Himself through numbers, from the solar system to the personal number of Martin Luther.
Any one of these studies, plus many I haven't mentioned, prove that more than human knowledge and effort was involved. The Bible is True, accurate and Divinely inspired.

God Is Real
Is God real or not? One way to find out is look at the Creation. We'll be looking at the very interesting relationships of the sun, moon and earth. Just the measurements of their respective diameters show design. But when those measurements are compared to the number values of the Creator's name, we find that the Bible is also confirmed as True and inspired by the same Creator.

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