What happens after Armageddon and Jesus' victory over the Antichrist? Have you ever heard any solid, extended teaching of the subject? Mostly all we hear is that Jesus will usher in the great Golden Age where he will reign a thousand years, and everything will be wonderful.

What's it really going to be like? What is the practical side of the Millennium? What does it mean when it says that we will "rule and reign with him...?" What will the world be like? Will it be pretty much the same as today, or will it be so radically different that we can't guess what daily life will be like?

Moreover, are we going to enter the Millennium like someone flipped a switch and we become not only glorified but indued with all the knowledge and experience that we need to do that Ruling? In other words, what are we doing NOW to get ready? What is, and has God been doing for the last 6000 years to get ready for His kingdom?

The answers to these questions are readily found out. Herbert W. Armstrong's book, "Mystery of the Ages, has an excellent description of the practical aspects of the Millennial rule of Jesus.

These Millennium shows deal with the practical side of the coming Kingdom, both before the Second Coming and after. And you may want to have a look at my page, God's Seven Days.

The Millennium-Zero The Meaning of Life. As an introduction to Millennium One, "What's God Doing?", this show deals with the personal aspects of our purpose for being here. It discusses the Principle, Purpose, Process and Prize of life.

The Millennium-One What's God Doing? He's spent the last 6000 years preparing the earth for The Kingdom of God, the 1000 Golden Age.

The Millennium-Two God is conducting our "Reigning Training."

The Millennium-Three The general structure of the Millennial government. Also a commentary of how we use "code" in our relationships.

The Millennium-Four The function and purpose of the Church. It's not saving souls.

The Millennium-Five Part 1-Man's Government vs God's Government-"The Third Paradigm", by Mark Ludwig. Discussed: Original Sin, the first two paradigms of government, and a few details of life under the third paradigm, a theocracy.

The Millennium-Six Part 2- "The Third Paradigm", by Mark Ludwig-Failure of Monarchy, and Self Government. Marriage and sex under the third paradigm.(40 second delay)

The Millennium-Seven Part 3-Man's Government vs God's Government-"The Third Paradigm", by Mark Ludwig- A practical look at God's Law. Practical application of God's Law, including theft, business, banking and abortion.

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