Understanding the teaching on the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel is the key to opening up five sevenths of the Bible. There exists no better way of authenticating Scripture than discovering the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. And the prophecies given to the House of Israel, make up most of Old Testament prophecy.

Even Jesus can't be fully understood outside of the context of the Lost Ten Tribes. He specifically said, three times, that the message of God was meant for the House of Israel.

We'll cover the Royal British family, Jacob's Pillar Stone, Britain and the USA in prophecy, the list seems endless.

The Book of Israel-Isaiah: Isaiah's message to and "history" of the Lost Tribes. (20 second delay)

Romans Nine The Lost House of Israel attains righteousness, while the Jews stumbled at Christ+ Communion

Romans Ten: Explanation of how the House of Israel faithed. Faithing explained.

Romans Eleven: The salvation of the House of Israel brings about the enlightenment of the Jews, and their salvation.

The Book Of Hosea: A Short History Of Britain, the USA and Northwest Europe.

The Phoenicians could be the most influential group of people of history. They can also be called the House of Enoch. During the second millennium BC, teamed up with their cousins the Tribe of Dan, they sailed the whole world marking out trade routes, exploring rivers and continents. "Tracing Our Ancestors" by Frederich Haberman and the renowned Cyrus Gordon's "Age of Phoenicia."

The Great Pyramid points to the capitol of Iceland? Iceland was settled by William the Conqueror's brother, of the Tribe of Benjamin? Yes! Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and other fairy tales are really about the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israael. It's true!

Lost Tribes Promises and a 911 Tribute.
There were 12 tribes of Israelites but only one of those tribes was Jews. What happened to the other eleven? I talk about two things: 1-proving that Godís not a liar, by 2-ending the confusion as to who in todayís world are the descendents of the ten tribe kingdom of the House of Israel. Iíll also pay homage to those who gave their lives trying to save others on 911, by way of a poem by James Roland Hogue called "The Ballad of Ladder Five.

Jeremiah in Ireland
Doesnít it seem strange that here are so many variations on the name Gerald? I have five or six just on the top of my head. Also, most of those names can be traced back to Ireland. Is Ireland obsessed with the name Jerry? Where in Irish history do we find a great man who is remembered through the ages? If we go back far enough, 2500 years, we'll discover Jeremiah. I've lifted the sound track from a video that I did on this subject. So, the sound will change a bit from the opening and closing of the show.

Behistun Rock and the Assyrian Royal library tablets
What if you could trace your heritage back to one of the 12 Tribes of Israel? You wouldn't have to look very far if your family came from the British Isles or most of northwest Europe. Thatís where the Lost Tribes ended up. They appeared to be lost because the history we have doesn't call them by their Bible names. Behistun Rock, over in Iran, tells the whole story and is confirmed by border reports found in the tablets of the Royal Assyrian library. The Lost Tribes are no longer lost.

The Book of Israel
What was Jesus' Mission? Before his crucifixion he told God that he'd what God told him to do. So we can throw out all his redemptive work. Well, what was his mission? The book of Israel is the best place to find out. The book of Israel might as well be the name of the book of Isaiah. Practically the whole book is about the interaction between the Messiah and the Lost Tribes of Israel. The United States is even included. Care to read while you listen? This subject can also be found here.

The Maya were Israelites.
Anybody see the movie 2012? Catastrophic extravaganza? Most people will cite the Mayan calendar to back up the idea that the world is going to end in Dec of 2012. Not so. The Maya possessed factual information about a certain time period on the earth and what would happen to humanity during that cycle. I believe that it was their connection to God that made that possible. How is it that the Maya had such a certain idea of history? Where did they get their information? First of all, they didn't predict the end of the world. That isn't what happens in December of 2012. Care to read while you listen?

I've now included the 26 week, Lost Tribes. series that I presented.

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