I thought you might like to try to look at some of the other Heroes of Faithing in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews. I've listed some of the names that weren't in the stories. There can be one or many actions by the Hero named. For instance, Jacob's reference is both chapters 48 and 49 of Genesis. There are many actions that can be named from those two chapters. I'll give you references and hints, and you can look up the stories. Hebrews chapter eleven is the best place to start.

ABEL: Gen 4:4 (action)____________________________________________________

(God said)_________________________________________________________
This takes a bit of deduction. Don't be confused that we can't find an actual directive by God for what the boys were to do. If you think a minute you'll realize that God must've told them what to do at some time in the past. Otherwise they wouldn't have sacrificed at all.

ENOCH: It's too bad that the second name we see in Hebrews eleven doesn't have any action that is mentioned. It only says "he pleased God." But we must know that Enoch is a Hero of Faithing, because right in the next verse Paul says the "without faith, it's impossible to please Him (God)." Now in the book of Enoch, it's well told how close Enoch was to God. He was the great high priest in the land. He was the spiritual leader of all those who recognized God.

ISAAC: Gen 27 (action)_____________________________________________________________

(God said)___________________________________________________________
I think that this is one of the hardest examples to figure out. I hope you don't have to give up.

JACOB: Gen 48-49 (action)__________________________________________________________

(God said)__________________________________________________________
Keep in mind that Jacob was passing out more than material things. He also passed on God's Word.

JOSEPH: Gen 50 (action)____________________________________________________

(God said)_______________________________________________________________
This is a tricky one to understand. Finding God's Word here will be an adventure.

MOSES' PARENTS: Ex 2:1-4 (action) ________________________________________

(God said)_______________________________________________________________________
Finding God's Word in this example will be very difficult.

MOSES: Ex 14 (action)______________________________________________

(God said)____________________________________________________________
Moses faithed in lots of places, but this is the familiar parting of the Red Sea.

BARAK: Judges 4 (action)___________________________________________________

(God said)____________________________________________________________

SAMSON: (action)____________________________________________________________

(God said)__________________________________________________________
There are lots of actions in the Samson story, but what about God's Word? Remember we're looking for something God has said on which to base Samson's action.

I'm leaving out any scripture reference for the last three. See how weel you do on your own.

SAMUEL: (action)_______________________________________________________

(God said)___________________________________________________________
I think Samuel is one of the easiest people to watch faithing. Practically everything that's included in Samuel's story is faithing. He always had some word of God to carry out.

I hope this little exercise have been of value to you. You can work this exercise on any part of the Bible where people are doing something. the Bible mostly tells about faithing in it's stories. The Bible could be called, "The book Of faith."

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