Faith is the most important concept in the Christian walk. It's also the most confused. The confusion is cleared away when it's known that Biblical faith isn't the same as English faith. One is a verb and the other a noun. It wasn't always like that. the original idea of faith in the Bible included some action done in obedience. But in the last few hundred years English "faith" has been turned into a passive, mind-oriented thing. I wonder who was responsible for that?

Knowing that faith is a verb will immediately give sense to nearly all the references to faith in the New Testament. All one need do, is ask, "What action is being performed?"

These shows on Faithing include many ways of using faith in our daily lives. Also included are examples of the faithing of many Biblical characters, and many pieces from my book Fifty Pieces.

It's About Trust and the Hebrews eleven Heroes of Faithing. Fifty Pieces essays.

Three levels of Faithing: The World, The Church, The Person. Commentary from Fifty Pieces.

Stability: What Do You Use To Stabilize Your Life? Essay from Fifty Pieces.

What Saves? Fifty Pieces essay.

Law=Faith When Keeping the Law Equals Faith. Fifty Pieces essay.

"On The Highest Authority." What grounds belief systems? What is a Valid foundation? Fifty Pieces essay.
The Anatomy of a Faith Act. This isn't the usual approach to faith. If you are interested in examining our thoughts and thought processes, this piece exposes what we think, in what order, and our only options when deciding to take any resulting action. Sounds deep, but it's really just about doing the dishes.

Don't Initiate. This is the program that resulted in the Don't Initiate page. Are you a Reactor or an Initiator? I've concluded that life, especially Christian life, is best lived by reacting to things that "fall out of the sky." This program is devoted to defining two things contained in the Axiom, "Don't Initiate, Only Wait.

Faithship, Punishment and Sin. First we take a ride on the Spaceship Faith. Got stress? feel like you can't get it Right, and feel guilty? Can't get over your sense of Guilt/Sin? Somehow Testing, Trials, Tribulation and even Punishment have been attributed to God. That doesn't make much sense to me. Our stress is undoubtedly connected to our sense of guilt/sin. It's not much of a step to think that when we feel guilty God is punishing us for doing wrong. I don't believe God initiates Punishment on believers, or even tests/tries them. Luther found this out when he closely examined the book of Galatians.

Being Good won't get you to heaven. Listening to yourself is a "Choice Bit of Guidance." Christians should be Loving Themselves Last. Three pieces from Jack's book. [This file will be uploaded soon]

Praise, Faith and Communion. An interesting look at at the practicalities of praising God by CS Lewis. Then Jack dissects what is errouneously called the definition of "faith," Hebrews 11:1. A short trip to the Communion table follows.

What are you willing to believe?
When was the last time you looked at your belief in something? I bet it was only when that belief was challenged by someone you respected. I maintain that most of our beliefs are taken on, and acted on, from unconfirmed sources. We’re going to think about the things we don’t think about today and we'll take communion.
There's a transcription of this program here.

The Alabaster Box
I believe that the top three areas of study for Believers are 1-God, et al. 2-the devil and 3-giving. I haven’t presented much on giving here, but I came across the story of the alabaster box again recently and was urged in my spirit to pass it along to you. If you’re not a believer, this show isn’t for you. There's a
of this program, if you care to read along while you listen.

The Key to Life With God.
People are told all over the world what their life with God should be. But outside of prayer or maybe fasting in conjunction with prayer, no practical explanation is given. We're told to Trust, be obedient, surrrender to God. Oh, yeah? How does that look in the daylight? DWIFOY and FOOTS. Do What's In Front Of You and follow up on things that Fall Out Of The Sky. The confidence necessary to accomplish DWIFOY and FOOTS can be gained by doing a personal time line of God's working in your life. Care to read while you listen?

The Nature of Reality
We’re going to take another look at the nature of reality and how Believers can deal with it. And we'll discover who’s really in charge. Can’t play the game if you don’t know the rules. We’ll hear from David Icke. He’s a top Illuminati researcher who has taken the study way beyond the Bankers and financiers. He describes what I’ve been talking about here for 21 years. What’s the best way to live? Faithing. That’s the verb form of our English word “faith.” The Bible say it’s the way to open the door to God. Care to read while you listen?

Renewing Our Faith
There's only one sure way to stay ahead of world events. We have to get God in on the process. I'm talking to Believers when I say, it's time to renew our faith. There's protection for faithers. On a personal level, "Once Saved, Always Saved" and Predestination don't exist.

Heroes of Faith and Making the world better.
We’re going to spend a little time with the kids and the adults today. We’ll revisit some familiar Bible stories, Noah, Elijah and the Israelite in the Exodus, but mainly we’ll focus on the faithing done by the people. Then we’ll look at how we can indeed make the world a better place. Is there any way out of the mess that the world is in? How can we defeat Satan’s attempt to set up his anti-Christ kingdom? In four words, “Help people see God.” You want to make the world a better place? Help people see God. Care to read while you listen?

What saves?
I talk about the whole believer's life. We'll look at a bit more of God's signature in the solar system and then find out what we can do to make contact with Him. We'll be dissecting faithing; trusting God. So first. it's God is Real, and then, what to do about it. You can also read the What Saves? page here.

Holographic Reality and Communion
Got a lot to talk about today. Reality, the Illuminati, our bodies, faithing and internal bleeding. We’ll also take communion,How's your hologram today? Care to read while you listen?

No Law
A lot of folks are taught or told that they have to keep the Sabbath. It’s one of the original Ten Commandments. And it says, more than once that God’s laws are forever. What a dilemma for Martin Luther. It’s all those laws that drove him to faithing. He found that no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t do enough to feel right with God. He discovered the real message of Galatians and the reformation happened. For a true Believer there is only faithing. Care to read while you listen?

The Faith Way
This is not the definition of biblical faith. "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not see." And Jesus isn't the author of my faith, or yours. "Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith." These two verses have mislead millions of believers through the centuries.And this has happened only because people have been taught to take the English translation of the Bible as the literal word of God. While that may be true in principle, I know that God didn't talk English when he inspired Paul to write these words. By sidestepping the first and most fundamental idea of Bible study, looking up the words in the original language, mass misunderstanding of faith has resulted. You can read most of this presentation here.

The Life of Faithing.
As long as biblical “faith” is based in a primary verb, we can add the ING and make our noun-sounding word “faith” into a verb. Faithing. A bather bathes. A faither, faithes. Something is faithed for. Along the way we'll touch on the Great Commission, Divoce and relationships, plus how to tell if someone is saved. Care to read while you listen?

Psalm 23, Tough Shoes, Communion
We’re going to take another look at the 23rd Psalm. Do a little of what I call Trans-substitution to fill out the details. It’s much richer than we read in English. Being a Believer is a tough Walk, but I want to focus on how to deal with the toughness. We’ll also be taking communion. The transcription is here if you'd like to read along.

Addiction And The Cross
You know, when I look at the spectrum labeled “Addiction”, I see all the usual suspects over there on the right. There’s heroin and crack cocaine, even serial rape and murder. But what’s that down there to the far left? Cigarettes? No, farther. Oh, yeah, diet soda. How many people don’t think of being addicted to diet soda? Anything on the Addiction spectrum is to be treated as though it was the thing at the farthest right end of the line. The Principle doesn’t change because of the degree. You can read while you listen.

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