A lot of Christians have heard that there’s a war going on between God and Satan. But how many could tell you in practical terms, what the manifestations of that war looked like?


What is the nature of the two combatants? Satan and God are spirits, not confined to a physical body. Satan can’t be everywhere like God. To accomplish his objectives, Satan needs help.

As concerns the earth, any help to be gotten will come from people. Satan’s demon helpers can’t function in the physical reality like humans. Their main job is to influence humans to accomplish their tasks for them.

God on the other hand is omnipresent. He knows where every single demon is at any given moment. He has angelic helpers that He allows to take physical form and to influence humans, but he has decided to use people in the same way as Satan.


The competition for control therefore takes on the aspect of materialism. The there will be a hierarchy extending downward for many, many levels.

The most effective form of control in any area of life is monopoly. When you control every single facet of something, be it gold or oil or shipping or the media or corn or water or air, you control the people.

Satan’s team, the evil faction that had physical form, the Fallen angels who had the ability to mate with humans was wiped out in the flood. Only the Spirit part of those Fallen remained. Satan had to start over on the physical level. Whoever Satan chooses to use will be given great power, great magical power. The highest levels of the evil faction will be the ones who can wield the most powerful magic. Of course, it’s Satan allowing them to use his power.

The small band of people Satan used as his first priesthood became the priesthood to the people under them. The spiritual priesthoods throughout the ages have always held the most influence in any group, from a tribe to an empire of nations. That first band of Satan’s priests formulated the basic Pagan religion. We must recognize that most of the Pagan doctrine is the same as Christianity. It’s just the little Legalistic twists that keep Pagans away from God. Paganism is monotheistic, teaches that there is a “heaven”, etc. The main difference is that the Pagan can reach God through his Good Works, the Christian needs to act in faith, depend on God.

Satan and God have both used religion as the spear point in their attack. All the lower levels parallel each other in the same way, all the way down to the individual.

At any level of the pyramid, a determination of the controlling factor of the organization will be simple. ”Is this thing from God or the devil?”
On both sides, the controlling factor is the same at each level of the pyramid. Satan always says, “You can do it.” God always says, “You need my help.”

The war, then, takes physical form in the things we do as we live our lives every day. Paying our electric bill, going to the doctor, buying a tank of gas or watching some network television, is allowing ourselves to be open to, and even participates in our own exploitation. Look at the drug industry.

Rockefeller controls virtually 100 percent of the pharmaceutical industry of the United States. Every time you buy a prescription you help line the pockets of the Rockefellers. Every time you cross the border to buy your drugs you mostly cut out the Rockefeller’s profit. The Rockefeller drug industry controls so much of the pharmaceuticals in this country that they can get away with charging us astronomical prices for our pills.

This is the type of control that the Illuminati exerts in every facet of life. They aren’t just big-bellied bankers. Each industry is always moving to be toward monopoly. One big corporation gobbles all the railroads up. All the newspapers are merged into one great publication. Even when so-called monopolies are broken up, the ownership and control of all the little companies is still in the same place. Fancy legal footwork easily ”divests” to other companies in the owner’s portfolio. All one needs do is look at who wound up with the physical assets after Enron fell. Ken Lay doesn’t own the water rights in Argentina.

It’s the same game at every level of existence. The push for consolidation is always at work. The village incorporates, this combining process eventually produces a super state like the European Union. In the end, the nations and super states coalesce into a global entity.

Be aware that none of this melding comes about accidentally. I think it best, for this discussion, that the herd instinct not be considered. All of these major moves toward ”one-ness,” have been carefully orchestrated down through the centuries.

The ruling empire, the one world government, following the flood was ancient Babel. They ruled, but the world grew and the priests moved shop to Egypt. Egypt ruled the world. For a while, the priesthoods of as Syria, Babylon and Persia rose to the fore. The core priesthood didn’t fully shift away from Egypt until the Illuminati moved their headquarters to Greece. The world population had grown considerably. Alexander, with the Oracle’s help, conquered the known world by age 30. The next move was to Rome. Greece had brought Pagan style worship to all the eastern lands. Now the push was on to consolidate all the western lands, recently populated by the Lost Tribes of Israel, into the usual one world government. At that time it was known as “Pax Romana.” As the world population expanded westward, Illuminati then relocated their headquarters westward. They moved to Britain and began the great colonial movement.

The next great move westward was to North and South America. The Roman Empire, having been gutted by the Illuminati, was replaced, after long hard work, by the greatest empire of human history, the British Empire.

It’s interesting that after centuries of building the British Empire, the Illuminati had to then dismantle it. They couldn’t establish a one world British government. The only way to establish a world government was to eliminate the British Empire. The task of dealing a deathblow to the British Empire was given to the First World War. World War II clinched the nail. The European Union super state has always had its face turned toward the United Nations.

Actually, World War I and World War II also had the task of driving the major nations into the “bunker” of the United Nations. The Congress of Vienna in the 1870s proved a miserable failure at establishing one world government. This was accomplished easily when the Czar refused to give up sovereignty of Russia. Albert Pike hatched the plan for three world wars by 1871. He outlined both factions in each conflict, and the desired results.

The name of the game is Monopoly. We are the tokens on the board and Baltic Avenue is the only piece of real estate we control. We can find enough money to build a house while They are putting up hotels on the railroads. [They always play be their own rules.] They’ve also taken out all those cards that say, “ Bank error in your favor, collect a hundred dollars” and “Get out of Jail free.”

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