The Endtimes is a study area of wide diversity. The books of Daniel and Revelation alone can consume one's life. But the study must extend beyond figuring out what those two books are really saying. We must then find who is fulfilling the various roles on the stage of history.

You can get a good overview of the contents of Daniel and Revelation by going to my Endtimes page.

Most of my radio presentations have not dealt with the Biblical account, but how those events and people are being realized today. In other words, who are the Players of the endtimes? What are the processes and events that will bring us to the horrific times before Armageddon?

Therefore, most of my Endtimes shows are centered around the World Elite , the United Nations and the Middle East. These three subject areas found the New World Order and the New World Religion. Subjects that deal with the time after The Second Coming are presented in the Millennium section of the archive.

UN Takeover + New World Religion

John Dewey's Progressive Education and the New World Order-Part 1: "None Dare Call It Treason," Stormer

John Dewey and the New World Order-Part 2: "None Dare Call It Treason," Stormer

One World Christmas. Religion. The Foundations:"Babylon Mystery Religion," Woodrow and Stormer, again.

New World Order: How This Will Come About In The Practical World

The IMF and the World Bank: Destabilization of countries to facilitate UN control. Hashemite History: King Abdullah, a possible candidate for the Anti-Christ.

The Last World War: Special: Setup for Armageddon. Partial fulfillment seen in the Gulf War.

The Illuminati "Peace" Plan.

Global Slavery, Fall of Iraq, Corporate Greed:

Signs of the End: Agenda 21, Cashless society, The Mark, Detention Camps.

John Kerry. Tithing. The Illuminati "fireman" at work in the Senate. The What and why of Tithing.

Warfare and Study. Spiritual warfare and its human combatants and their practical actions to bring about their objectives. Study. Contrary to common beleif, very little effective study goes on in Christendom. The Devil's got Christianity tied in knots with Behavior and Evangelism.

Iraq: The First Subdued Horn. Is there any upside to the war in Iraq? Jack thinks so, in two ways. First, it proves God, by, second, fulfilling Daniel's prophecy. Daniel 7, verses 8 & 20 say that three nations will be subdued before the AntiChrist is elected to head up an Arab confederacy of ten nations, the ten toes/ten horns. A few years back, ten Arab nations convened a summit to decide on peace with Israel. Only three nations dissented: Iraq, Syria and Libya. Does anyone remember that as soon as Iraq was invaded the news was full of talk about doing the same to both Syria and Libya? Was the recent assassination in Lebanon a coincidence or just a good reason to put Syria on the spot again?

911 Call To Action. We've got some tough questions to answer. Have you railed on the Bush administration? How many think we need a change of government and have even used the word “impeachment”? How many of those who said yes have put down the 911 torch? Whether you are a believer of not, the way to resisit these Globalist Murderers is through 911. It’s the one solid door that is able to be opened to expose these guys. The mainstream media won't voluntarily initiate any investigation of even one of the smoking guns of 911. When was the last time you heardthe Right orthe Left media, including Noam, Amy and David voluntarily bring up the public fact that owner, Larry Silverstein, ordered the controlled demolition of WTC 7? We are all victims of cognitive dissonance. They have used it to make us feel helpless. Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad is the subject.

Setting Up The Anti-Christ
A look at Biblical prophecy through the eyes of the Illuminati.
Oil is NOT the end goal in the Middle East. An Arab Union controlled by the Illuminati is just above controlling the oil. Iran is the last stepping stone to that Arab Union. And above even that is control of the "significant" world.
The Illuminati have an Arab Poster Boy who they will set up so that he gets selected to head up that AU. He'll make peace with Israel, give the Palestinians a home land, and broker a sharing of the Temple mount, so the Jews can start building the new Temple and resume their sacrifices.
As the old song says, "It's in the book!"

Trust and the Illuminati.
This program starts with a disclaimer on why I do Straight Talk. Then we take a look at a short list of the Illuminati symbolism. First the use of 666 and then a look at the logos of the auto industry. We finish with a detailed look at trust in relationships and how it's the same for you dog or God.
There's a transcription of this program here.

David Icke "Global Conspiracy" and Split Decision
David Icke's latest book is like an overview/encyclopedia of the Controllers of the world. The material for this show was mostly review with a few new details. Also reviewed is the "Faith/Sin" decision process; a guide to freedom and liberty.

David Icke and the Electro-magnetic 'Soup.'
What do police communications, cell phones, microwave ovens, HAARP, DARPA and Chem-trails have in common? They all deliver or enhance the delivery of micro waves. The frequencies chosen for these devices is purposely set very near the frequencies that the brain uses to run our bodies. Put two frequencies together and the stronger one will 'drag' the weaker one over to it's frequency. If our brain sends a slightly 'off' message to our eyes, ears, skin, or muscles negative consequences will result; bumping into things, being run down by a car, uncontrollable itching or burning, or falling up a flight of stairs. Did these chosen frequencies just happen to be near our own body frequencies by coincidence? Were the chosen frequencies the only ones available?

Illuminati Religion
If you are a believer, you need to know what goes on at the top levels of religion. Who runs the religions of the world? I will make many connections between religion and the Illuminati. From the Garden of Eden to Jesus' time, from Constantine's adoption of Paganism to the creation of Islam, the Illuminati have been hard at work keeping us away from God.

The Abolition Of Man
Without naming any real names, CS Lewis wrote a review of the Illuminati back in l947. He did a good piece showing what was going on in US education and he wrote a piece called “The Abolition of Man.” The abolition of Man broadens the scope of the Illuminati control to Humanity itself. As always, this great philosopher gets down to the basic foundation of human action. We are conquering Nature and the last thing in that process is when we conquer Human nature. In our conquest of Nature, we’re overcoming ourselves and will eventually not be Man at all, but some construction that looks like Man. Care to read while you listen?

The Pastors Are Coming!
Romans chapter 13 says we’re supposed to obey the gov’t. If They come to take your guns, cattle, car, or force you to get a vaccination, the troops will be assisted by local church leaders. They’ll be holding up the Bible as confirmation. Leaders are “ordained by God”, they’ll say. What does Romans 13 really say? Care to read while you listen ?

The New World Order and Tithing
How’s your spirit doing? There’s a lot going on right now to give our spirits a poke in the eye. What’s interesting is that years ago many people told us about today’s events. It’s possible to see clearly what’s planned for us by the elite. Brice Taylor, a mind controlled “escapee" listened in on many planning meetings of the elite. And it’s also possible to do an end run around their plan and give our way out of it. Yeah, I said, give our way out of it. Today we’ll be reaching for understanding and a way out of this mess. Care to read while you listen?

Holographic Reality and Communion
Got a lot to talk about today. Reality, the Illuminati, our bodies, faithing and internal bleeding. We’ll also take communion,How's your hologram today? Care to read while you listen?

World Collapse.
Are you ready for the end of the world as we know it? This is only an overview, you need to follow up on it. Everything can be confirmed by multiple sources. The end will be a combination of earth changes and the help of the elite.
The thermosphere, the magnetosphere, coronal mass ejections, crustal movement, volcanoes, the Gulf stream, the jet stream and earthquakes on the natural side. On the Elite side, we have Chem-trails, the Real ID, the BP oil volcano-blowout, GMO's and the Fed. We're heading into permanent change of all parts of our life. Care to read while you listen?

Evangelism/Mid East Riots
Aren't we supposed to witness, lead someone to the Lord? No! Ephesians 4 says we're supposed to edify other Believers until we all become like Christ. The evangelism of the modern Church is almost completely ego driven. And what about the Mid East riots? The Elite planned this out in the 1970's. They want a one world currency and government. Cutting off Mid East oil and crashing the dollar are parts of this plan.

Dan's Pioneering and a Fukushima Update
Today it’s ancient AND modern history. First we’ll see how the tribe of Dan pioneered the migration routes for the people who settled nowthwest Europe and the British Isles; the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel. Then we’ll take a look at what’s really happening over in Japan. Care to read while you listen?

I know you’ve heard bits and pieces of these news items, but I want to show that they are all connected to depopulation of the world. This is just an overview of many different areas. I beg you to follow up on this material. Your life style has been changing for decades and is about to make a major shift that will be the beginning of the end of at least half the world population. The book of Revelation is clear about that. The transcription can be found here

The False Flag, Everyone's Mission, Communion
First today we’ll look at Satan’s fear factory, Terrorism and the False Flag operation. Then it’s on to our Walk with God. We've clearly been given a mission to perform. We'll finish up with a look at the other side of communion. Surrender. You can read while you listen.

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