1-Ex 12: Passover instruction. v3 year old lamb/goat; v7 kill it, put blood
__on door; v11 how to eat it.
2-Ex 12:46 Where. v46 in one house.
3-Ps 105 None feeble, plus rich, v37. Cf Gen 15: v13-14 God's promise__to Abe.
4-Ex 24 God signs in blood, v8 blood of the covenant; why blood?
5-Lev 17 Blood is life; v11 shedding blood atones for the soul.
6-Jer 31 New Covenant: v31 new covenant prophesied; v33 special Lost
__Tribes (House of Israel) covenant.
6a-Joh 6:51 Jesus body and blood is eternal life.
7-Mat 26: Last Supper: v26-8 Matt's communion
8-Mar 14: Last Supper: v22-4 Mark's Communion
9-Luk 22: Last Supper: v19-20 Luke's Communion
10-1Cor 11 Last Supper: v24-5 Paul's Communion
11-1Cor 11 Communion: v20-30 Paul's instruction.
12-1Cor 11 Discernment: v26 His death; v29 discerning His body
13-1Cor 11 Damnation: v27 guilty of His blood and body: v2 damnation
__through not discerning
14-Ex 12: Where; v46 in one house.
15-Is 53:5 "with His stripes ye are healed; 1Pet 2:24 "With His stripes ye
__were healed."
16-Mat 8:17 (quoting Isaiah 53:4) "Himself took our infirmities, and bare our


__*__*__*__*Blood__*__*__*__*__*__*__Bread __*__*__*__*

Matt-the new testament shed for sin_________my body
Mark-the new testament for many___________my body
Luke-the new testament shed for you________my body for you-remem.
Paul-new testament in my blood-____________my body broken for you-
_this do in remembrance of me_______________in remembrance of me


THE BLOOD (wine), which is shed for many, is the New Testament (agreement) for the remission (atonement) of sin. It represents Jesus' Life-(force); which, when shed, is the highest price payable by a human. The Life-(force) resides in the blood. We drink, remembering the reason for Jesus' sacrifice.

THE BODY (bread) is the Flesh (as opposed to the Soul/Life), physical body; being given up/offered freely. Eaten to focus on His physical suffering, that we might be healed of our infirmities.

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