Investigation of the Body of Christ is a complicated affair. There are so many facets to the Christian Walk.

Where do we get most of our traditional rituals and events? If God doesn't differentiate, how is it that there seems to be more than one doctrine of Salvation?

History, Doctrine, as well as individual and group practices in Christian life are discussed in these shows. Writings by C.S. Lewis, Paul Tillich, Alexander Hislop and Jack are used.

If you happen to speak Czech, Barbora Lebedova. a graduate of the Czech University, has graciously supplied us with a Czech translation of this page. Here is a link to this page on her site.

Alexander Hislop I: The Pagan elements of Easter. An essay by Jack on Christian mis-behavior.

Alexander Hislop II: The Pagan elements of Justification. Legalism transplanted from Ancient Babylon to Christianity. Jack's commentary, "Being Good Won't Get You To Heaven."

C.S. Lewis I: Different areas of Christian life discussed in "Mere Christianity."

C.S. Lewis II: On Christian mariage. And Jack's essay entitled, "Trust As A Frame Of Reference."

C.S. Lewis III: How even our smallest choices affect our Christian walk. Jack's "Paradox of Pride."

"As God is my Judge." C S Lewis on forgiveness and charity. Jack on Abortion and Homosexuality.

Paul Tillich: Christ and God After defining Christ, Tillich discusses our natural rejection of God. Maybe you've never considered your natural rejection of God, but we all do it. We try to escape from God.

Paul Tillich: Religion and Waiting. Tillich gets to the heart of religion in relation to Christ. Waiting and faithing, the two main Christian activities, are elusive and difficult. Jack continues the discussion with a piece called "Butt Out." Millions of well meaning, sincere church goers are trying (not waiting) to force-feed their particular brand of Religion to others.

"God In The Dock." C S Lewis discusses the essence of God, man's attitude and man's essence. Jack, Communion is an at-home thing. Communion.

God, Creation and Trust. Discussions by C S Lewis and Jack. Communion.

Prayer One and Communion. In the form of warm, relaxed letters to a close friend, C S Lewis meditates on many puzzling questions concerning the intimate dialogue between man and God. The book is called "Letters to Malcolm." Jack's disagreement with C S Lewis on Communion. Communion.

Prayer Two and Communion. OK, 'fess up. Isn't it hard to put aside time to pray? Isn't it often like some duty to be performed? C S Lewis admits, me too, that there is definitely an irksome side to prayer. Jack's interpretation of Psalm 23. Communion.

Dogs in Heaven and Once Saved, Always Saved. George MacDonald on the "glorification" of ALL creation, not just man. Jack on the abolition of Free Will if salvation is a one-time, always and forever kind of thing.

The World of the Spirit.
This discussion is about Spirit Stuff. Spirit Stuff, God, creation and God-Consciousness. I'm sure most of you have heard the idea of a "Higher Self". Seth channelled a bunch of books about it through Jane Roberts. His message is "You make your own reality." I firmly believe that's true. I believe in the process, but not Seth's reason for the process, or that his ultimate goal of becoming perfect can be obtained by the process.

God is a Spirit. The Devil is a spirit. Angels are spirits. You are a spirit. If you are a spirit, what's your body?

The Energy of Life. It’s really important that we approach our life situations with as much of our energy as we can find. If we try to use our Life energy to improve our standing with others, we won’t have enough to solve the problems and overcome the obstacles that confront us every day. We’re all covered with what I call a Mylar Envelope. You remember Mylar. Nothing gets passed it. The knowledge of our Mylar Envelope will help us retain our Energy so we’ll have more to work with. The result is stress reduction. We’ll also get a little re-charge of energy a bit later when we take Communion.

George MacDonald-Christian Life and David Ray Griffin-Demonic 911
This time I’ll be sharing some of George MacDonald’s thoughts on Christian life, mainly some of the Beatitudes. But I also want to include some ideas on the practical side Christian life.
I also want to share a bit from David Ray Griffin’s book, Christian Faith and Truth Behind 911. Griffin is a top 911 author, a highly credentialed theologian. He makes the connection between 911 and the demonic. The people behind 911 are worshippers of Lucifer.

Trust and the Illuminati.
This program starts with a disclaimer on why I do Straight Talk. Then we take a look at a short list of the Illuminati symbolism. First the use of 666 and then a look at the logos of the auto industry. We finish with a detailed look at trust in relationships and how it's the same for you dog or God.

As God Is My Judge
How is it that the Christian Right, who declare they are on God's side, can practice hate mongering, arson and murder against gays and abortionists? They are using accurately quoted scripture to found non-scriptural ends. No real belief in God.
There's a transcription of this program here.

It's all about God - How many Gospels - Communion
Those jams we get into? Whether it's you and me or Job, those difficulties are all about God. What is the Gospel? Is there more than one Gospel? Can there be more than one Gospel? If we can find the Gospel anywhere it will be found in Jesus' mouth, not some denomination looking for converts. There's a transcription of this program here.

How Does God Talk To You?
One writer has written that if there’s a God, He surely is communicating with His creation. I believe this is true, not only in big ways, but on the individual level. Is it the same for the devil? Are your thoughts your own? Hmmm.
There's a transcription of this program here

Age of the Earth, Gay Rights and Abortion
Gay rights and abortion are back in the news big time. And people are still caught up in the controversy over the age of the earth and man. We’ll deal with both these subjects again today. Everybody’s got the right to be wrong, but it seems like everybody is exercising that right. It looks like nobody calling himself or herself a Christian understands either of these issues. Care to read while you listen?

Don't Do The Wrong Thing.
I want to lead a better life. How about you? Better, for me, means less stress, feeling more secure and in control of my actions. Feeling like I have the strength to deal with things that want to drag me down. How about you? And I don’t want some check list of a hundred and 66 items. A couple Universal Principles will be easier to remember. I want to share one of those Universals with you this time. I want to take the idea of something falling out of the sky to a further place than I have before. This isn’t an external FOOTS(fall out of the sky), but an internal FOOTS; thoughts that fall out of the sky, and into our brains. And we’ll also have time to take communion. Care to read while you listen?

Evangelism/Mid East Riots
Aren't we supposed to witness, lead someone to the Lord? No! Ephesians 4 says we're supposed to edify other Believers until we all become like Christ. The evangelism of the modern Church is almost completely ego driven. And what about the Mid East riots? The Elite planned this out in the 1970's. They want a one world currency and government. Cutting off Mid East oil and crashing the dollar are parts of this plan.

The False Flag, Everyone's Mission, Communion
First today we’ll look at Satan’s fear factory, Terrorism and the False Flag operation. Then it’s on to our Walk with God. We've clearly been given a mission to perform. We'll finish up with a look at the other side of communion. Surrender. You can read while you listen.


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