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All Spiritual Roads Lead To England

The above headline is the answer. Here are the Questions.

Yes, I know that ALL the questions weren't answered by "Britain,", but with the exception of the Roman church, the answers all center around Glastonbury, England. Besides, the Church at Rome was presided over by the Royalty of Britain.

This is a fascinating field of study showing the preeminence of England. Church councils down through history have given the First Chair to England.

Joseph of Arimathea and the Glastonbury Church are only two elements in the total picture of God's work with His people, the Israelites. Christianity HAD to grow up at Glastonbury. It's where Christ spent much time. It's where God sent the Lost Ten Tribes of the House of Israel to "renew their strength," according to Isaiah 41.

And of course, the Fire Brand of Christianity, St. Paul, would go to England and teach. He it was who ordained the first British Bishop, Aristobulus.

England was getting ready to bring the message of God's coming Kingdom to the whole world.

This is a wondrous, awesome and joy-filled study of God's hand working in history. I know you're going to be blessed by it.

The Early Church:Founded 37 AD at Glastonbury.

Jesus In Britain: He really spent much time at Glastonbury.

Joseph In England: Joseph of Arimathea, Founder of the Glastonbury Church.

Royal Soap: Intermarriages Between the Royal Families of Britain and Rome.

Paul and Acts 29: Paul's Visit to Britain and the 29th chapter of Acts.


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