I've narrowed down the focus of this section of the archive. The Bible actually contains many different aspects of study. Numerics of at least three different kinds, Faith, and of course prophecy, have been dealt with in other sections of the archive.

Starting with the two part series, "The Old New Testament", which authenticates New Testament Scripture, these shows on the Bible will include, small studies not contained in other sections, and some basic tools for understanding the Bible.

The Old New Testament-Part One: Evidence that the New Testament manuscripts go back as far as 68 AD and maybe before. F.F. Bruce.

The Old New Testament-Part Two: The Magdalen papyrus. "Eyewitness to Jesus", Thiede & D'Ancona.

More New Testament Manuscripts: F.F.Bruce produces much evidence for the early date of the Gospels.

Understanding The Bible I: The Separation of the House of Israel from the House of Judah.

Understanding The Bible II: Tool bag for study.

Understanding The Bible III: The Ten Lost Tribes in Prophecy.

Understanding The Bible IV: Symbolism or Face Value?

The Vail and Faith Action The Temple Vail as a type of Christ. Faith Is An Action, Essay.

Shadows: The Old Testament is the Shadow of the New Testament.

Hebrews Eleven: Faith Defined. Faithing is Keeping of the Sabbath. Heroes of faithing.

Faithing. The ABC's of faithing. A personal interpretation of Psalm 23. Comparing the Shadow, of our world, and the Substance of God's Real world.

As Birds Flying The amazing account of Jerusalem's liberation by General Allenby, fulfilling 2500 year old prophecies.

The Perfect Man I What Adam and his perfect environment were like.

The Perfect Man II Computers, Communication and God's Hard Drive.

The Perfect Man III Man could fly and throw lightning bolts. What's hair all about? Sex. Another man who also had the abilities of Adam.

Old Testament Typology. Twelve important matchups in the lives of Moses and Jesus. The points are virtually the same chronologically; the same events, in the same order at the same time of life!

Salvation Study. Continuing the series on study, we'll be doing some detective work to determine the frame of reference behind some of the New Testament verses that deal with salvation.

The "Lord's" Prayer. The objective is to give a way to feel confident in understandig something you read in the Bible. Helping the listener to get behind the translation to what the writer had in mind.

Two Substitutions. Understanding and accepting the Bible is essential to the Christian walk. With two simple substitutions one can unlock over 80 percent of the Bible, and its two main ideas; God is Real, and there's a way to get back to Him.

Pi in Genesis 1:1. How could Moses construct the seven words of Genesis 1:1, spelling them exactly right in order to conceal the universal constant we all know as Pi, 3.1412+? He couldn't. But God could spell out those words for Moses, knowing that in the future each of those letters would have a number value and that only a compicated equation could reveal Pi. It was easy for God. He liked it so much that He did the same thing with John when He inspired him to write the very Greek words of John 1:1 that would conceal another universal constant, "e". Next is Galatians the way Paul might have spoken it to his spiritual children. A short Communion follows.

DaVinci Debunk. We're putting DaVinci to rest by proving the inspiration of teh Bible. If the Bible is True, then Dan Brown and the authors of Holy Bood, Holy Grail are putting out false information. I saw the movie. Tom Hanks or no, it's a piece of mediocre fiction. National Treasure is closer to the Truth. We also take Communion.

Second Meanings, Secular and Biblical. C S Lewis has some good stuff to say in his "Reflection on the Psalms. It's not just coincidence that we find secular accounts of events that predate the same type of event found in the Bible. Second meanings can be found in bothe secular and Biblical writings. And without understanding these extra messages, we're losing some important information and confirmation of Scripture. there's a simple and reasonable explanation why there are stories of a Messiah, his death and resurrection, in the myths of ancient Babylon three thousnad years before Christ.

Predestination. I want to start out 2007 on a note of Faith. We'll be taking a look at creation and predestination. How did creation happen? Was it done all at once when the Logos spoke the word, or did it happen a little at a time? If all at once, does that mean that the future set? If it is, why bother? What kind of "freedom" would that be? Maybe we can clear up some confusion on the subject of predestination. If the future is set, can we still make a difference on our own lives? That's where the faithing comes in.
We'll also address the question, "Can God sin?" Unlike the angels-on-the-pinhead issue, I think we really can find out if God can sin. It's not a dead end, like the question, "Can God make a rock so big He can't move it?" Turns out, God can sin. But at the same time, He can't.
We'll also be taking some Communion.

Good and Wise/Ephesians/Who's Saved? Three topics: 1-Jesus was NOT a great moral teacher, if he was just a man. A detailed look at the criticism of Jesus' divinity. 2-Paul as he might have read his letter to the Ephesians from the KJV. 3-Can we be sure of our, or any other human being's, salvation?

Two Houses of Israel and God's Rest.
What is the proper day to attend church? Sunday? Saturday? Some other day? Or NO day? There's so much controversy over this subject that the Devil must be trying to cover up some important God-Truth. Understanding the Bible is the second objective of today's program. We’ll do this by recognizing that there are two different groups of people talked to in the Bible. And they ain’t all Jews. There's a transcription of this program here.

Who copied from whom?
Did the Bible writers just appropriate the stories of Babylon? In Babylon we find the Trinity, the Messiah and other stories that later appear in the Bible. Babylon is also the origin of our Christmas. December 25th is the birthday of the Pagan gods,Bacchus, Adonis, Tammuz, Osirus, etc. Jesus was born On Rosh HaShanah, in the fall. Who is the chicken and who is the egg? Babylon just twisted what to their own use what God had already said. They had the prophecy to Eve and they had the whole scenario of salvation right up there in the Zodiac. All 48 constellations of teh Solar Zodiac tell the story of Jesus, from Virgo the Virgin, throught to the second coming of Jesus as Leo the Lion. Care to read while you listen?

Paul Didn't Know
This time we're going to look at the Apostle Paul. He jump started Christianity. He, more than the other Apostles had the qualifications. None of the others was as well educated in the Law and Scripture. Even though the Apostles spent time and lived with Jesus for over 3 years, they weren't taught by him the way he taught Paul. Paul could interpret the Old Testament better, being better educated than the fishermen, like Peter and John. As I'll mention later, Paul was taught one on one by the resurrected Christ for three years before he started his great mission work. Care to read while you listen?

That isn't what it says.
Am I saved by just believing God exists? Do I have to go to church on Saturday? Do I need Jesus to jump start my faith? Is all that bad stuff in my life meant for my good? Pretty basic ideas. We better know the answers. It seems like my Bible says “yes” to all these questions. But the title of this piece is, “That isn’t what it says.” We need to know what was written, not what we’re reading. We have to look up the original language. Care to read while you listen?

Comfort In The Crisis
Things may look pretty bad right now, either in the world or in our individual lives. The swine flu, the financial meltdown, martial law, and more. But God has promised direction, enablement and victory to faithers. Valleys may come but faithers will go through, while making that valley a pretty nice place. Psalm 84 is the faither's walk in a nutshell. The notes and study for this program are here.

The Archko Volume
This collection of genuine writings was first published 123 years ago in 1887. These writings, written by the chief players in the drama, reinforce the facts of Jesus' existence, teaching, miracles and resurrection. There are reports made by Pilate, Caiaphas, Gameliel, Herod Antipater and Herod Antipas. The two reports by Caiaphas to the Sanhedrim are in focus. First Caiaphas defends his actions regarding the crucifixion of Jesus. Then, in the second report he resigns in humility. He says he saw the risen Christ.

Don't Read The Bible
The trouble with our Bible is it's written in English. English being our mother tongue, it is easy for us to think that by just reading the Bible we will know what it says. "Faith" isn't "faith.' "Belief" isn't "belief." And some "Israelites" are "Jews" and some aren't, but they are all "Hebrews." Care to read while you listen?

No Law
A lot of folks are taught or told that they have to keep the Sabbath. It’s one of the original Ten Commandments. And it says, more than once that God’s laws are forever. What a dilemma for Martin Luther. It’s all those laws that drove him to faithing. He found that no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t do enough to feel right with God. He discovered the real message of Galatians and the reformation happened. For a true Believer there is only faithing. Care to read while you listen?

Hebrew Alphabet Pictographs
Each Hebrew letter is derived from an ancient pictograph; a little picture that was morphed into a Hebrew letter we have today. Each pictograph and Hebrew had a symbolic idea. So, not only do the whole words have related meanings, but the individual letters fill out the details. For instance, the two-letter word for God, El, in English letters, tells what God is through the symbolism of the letters. aleph means "strong leader" and lamed means shepherd. But wait until you see what is contained in Genesis 1:1.

Dan's Pioneering and a Fukushima Update
Today it’s ancient AND modern history. First we’ll see how the tribe of Dan pioneered the migration routes for the people who settled nowthwest Europe and the British Isles; the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel. Then we’ll take a look at what’s really happening over in Japan. Care to read while you listen?

Tithe Talk
To Tithe or not to Tithe? We’re going to return to one of the most controversial issues of Christianity. Giving. One sure way to tell if a truth of God is connected to something is that there will be a lot of cross talk about it. While there are other parts of the Christian walk that are debated, I can’t think of any other issues that are argued more than giving. This practice has become so corrupt that hardly anyone understands it. The devil’s been hard at work in this area. Care to read while you listen?

Psalm 23, Tough Shoes, Communion
We’re going to take another look at the 23rd Psalm. Do a little of what I call Trans-substitution to fill out the details. It’s much richer than we read in English. Being a Believer is a tough Walk, but I want to focus on how to deal with the toughness. We’ll also be taking communion. The transcription is here if you'd like to read along.


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