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Most of these shows have been the source for many of my web pages. While the pages contain much relevant information on the different subjects, these radio presentations are much more detailed. Of course, you won't be able to see the maps and charts. That's why it would be good to view the web page that the show relates to. Or just sit back and listen to me talk. :-)

I must mention that I'm not a professional Bible scholar, Historian or radio broadcaster. I do have some skills and experience in those areas, but don't expect some glossy, glitch-free program. I haven't tried to finely edit these files. They are just as the listeners first heard them.

Because they are the "raw" broadcasts, and were taped while the show was on the air, many of the tapes have a ten second dead space. I kept talking while the recorder reversed the tape. This is really no more than a small bother, and doesn't omit much information. Besides, I repeat myself a lot. I just thought you should be prepared for the "skips" in the narrative where I've deleted the gaps. But I must admit that some of the edits are so seamless as to not be recognized. Digital is so neat!

I want to hear any feedback you might have on the technical aspects of these shows. Thanks.

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Now, here's a big thank you to God and a big shout out to Mary O. for providing a Slovenian translation for this page. Straight Talk is now international!!

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THE ALMOND ROD: A branch from the Tree of Life plays a leading role in the redemption of God's people, from Moses to Jesus' crucifixion.

Authentication of Scripture, Studies, Tools for Understanding the Bible.

BRITAIN: The Cradle of Christianity.

The Earth hasn't always been so peaceful. Immanuel Velikovsky's "Worlds in Collision" and "Earth In Upheaval," plus "Pole Shift" bring irrefutable evidence of multiple catastrophies that have hit the earth. And along the way disprove Darwin's bootlegged theory of evolution.

History, Doctrine, individual and group Christian life. Writings by CS Lewis, Paul Tillich, Alexander Hislop and Jack.

History and function of the Table of the Lord.

CONVERSATIONS WITH PAUL This section will include some of Paul's letters, spoken as Paul might have delivered them in person.
The letter to the Galatians.
The letter to the Ephesians.

Not just prophecy. The practical side of end times events and the New World Order.

ILLUMINATI SERIES: This series contains Illuminati information from the origins of this Satanic Priesthood to the present day, from the top world bankers to the mind control sex slaves at the lowest level.

Faith is a verb. Faith is not belief. The meaning and practical application of Biblical faith.

FIFTY PIECES AUDIO: Here are a few sample pieces from the Audio version of Fifty Pieces. I took these samples from my "working" files and some editing was done for the finished product. So there may be long spaces between the pieces.

A practical look at ten of the people of Hebrews Eleven and the faithing that got their names on God's list of favorites.

Britain, the USA and northwest Europe are the Lost Ten Tribes or the House of Israel. Includes a 26 hour series.

Getting ready for and living in The Kingdom of God.

Hebrew, Greek and English Gematria. Bible Codes. Hidden Meanings.

The Bible in Stone.
Five shows covering all the aspects of the Great Pyramid from outward construction and inner passages, to symbolism and gematria.

Many different studies bringing evidence demonstrating Jesus' resurrection from the dead.

RECENT: This is a new section in the Archive. It will contain the last ten to twenty programs. These programs will eventually rotate into the appropriate categories, but I will always leave the ten most recent programs in the section.

CS Lewis, Malachi Martin, Ed and Lorraine Warren, HW Armstrong and Jack expose Satan's existance, objectives and methods.

A fact, not a fake. A history, old theories and new evidence provide more proof of Jesus' resurrection.

Some personal thoughts and benefits accompanying the Christian walk.

This section contains transcriptions of some of the Straight talk programs. They are very long pages, as they contain an hour of spoken word. This is a new idea for me. God sent Pam around to suggest I have some of the Audio Archives available in transcription form. Perhaps they will be a value to you.

Forty-eight constellations tell the Story of the coming Redeemer, His people and His victory over Satan. It's the Bible In The Stars.


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