Redemption of Humanity

Where was the Garden of Eden? Iíve only heard three places that I can remember. Mostly, weíve been told that it must be the Indus plateau over east of Iran. The scientists who dug up Lucy will say itís in Africa. I have also heard that it was on Atlantis.

I now believe that the Garden of Eden was located in place that became the city of Jerusalem. How unlikely is that!? As it turns out, not unlikely at all in light of the Bible and some simple logic. God is a God of patterns, codes and mathematics. Everything He does is crammed with little details that all fit together. Any beginning Bible student can show you how God uses multiple types of the same thing throughout history. Adam, Shem, Moses, and David were all types of Christ.

Itís this consistency of God that helps us accept Him. He shows us that Heís there by means that canít be human. This is a three part series, which shows the intricate weaving of details surrounding the Garden of Eden, and Christís crucifixion and resurrection.

The Menorah has always been understood to symbolize the Tree of Life. The Rod that Moses had and gave to Aaron, budded leaves and fruit over night. Aaron's rod budded almond leaves and almonds. The cups and branches of the Menorah depict almond leaves and branches. Is it a coincidence that both these objects depict the almond?

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That Rod was always involved in the redemption of God's people. It helped them leave Egypt when it turned into a snake. It was used to part the Red Sea. It struck the rock that supplied water to the people in the wilderness. It was held up so the people who looked on it would be saved from the "fiery" serpents. It was laid before the Ark and received the atoning blood of the sin sacrifice.

How fitting that it should be part of the redemption of ALL mankind as the tree upon which Jesus was crucified.

The Garden of Eden
The fact that Jacob was on Mt. Moriah when he saw the angels going up and down, and that this was the same place that Abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac, is well known by most Bible students. Itís also known that this is the place where God said to build the Temple. Moriah is the most logical place for the Garden of Eden.

Two Trees, Two Passovers
Where was the Tree of Life located and what kind of tree was it? How about the Tree of Knowledge? Does the Bible contradict itself or are there two different times to celebrate the Passover?

The Crucifixion and the Last Supper
For 1400 years, the Passover lambs carried the name tag of their owners before the Passover sacrifice. Even this practical and seemingly unrelated detail was carried forward to be manifested in the True Passover Lamb Jesus.

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