God 10 Minutes


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G10 1--Solar Zodiac
48 constellations tell the story of the Redeemer by their names and images. Seth and Enoch produce the Zodiac to preserve God's prophecy in the garden. Noah brought the books through the flood. All ancient Zodiacs have the same pictures. That's God.

G10 2--Lunar Zodiac
The lunar zodiac has 28 Mansions, one for each day of the moon cycle. The Mansion names tell the story of the redeemer, exactly as does the names of Solar Zodiac constellations. The Lunar Zodiac was in full use by the Chinese as early as 2300 BC; before there were any Greeks or Romans. That's God.

G10 3--Milky Way constellations
Just as the Solar and Lunar zodiacs tell the story of the Redeemer, so does the group of constellations that lie on the Milky Way. Starting with The Cross, six constellations tell of Jesus' first advent, the second six tell of his Second Coming.

G10 4--Gates Of Enemies
An unconditional promise made by God to Abraham is the "gates" prophecy. Abraham was given the "Gates" prophecy 4000 years ago! God confirmed this prophecy through Rebecca's family. "Thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies/those who hate him." That prophecy never came true in the Holy Land. Not one in a thousand Christians can explain that prophecy. But we know that it means the Trade Gates of today's world.

G10 5--Lost Tribes Prophecy
Wanna prove that God is Real and the Bible is True? Here are just a few prophecies given to the birthright People, the House of Israel. All fulfilled. Abraham was given the "Gates" prophecy 4000 years ago! How could such a thing come true without supernatural intervention? The parts don't depend on each other for continuity.

G10 6A--Jeremiah the Daughters
Nebuchadnezzar conquers Judah. After killing all the male heirs and putting out Zedekiah's eyes, Nebuchadnezzar leaves only a handful people under an appointed governor, Gedaliah. Jeremiah becomes the guardian of King Zedekiah's daughters. They are now the heirs to the throne. Numbers 26:17. Parts 1 and 2 depend on each other for continuity.

G10 6B--Jeremiah's Voyage
In 583 BC, three years after the final fall of Jerusalem, an old man named Ollum Falla and his scribe Brug, arrive in Ireland with the daughter of a king and some ancient artifacts; a 300 pound stone and a small harp. The king of Ireland marries the daughter, founding the Britain and northwestern European lines of royalty. The parts 1 and 2 depend on each other for continuity.

G10 7A Pyramid Inside
The Great Pyramid is called the Bible in Stone. Better than any building on the planet, it is oriented true north. The outside features contain extraordinary measurements that describe the earth. The circumference of the earth. The three ways we measure the year. And its height matches the Gematria for the Hebrew words in Isaiah 19:19-20. The outer scientific features are meant to give credence to the prophetic dating contained in the inner passages. God built the Pyramid.

G10 7B Pyramid Outside
The Great Pyramid is called the Bible in Stone. The inner passages tell the story of God's people; their history, their future, their connection to Jesus and Paul. A few dates found are 1453 BC the Exodus, 1440 AD the printing press, 1521 the Reformation, Jesus birth and death, WW1, the Great Depression, the period of World Revolutions. WHO could know all this over 4000 years ago? God.

G10 8-Stones of New Jerusalem
Find any group of names in the Bible and you'll find the story of Christ and what He did. The meanings of the names of the stones of New Jerusalem tell the story of the Redeemer. And these meanings line up with the meanings and pictures of the Zodiac. Virgo corresponds to Jasper, which means "coming to bruise and be bruised." Leo's stone is Amethyst, which means "He that destroys."

G10 9-4320 Minutes In the tomb
A short demonstration of Jesus in the tomb for three full days, 72 hours, 4320 minutes. Jesus' life lines up with the Feast Days. Crucified on Passover, Wednesday. Placed in the tomb at 6:00.001 Thursday. Rose at 6:00.001 on Sunday, which was Saturday, the night before. Jewish day goes from 6 pm to 6 pm, not midnight to midnight. So, 6:00.01 pm on the 14th starts the 15th.

G10 10-Genesis 1:1 The Redeemer
The first Hebrew word in the Bible says much more than "In the beginning". Ancient Hebrew letters represented pictures. So the letters of each word made up a little story. The Son of God was destroyed by his own hand on a cross. That's what the Hebrew pictographs say in the very first word of the Bible. The Hebrew letters are B R A S Y T, pronounced barasheet. BR Son of, A God, S is destroyed, killed, Y stands for hand, work and T is a picture of a cross. The Son of God was destroyed by his own hand on a cross. the names of God and Satan tell exactly who they are.

G10 11-Patriarch's Names
Noah's name means Rest. Noah didn't choose his name. Neither did he sit down and change the names of his first nine grandfathers. God chose those names. When God orders something to His people, he always does it in a way that tells the story of the Redeemer. Just as the first nine names tell the story of they life of Jesus, the things that he did, People will have Noah, rest.

G10 12 Wilderness Camp Everything dictated by God has an ultimate purpose. Jesus is the major part of that purpose. That's why the Bible is so full of types of Christ. When God gives specific instructions, you can bet that there's some pointer to Jesus built in. But can we find Jesus in the layout of the wilderness camp? Go check one of your sources before you watch. See if it isn't laid out in a square with three tribes on a side. Can you find Jesus in there?

G10 13-The Name of YHWH
God's name, YHWH contains the two most important messages He wants us to hear. First, He wants us to know that He's going to stet up a kingdom here on earth. second He wants us to know how we may participate in that kingdom. In gematria, the symbolic meanings of the tetragrammaton say that those who take responsibility for their belief will be covered front and rear by God's grace. In addition, the total value of those four letters is 26. That's the gospel number. That is, it is God's gospel.

G10 14- What's God Doing?
What is God doing? There's a long list of things that most Believers think that God is or should be doing. But He's not. They would be quick to tell you that God is in the business of saving people. From Creation, Gen 1:1, to the end of time; which would be the end of the Millennium. At that time God will have dealt with all the "hiccups" along the way and resume the creation of the universe; with the saints' help. That's been God's objective all along. It's the reason for all we know about earth's history. God's building a new work force.

G10 15 Gematria Pt1
The value of gematria in Greek and Hebrew is that words relating to God and Jesus can be seen to have the same number value. Jesus in Greek is 888, the number for new beginnings. Lord Jesus Christ =3168. Also, that these same numbers can be found in creation.

G10 15-Gematria Pt 2
Jesus' number, 3168, moon and sun, the speed of light and four times in the Jordan river. His other number, 2368 is in the earth's circumference. Bethlehem lies on 31.68 degrees north latitude.

G10 16-Genesis1_1 PANIN
Ivan Panin's Bible numerics uncovers 16 features of seven in just the just the first verse of the Bible. The three nouns have 14 letters. The one verb has a value of 203, which is 29x7. The value of the first and last letters of all seven words is 1,393, which is 199x7. One different letter would throw the whole scheme off.

G10 17-Jesus'Genealogy
Ivan Panin found 13 features of seven in just the genealogy of Jesus in the first chapter of Matthew. The second part of Matthew is about Jesus' birth and has two schemes of sevens, one for just what the angel says to Joseph. Matthew 2 has 161 words, 23 sevens. The words values total 123,529, which is 17,647 x 7.

G10 18-Bible Table Of Conctents
Ivan Panin found 30 features of eleven in just the table of contents of the Bible. and the number of times Old Testament writers are mentions in the whole Bible. 66 books. 22 anonymous books.22 narrative books. Moses is mentioned 825 times in the non-letters, 75x11. 22 in letters. Hebrews has 11 mentions.

G10 19 Word Pairing Pt1
What's the language that is the vehicle of God's people today? English. English has become the World Language. And just like Hebrew and Greek, English is also encoded to show a supernatural design behind the letters and words. God made up the English alphabet. So words that go together have connecting number values. Base27 Ball27. Ocean38, Tide38. Stock Exchange135, Wall Street135.

G10 19 Word Pairing Pt2
English words that relate to each other are found to have connecting number values, using a=1, b=2,...z=26. This pairing did no exist 350 years ago. Base and ball both have a value of 27. Moon and tides are on 57. Trade 48, buy 48, sell 48. John47 Fitzgerald108 Kennedy78=233. President110 Abraham44 Lincoln79=233. Presidential132 assissin101=233.

G10 20 Genesis in Chinese
How is it possible that the ancient Chinese word characters of 2500 BC tell all the stories found in Genesis? Why do the four smaller Chinese characters contained in "BOAT", tell the story of Noah? Life, vessel, eight and mouth. The three characters for "FIRST" shows us Adam. Like the Lunar Zodiac (2300 BC), someone with a very heavy connection to God made up the ancient Chinese written language.

G10 21 Resurrection
The resurrection is a fact. It's neither myth nor legend. It's a fact. The Resurrection founds God's promise to set up His kingdom here on earth. The Resurrection also founds His promise to His Spirit in us when we faithe; act on His word. Paul said, ""And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain (profitless manipulation)."

JAX22 Who Was Melchizedek?
God reveals two of the three basic principles of a Believer's Walk in the story of Melchizedek's meeting with Abram. Faithing and giving. This is only possible when we know what God is teaching us. The story depends on knowing who this mysterious person really was. Melchizedek is NOT his name. It is one of his titles.

JAX23 Jesus' Number In Creation.......
If Jesus was the express agency of creation for God, we should be able to find Jesus' number in that creation. Greek gematria for "Lord Jesus Christ" is 3168. This number can be found in most of the measurements of the Sun Moon and Earth. And we can find Jesus' personal number, 888, in the orbit of the earth around the sun. That's God!

JAX24 Who Are The Japanese?......
How did a sacred mural depicting Solomon receiving Sheba come to be in a temple around the time of Christ...IN JAPAN!? Why can we see camels, sheep and fiery serpents in the temples and palaces when those animals NEVER existed in Japan? The Japanese say they came from the "far west of Asia."

JAX25 Defining Faith.....
Heb 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Most Christians have heard and will repeat that Hebrews 11:1 is the definition of "faith." BUT! ! ! This verse doesn't define faith. It only describes the effect or position of faith, and it's implications! ! ! We have to go elsewhere to find out what faith is.

JAX26 Communion......
Are you worthy to take communion? Doesn't Paul say that a man should examine himself to see if he's worthy to take communion? NO!!! Paul used the adverb "unworthily" to describe the manner of taking, not the worthiness of the partaker. Communion is a faithing act meant for the healing of our soul and our body.

JAX27 Hebrews Rest.....
To Sabbath or not to Sabbath? God sent Jesus, and Jesus picked Paul to explain Jeremiah's "new Covenant." In Hebrews four, Paul explains that now any act of faith is keeping the Sabbath. The key to understanding is that Paul uses two different Greek words, katapausis and sabbatismos. But both are translated "rest." Can you see "sabbath" in sabbatismos?

JAX28 Melchizedek. Communion.....
Who took the first Communion in the Bible? Abram and Melchizedek in Genesis 14:17-20. This meeting also contains the first example of God's giving principle. Pay your teacher.

JAX29 Passover Communion........
Who took the second Communion in the Bible? Almost two and a half million people. The type of Communion was laid down in the Passover. At the last supper, Jesus changed the blood and the lamb to the wine and the bread.

JAX30 Trans-Substitution: John 3:16.......
There are millions of so called Christians who will say that they are saved, based on John 3:16, because they believe in God. If that is a true statement, that they believe in God, then they are not saved. It takes more than belief in God to be saved. It takes acting on the belief based on something God has said. Belief is contained in faith, when we're talking in Greek.

JAX31 God Faithing Giving.......
I've boiled down the Believer's Walk to three things. God, Faithing and Giving. The first thing that is necessary in the Believer's Walk is the sure knowledge in God's reality. All a Believer's actions depend on this. The amount and sureness of one's belief is directly proportional to ones ability to act against the unknown on something God has said; which if the true definition of faith(ing).

JAX32 Exodus Cm........
Just as with Communion, God most always heals when He provides redemption. This appears in Exodus 30:11-15 when God requires a half shekel of silver as a "ransom", and promises not to bring a plague on the people. Silver always symbolizes redemption.

JAX33 Gap Theory........
The Bible is full of gaps. Some are easily seen, some are "hidden". Most are in the prophecies. Where ever they occur, they are important to understanding what's written and what's to come. These are a few of the important ones. Genesis 1:1 and :2. Daniel 9:26. Daniel 11:20-21.

JAX34 The AC..... ...
Who is the Ante-christ? Titus? Antiochus? Hitler? Clinton? Prince Charles/Harry/Edward? Obama? This man MUST be all and do all that the Bible assigns to him. A bare list of the AC has 49 things he is or does. Does your candidate fulfill ALL these? This study pinpoints the geographical location from which the AC will come and it aint Europe, the UK or the USA.

JAX35 Coincidental Pilgrims........
Five major "coincidences" helped the Pilgrims, of the Tribe of Manasseh, establish the nation that Jacob said would be a great people. If they had gone by their plan, Indians would have wiped them out. Coincidentally, one Indian, Squanto, saved their lives. How many coincidences make a fact?

JAX36 Pictographs........
The first word in the Bible says, in pictures, "The Son of God, who is a leader, is destroyed by his own hand on a cross." Modern Hebrew letters were little pictures first. Each letter had its own picture that showed the meaning attached to that letter. The names of God, Jesus and Satan contain letters that describe those beings. And Genesis 1:1 pictographs show all the details of the Creation by the Logos.

JAX38 Church Function ........
Ninety-nine of a hundred people will tell you that the function, purpose of the Church is evangelism. "Lead someone to the Lord." God is NOT in the business of saving. CS Lewis stated it clearly when he wrote, "Our job is to show off God to each other." When we break down Ephesians 4:11-13, it's clear that Believers are to be making their learning available to other Believers and non-Believers alike, so the Holy Spirit can draw people to God. Jesus said, "No one comes to me unless the Father draws him." Christianity is a reactionary belief system.

JAX39 Resurrection: Reasons Results ........
Even though it's really a pagan holiday grafted on to Christianity, it is when the Church celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. I just wonder how many folks ever hear the true reasons for and the results of the crucifixion and resurrection. To save scoffers time and energy, I'll tell you now and you won't have to even watch the first few minutes. Jesus died for the Lost Tribes.

JAX40 Giving: The Alabaster Box ........
Every one of the four Gospels contains a story of a woman anointing Jesus. Because these stories are widely separated, and contain many similarities, people have tended to lump them together and think of them as the same event. They also will say that Mary Magdalene is the woman in each account. This isn't so. We're studying the Alabaster Box this time in our investigation into giving. Believers need to know what God expects of them. Bottom line? Jesus said, "Give your best."

JAX41 Indwelling Spirit ....... .
Using 44 verses, we'll see that when we act in trust of God's word, faithing, we receive the Holy Spirit IN OUR BODIES. "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God." We're "saved by faith", because "Christ is formed in your heart by faith," and we are "in Christ, when Christ is in us."

JAX42 Giving .........
I'm going to take you the long way around giving. Why did Paul AND JESUS make such a big deal out of giving? Because giving is the simplest way to trust God. And trusting God or faithing as you've heard me say, is the way to access God's promise of salvation. If you give God's way, He'll give you eternal life. Pretty good deal. That's why Paul and Jesus talk so much about giving.

JAX43 Jesus Birthday ........
Many people, pastors included, will tell you that you can't find out in the Bible when Jesus was born. They do that out of ignorance. We can pin down the exact day Jesus was born. But it takes some study. Jesus birth depends on the conception and birth of John the Baptist.

JAX44 Understainding the bible part 1........
This is the first of a series called “Understanding the Bible.” It’s more of an introduction that will be detailed out in segments to come. You can't understand the Bible by reading it. You need a whole bag of tools to get into the meaning of the written word, even though it's written in an understandable language.

JAX45 Unsersatanding the Bible part 2........
This is the second installment of the series called Understanding the Bible. Bible prophecy is one of the most confused areas of the Bible. It takes some study to tell to whom the prophet is speaking, what he is saying, and when the prophecy will occur. To be understood, five sevenths of the Bible depends on the knowledge of the Lost Tribes. But since most of Bible prophecy is directed at the House of Israel, we must know all the many names of that people or we’ll be looking for the Jews to fulfill the prophecy. The House of Israel is NOT the Jews.

JAX46 Our Calling.........
Ephesians four gives us the answers to these questions. What is God’s ministry to humanity? What is the function of the Church? What is our individual calling? It has nothing to do with unBelievers. CS Lewis said it this way, “Our job is to show off God to each other.” Our calling is basically the same as the Gift Ministers of Ephesians four; the edifying of the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ doesn't contain unBelievers.

JAX47 Understanding the Bible Part 3............
Here's number three in our series on understanding the Bible. Last time we touched on a few of the prophecies to the 12 tribes and saw that the House of Israel are not the Jews. Today, we'll get deeper into the prophetic books, which prove that Britain and northwest Europe, plus the US are really the lost tribes of the House of Israel. These prophecies cannot be found fulfilled by the Jews. Ephraim is Britain. Manasseh is the United States.

JAX48 Resurrection-Jesus Said............. With Easter coming up, it's time to look again at the resurrection of Jesus. We'll even hear what famous historical figures had to say about Jesus, like Goethe, H.G.Wells and Napoleon. As you may know, these weren't pillars of the Christian church. If Jesus was only a man then he deserves no honor as a good and wise teacher. He would have to be a deluded lunatic or a complete fraud. It's all revealed in the things he said.

JAX49 Who Is Jesus?............... Genesis 1:1; John 1:1 and Hebrews 1:1 all tell us that Jesus was the same as God and was God's express agency of creation. The Bible could be called the book of Jesus. The Old Testament is chock full of types of Jesus, from events, like the Passover, to artifacts, like the Stone, Manna, the Ark and the Veil, to people, like Moses, Joseph and David. God was piling up the evidence that Jesus, when he arrived, would tell us some very important information. "God's Kingdom is coming to earth."

JAX50 Understand Pt 4................. Bible symbolism. This is the last in the "Understanding the Bible" series. We'll look at two types of symbolism used in the Bible. There are literal events or things that symbolize other literal events or things. Then there are symbolic things or events that symbolizes literal events or things. We'll concentrate on the books of Hosea, Ezekiel and Revelation.

JAX51BF What's It Like to Be God?................... What's it like to be God? Not "What would you do if you were God, but, given all we know about God, what is it like for Him? In His "daily routine", what goes on?

JAX52BF Peace Of Mind...................... There is an idea Believers are very familiar with. Peace Of Mind. You know you're in the right place, having provided for yourself and loved ones. Knowing that there are other Believers who can come to your side. And best, you know that God's protection is covering the whole thing. Life hinges on one's amount of sure belief in God and the Bible. It's only that sure belief that can bring peace of mind.

JAX53BF Parts Of God....................... Are there different parts of God? Surely there's more to God than the physical universe we live in. Isn't the Holy Ghost a Part of God? All the creation is made up of God-Energy. But could we say that the creation is part of God? In one way yes, but no in another way. This short essay will show that, from rocks to angels, there is only one creature in God's creation that can become Part of the Total God Consciousness.